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Biden Campaign Goes For Kill Shot Against Bernie

There is blood in the water. Joe Biden is going right for the throat of Bernie Sanders. Just days away from the South Carolina Primary, the Biden campaign released a new ad that criticized Bernie Sanders for not supporting Barack Obama in his 2012 re-election campaign.

The ad also attacked Sanders for “not supporting the first African American President”. Tony Katz takes a look at the ad, and the battle between Biden and Sanders in South Carolina.

I don’t think the key is to go after Bernie Sanders on the race card… You can go after him for supporting Fidel Castro. You can go after him for his despicable polices. You can go after him for not being vetted… It’s easy to start taking apart Bernie Sanders.”

Biden and Sanders are considered the two front runners in the South Carolina Primary. Many pundits believe that the Biden campaign is essentially finished unless they win South Carolina.