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“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”
– attributed to George Orwell

Tony Katz is known as an exciting speaker. Having entertained and enlightened audiences across America, Tony provides an impactful experience that people will be talking about.

Look to Tony to be the perfect emcee or host of your event. Or, ask Tony to speak on topics where he is a known leader:


  • The Future of the Republican Party
  • The Future of the Republic
  • What Is The Real Left/Right Divide?


  • Societal Failure of Cancel Culture
  • Does Social Media Have Any Value?
  • Don’t Tell Them, But Millennials Love Capitalism!


  • How To Survive An Angry World
  • What It Was Like To Be Depressed
  • Politics Are Not Religion: The Need For Purpose

Looking for a more interactive or intimate experience? As the creator and host of the nationally syndicated Eat! Drink! Smoke! radio program, Tony can walk your party through an evening of bourbon and cigar parings.

Rates vary. Click here to book Tony today. Or send an email to tony AT tonykatz DOT com.