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208 – Sanctions For Iran, Chicago Should Take This One Risk And $25 For Your Baby

President Donald Trump has new sanctions for Iran, including the warning to the world that if you work with Iran you...

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207 – Randy Moss Tie, Peter Fonda Supports Voter Fraud And Angela Merkel Is What?

Most NFL protests have involved players taking a knee during the National Anthem. Tony Katz discusses the protest former player and...

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Trump Vs. LeBron – The Final Word

Tony Katz has his final word on the fight between NBA superstar LeBron James and President Donald Trump: LeBron said Trump...

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205 – Hispanic Unemployment Is Low, But Sarah Jeong Of The New York Times Is Lower

The job numbers are out, and a record number of Americans are working. Tony Katz explains that although the job numbers...

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204 – Jason Whitlock Sides With Papa John And Cowboys Dak Prescott Gets Heat For Not Taking A Knee

Tony Katz looks into the comments of sports commentator Jason Whitlock, who questions why there is so much animosity towards Papa...

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203 – Find Your Fortnite Coach And Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Even Care?

Jimmy Kimmel had former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on his show this week, and Tony Katz is trying to...

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Tony regularly appears on FOX News, discussing Midwest politics and American culture. His articles have been featured in, The Daily Caller and The Christian Post.


Tony has made a name for himself in putting together reasoned argument with comedic timing. Accepting no BS, but never being rude about it, Tony cuts through talking points to get to the subject matter that matters most.


OK, if not an aficionado, then pretty darn close. It’s not just about the smoke for Tony, but about the craftsmanship – and the craftsmen and women! – from around the globe who create such amazing works of art.

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entertainer Tony Katz.

Tony Katz

Born in Brooklyn. Grew up in New Jersey. Met his wife in Tampa Bay. Worked in D.C. on 9/11. Spent six years in Los Angeles where he went broke and found his radio calling. Now, he lives in America; Indianapolis, IN. He's been a bit of everywhere, and he has some stories to tell.

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