“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”
– attributed to George Orwell

With Big Tech’s attacks on free speech, your support is needed. Whether it be demonetizing, or flat out suppression of ideas and thoughts that “others” deem unacceptable, hosts, podcasters and content creators are vital in getting out information and engaging conversation.

Support content creators here, and everywhere. Thank you.

“All people who prefer free speech over ‘approved speech’ should be donating as they can to their favorite hosts, sites and or platforms. It’s crass to ask, possibly, but the money keeps things going. Stop denying it, and start financially supporting it. Netflix is $13.99 a month, and they gave you ‘Cuties’ and signed the Obamas and Harry and Meghan to multi-million dollar deals.

If you’ll pay that, but won’t donate $1 a week to your favorite local or national radio host or podcaster, then what the hell are you doing? And what do you expect to get better? What necessary information will you lose out on when they aren’t able to get it to you?” – Tony Katz