The Interview with Nick Searcy that MSNBC is Afraid To Have

On January 8th, Nick Searcy, the star of TV’s “Justified” joined Tony Katz on his radio program “Tony Katz Tonight” to talk about the new season of his hit show. But things get interesting when Nick starts talking about adoption, and the hateful words of Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC.

Nick adopted his son, Omar, who is black. He begins a conversation on adoption in America, and who liberals are when they – without realizing it – show their true colors.

His candidness about Harris-Perry’s comments cut to the bone. As he stated:

“She just wants to say, “I apologize to the Romney family.” Well that’s not enough. That’s not who you insulted. There’s an entire foster care system in this country that has a lot of people in it that have the same attitude she does, and its why kids of color are not being adopted as frequently as they should be. And that’s really the sickness. They’re hurting people’s lives.”

Nick shares his own journey through the adoption process, including how he had to ask Omar’s birth parents to let him complete the adoption. He breaks down how difficult it is to deal with the state, which can take the child away from foster parents and give them back to the biological parents that abandoned them; Nick also exposes what happens to foster kids who are bounced around from home to home.

It is the most open, honest and compassionate conversation on adoption I have ever been a part of, and one you will never hear on MSNBC. Simply, they’d be too scared to show a kind, decent, conservative, Hollywood actor who sees children as children and not as black or white.

Listen to Nick Searcy, and share it everywhere. Tony Katz Tonight is heard Monday through Friday, 9pm – Midnight on 93.1FM WIBC in Indianapolis, IN.


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