Race-ers exposed on MSNBC

Recently, I appeared on MSNBC with Contessa Brewer to discuss President Obama, Donald Trump, the birth certificate and the political fall-out.  In the conversation, the leftist meme came forth about those who question the President, on anything, are actually racists.  My response was simple – if those who are consumed with Obama’s birthplace are “birthers,” then those consumed with unfounded and uninspired conspiracy theories that all Obama opponents are racists should be called “Race-ers.”

Watch the video for yourself:

This term, whether spelled “Race-ers,” “racers,” “raceer,” or “raceers” is being embraced in all corners. John Nolte of Big Hollywood is now using it in his posts, Newsbusters highlighted it while saying “Bravo, Tony. Bravo!”  Lucianne.com has posted it, and Pajamas Media has released articles here, here and here on the subject. (Full Disclosure – I host a weekly show on PJTV.com and my articles have been published by Pajamas Media.)

The leftist, Progressive narrative of race is over.  Feel free to speak freely about Obama’s policies, and his results.

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