Tag: Carmel Indiana pastor calls BLM leadership maggots and parasites

They Oppose Bigotry By Supporting Hate

As has been reported, Pastor Ted Rothrock in Carmel, Indiana was suspended for a homily he placed in the local church bulletin discussing Black Lives Matter and Antifa, referring to those groups‘ leaders as “maggots” and “parasites.”

Many found the comments abhorrent, though the pastor has levels of support. Specifically, to the idea that he was referring to the Marxist origins of the organizations, and not about people who are black. However, the reporting on the story has missed some key points.

The group that has been most vocal in pushing against the pastor is CARI – Carmel Against Racial Injustice – which is run by three young women who have been repeatedly interviewed by local and national media on their views. But has any media taken a look at them? Just a cursory look at their Facebook page shows an adherence to, if not a firm relationship with, Marxist organizations and principles.

How can a group be opposed to bigotry when those they support clearly hate America, and Western culture?

Posts on the page include a call to defund the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, which is a desire of socialists the nation over, led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who recently said the $1B cut to police in New York City is not enough.

In a comment to a post on their page, the group admits that they see BLM not as a political organization, but as a human rights organization.

However, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors has said that one of their goals is to remove President Trump from office. 

CARI also pushes training opportunities with SURJ – Showing Up for Racial Justice. This group wants a, “cross-class movement for collective liberation” that can, “force the system of white supremacy to crumble.”

But a look at the values page on their website shows how, in a conversation about “disability” and “ableism,” the plan is to do away with Capitalism. They state that it is Capitalism that is, “oppression used to ensure control of the labour [sic] and resources needed to maintain dominance domestically and beyond.”

Of course, CARI supports the idea of black lives matter. They do not, however, discuss whether they support the organization – BLM – that coined and politicized the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” Cullors has proudly admitted she is well-trained in Marxist theory. She supports the bigoted Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement against Israel and Jews worldwide. She talks about the importance of, “people’s-led socialist movements.” As reported by The Federalist, Cullors was once mentored by Eric Mann, who was a part of the domestic terrorist organization Weather Underground.

Many in Carmel, and around the country, were disgusted by what Pastor Rothrock wrote. Many others realize that the BLM organization, as well as ANTIFA, are Marxists who want to destroy the country. It is unclear if CARI supports black lives or political movements built to destroy Western culture. What is clear is that the groups CARI supports are filled with hateful people and hateful concepts, including the dismantling of the nuclear family. That no one in media has checked their Marxist connections and adorations, and instead blindly did interviews with them thus elevating their stature, is another problem.