Gun Stores Should Not Be Abused By Bank Of America

My family has been in the credit card processing industry for years, edging close to two decades now. For a few of those years, I worked in the business. I provided credit card processing services, also known as merchant services, to all types of business – large and small, retail and on-line.

When I heard that Bank of America froze the account of American Spirit Arms, a gun manufacturer, I became infuriated. While I mount daily opposition to those opposed to Gun Freedom and Gun Rights (because Gun Rights Protect Human Rights!) I found it disgusting that BOA should take such a heavy handed, immoral approach to this political maelstrom.

When asked by the business owner why his account had been frozen, he was told by BOA:

We believe you should not be selling guns and parts on the Internet.

That was enough for me. I called my family, I worked with them to put together a simple website –

This is my family, this is their business. If you own a gun store – retail or online – or if you sell ammunition or gun accessories, and your processor is giving you a hassle, freezing your accounts, being too invasive, then please call them.

It is not acceptable that banks can set parameters with merchants, then unilaterally make changes to those parameters. Changes that leave the merchant paralyzed, and in massive financial straits.

The 2nd Amendment is about freedom. It is the safeguard against tyranny. What Bank of America did, even for a day, is tyranny. Their buckling to the political pressure of the Obama Administration, of the threats of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) or to the Mainstream Media elites like Piers Morgan is sickening. Their treatment of law-abiding business owners is unacceptable.

We must stand up for our rights, and stand with those who stand up for theirs. I’m proud of my family, and proud to be a part of it.

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Tony Katz is the host of The Morning News with Tony Katz on 93.1FM WIBC (Indianapolis.) Working his way through current events and pop culture, Tony entertainingly exposes media hypocrisy and makes the complex easy to understand. Different than other talk show hosts, Tony focuses on right vs. wrong, instead of right vs. left. Follow him on Twitter @tonykatz. Listen to Tony Katz Monday - Friday, 5-9am on 93.1FM WIBC and

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