Nickelodeon Star, Anti- Gun Freedom Propagandists Attack ‘Manhood’ Of Gun Owners

The war on gun freedom has taken a dark turn, with Progressive elitists personally attacking law abiding Americans for exercising their rights under the Constitution of the United States. Now, according to the Left, if you own a gun, you’re not a “real man.” And, in the same breath, if you own too many guns, it’s because you have a small penis. Women included.

Recently, the photo below began circulating around Facebook. In it, an attractive young woman (Nickelodeon network star Victoria Justice) strikes a quasi-seductive pose. Next to her is text that reads:

Yeah, he’s cute and very funny, but I don’t think we could ever be together. I just can’t get over the fact that he likes guns. It’s creepy and a little scary. Somebody as smart as him shouldn’t need a gun to feel like a real man.

Underneath that, in bold letters, it reads, “Be A Man. Lose The Gun.”


This is the newest push from the anti- gun freedom mob. Earlier today, an Aspen Times columnist stated that the more guns you have, the smaller your penis is: (emphasis mine)

Let me clarify that statement a little, if I may. Owning a handgun to protect your home and your family is fine. Owning a rifle or shotgun for hunting or target shooting is also fine. But owning lots of guns or pseudo-machine guns means you have a tiny wiener and you’re incredibly self-conscious about it. That’s the plain and simple truth, even if it’s not true.

What about the women? Well, the author, Todd Hartley, has an answer for that as well:

Women who own assault weapons have tiny penises, just like their male counterparts. That would explain why they’re angry enough to buy a weapon whose sole purpose is to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

It’s classic propaganda. It’s Saul Alinsky’s Rule #5 in ‘Rules For Radicals’ – Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. The irony that is lost on the leftists, that Alinsky thinks ridicule is more potent than a gun, is, well, ironic. (And the fact that Hartley thinks women can have tiny penises makes me question the kinds of women he dates.)

The Left is making two arguments that seem opposed to each other. If one owns one gun, they are not a man. But if one owns too many guns (however many that is) it means that they’re trying to compensate for their manhood. Don’t try to understand how those messages came to exist, understand their underlying desire; to insult those who engage their rights. To shame those who know they are their own best line of defense.

The attack on gun freedom is now deeply personal. Owning a gun is a right in the Constitution. Abortion on-demand, free birth control, the right to not be “offended” – none of those are even alluded to. Yet, Progressives push wealth redistributing social programs and declare them rights, while attacking those who engage their rights lawfully and peacefully.

Michelle Malkin often uses the phrase ‘Gird Your Loins’ when talking about the assaults of the Left. She’s right. But it’s not enough to stand strong, one must fight back. The above photo is a lie. George Washington, George Patton, Douglas MacArthur – all men with guns, and Ms. Justice (along with all the young women who watch her show) are better off for it. Abraham Lincoln sent men with guns to fight their brothers (also with guns!) to ensure the continued success of the Union and to end slavery. It took a lot of guns. Is Mr. Hartley calling into question President Lincoln’s manhood?

Truth, logic, reason and facts are on the side of the law abiding gun owner, and those who favor gun freedom. But those things alone will not win this cultural attack. Luckily, the rise of new media and social media allows for a proper counter-attack. Here’s an example:


Have a better idea? Email it to me and I will post it with full attribution.

**NOTE** – If Victoria Justice’s likeness has been used without her knowledge, and she has nothing to do with the above image, please let me know immediately. Thank you.

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