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Why Does Producer Ari Have A Problem With Rep. Matt Gaetz?

Producer Ari is a fickle individual. He is very particular about what grinds his gears. Things like constitutional issues seem to do nothing for him, but Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz gets him riled up. Tony examines what Ari is upset about this time and does he have a point?

What Did The Minnesota Freedom Fund Do With The $35,000,000 in Donations?

Celebrities were coming out and making generous donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. They wanted to show how woke they were and how down with the cause they could be. It got so much publicity that over $35 million was donated. Tony Katz just has one question. What are they doing with that influx of cash? The money was supposed to be used for bailing out protesters, but only $200,000 has been used for that. Where’d the rest go? 

There’s Nothing Racist About Wearing a One America News Network T-Shirt

Oklahoma State star running back, Chuba Hubbard, was furious that his head coach, Mike Gundy, wore a One America News Network t-shirt. Apparently wearing that shirt is a racist act. Tony Katz examines how seemingly innocuous acts can be flipped on its head 

Katz: Juneteenth Should Absolutely Be A National Holiday

Many were upset that President Trump would be holding a rally in Tulsa, OK on June 19th. Otherwise known as Juneteenth, it is the day that Lincoln freed the slaves. Tony Katz is all on board for making June 19th a national holiday 

Rayshard Brooks is NOT George Floyd

The shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta was tragic, but it was not as clear cut “malicious” as the death of George Floyd. It’s critically important that we look at all the variables, facts and footage before passing judgement. Tony Katz looks at both situations and breaks down why they are not the same

Cancel Culture Has Come for “Gone With The Wind”

Gone With The Wind is one of the mist celebrated films of all time. Unfortunately, it has now been cancelled. The new streaming service, HBO Max announced that the film will be pulled from streaming due to calls for racial justice. Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss.

“Defund The Police” is a Loser Proposition

The left always overplays their hand. This time they have taken the tragic death of George Floyd and are using it to go to the most extreme position they could take- defunding the police. It’s a phrase we have heard for days now, but what does it really mean? This is going to be one of the big 2020 election topics of discussion. Tony Katz tries to figure out what the endgame is.

We Can Not Be Afraid To Have Uncomfortable Conversations

The riskiest thing you can do as a radio host is go on and talk about race, George Floyd and Black Live Matter. So that’s exactly what Tony Katz did. 

Bill de Blasio’s Time Is Up

The mayor of New York City has got to go. Mayor de Blasio has shown over the past several years that he is ill-equipped to handle the responsibility of being the mayor of New York. Over the past week, his deficiences have become ever more present. Riots in New York were allowed to happen and the response by Mayor de Blasio has been widely criticized. There is now petition in place to remove him from office. Tony Katz says that the time is now for New York City to find itself a new mayor.