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Identity Politics Robbed Judge Brown Jackson Of Her Merits — Tony Katz on NewsNation

On NewsNation discussing the SCOTUS confirmation hearings and the problem with identity politics. We have seen the Democrat Party turn the Supreme Court confirmation process into a mudslinging contest, will Republicans return the favor?

Joe Biden’s choice was identity politics at its worst. When you choose a person based solely on their skin color and gender, you rob them of their merits.

Are These The 25 Best Beers In America?

USA Today made a list of what they say are the best beers in America. The problem with any list like this is that deciding the 25 best beers is way too pretentious. Just, as Tony Katz feels about it, not as pretentious as an IPA.

This is Eat! Drink! Smoke! Tony, along with Fingers Malloy, reviews Beer Barrel Bourbon from New Holland Spirits and the Arturo Fuente Double Chateau cigar. Eat! Drink! Smoke! is sponsored by Fanimation.com

Look, if you’re an IPA fan, there’s nothing wrong with that. Tony isn’t. Fingers isn’t. But that doesn’t take away from their huge popularity, and multiple appearances on the list.

And if you’re curious, Tony and Fingers prefer the stouts and the brown ales.

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