216 – Bernie Sanders And The Living Wage Myth, Gosnell Movie Director Nick Searcy and Everyone Drink A Samuel Adams!

Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders praises Socialism on Stephen Colbert’s show, with Colbert’s complete blessing.  Tony Katz explains why you’re better off with markets...

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214 – Will Democrats Demand Answers From Rep. Keith Ellison And The Press Is Guilty Of Collusion

Tony Katz questions why the allegations against Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison are not front page news? Yes, an investigation is needed. And no,...

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213 – Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Fox News Hate Causes CNN Blindness, Omarosa Is Just As Awful As You Thought She Was

A recent Gallup poll shows Democrats seeing Socialism more favorably than Capitalism. Tony Katz explains how this has happened, and how dangerous it...

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2012 – Trump Is Tough On Russia and Cynthia Nixon’s Socialist Rent Control Dream Doesn’t Work…Obviously

President Trump has placed another round of sanctions on Russia for the assassination attempt of a former spy in the UK. As Tony...

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210 – Rafia Zakaria Has It Wrong On Hate Speech and The Secret Nunes Tapes Are Not A Secret

Tony Katz gets a reply on Twitter from CNN contributor Rafia Zakaria and her thesis that Alex Jones is guilty of “hate speech,”...

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Progressives Want Alex Jones Banned From Twitter To Save Democracy, Or Something

In the newest twist in the Alex-Jones-Is-Banned saga, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stated that Jones is not banned from their platform because...

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