The Real Owner of The Alaska Cannabis Club

From Tony –

By now, everyone has heard of Charlo Greene. Greene is the ungrateful former reporter for KTVA in Anchorage, Alaska who quit her job on the air. She didn’t just quit, she went out in a style reserved for the lowest class individuals, desperate for attention and unknowledgeable in the understanding of how to get the attention they desire.

Greene is a proponent of legalized marijuana in Alaska. Her passion is so strong, that she decided that she should move forward with her idea of the Alaska Cannabis Club, even proclaiming herself as its CEO.

However, she felt that she couldn’t continue as a reporter while pursuing her work at the Club. So, she quit her job. She didn’t do it with letter to her boss, and an appropriate amount of notice to allow the station to hire someone new. Rather, she proclaimed, on camera,

F**k it. I quit.

Charlo Greene used her position as a tv reporter to engage in sensationalism, and to try and make herself an instant celebrity. Instead, Greene threw her employer under the bus, showed a total disregard for her viewers and failed at her crass marketing attempt.

I hate crass marketing, but I love creative marketing.

So, allow me to introduce my new site, The Alaska Cannabis! The site discusses the marijuana laws in Alaska, along with links to help people better understand marijuana in the state. It also explains, very clearly, that Charlo Greene is not associated with the site in anyway.

Oh, and the site is for sale, in case you’re interested.

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