Does NASCAR Have To Teach Common Sense

In his latest video for WIBC, radio host Tony Katz questions whether – after the accident involving Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward, Jr. that left Ward dead – NASCAR (and all racing leagues) have to institute new rules for getting out of a car while under a Yellow flag. Is it up to the racing associations to teach common sense?

Anti-Israel Protesters Tell Jews to “Go Back Where They Come From”

In a video that can only be seen on, morning host Tony Katz interviewed anti-Israel protesters in Indianapolis.

One man, holding a sign that equated a swastika to a Star of David, said that Jews should “go back where they come from.” They also said that Jeff Smulyan, the CEO of Emmis Communications (which owns WIBC) was a Nazi.

Anti-Israel Protestor Proudly Admits Palestinian Organizations Kidnap Israelis

Tony Katz, host of Indy’s Morning News on 93.1FM WIBC and, covered an anti-Israel protest on the steps of the capitol building in downtown Indianapolis, Thursday, July 31st 2014.

A protester made the claim that three Israeli teenagers were never kidnapped and never murdered by the Palestinians. He proved this by saying that Palestinian organizations ALWAYS claim when they’ve kidnapped somebody.

Yes, he actually proudly proclaims that Palestinian organizations kidnap Israelis.

However, once he realized he made this admission, he quickly tried to back off of it, even refusing to answer directly when asked to confirm what he just said. At one moment, he tries a weak game of moral equivocation, claiming kidnapping is what “the Jews” do as well.

And be sure to check out the sign the man next to him is holding. You’ll be seeing more of him in future videos.

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Tony Katz has Dream Tour with Toby Keith and Taylor Swift

Tony learned today that country music stars make a lot of money. Toby Keith made $65 million last year. Taylor Swift came in at $64 million. So, he has decided that the music is calling and he’s going country. Check out his latest video from

Tony Katz on the Cost of Green Energy

On his morning show, Tony Katz spoke about a resolution being considered by the Indianapolis City Council to make one of the power plants in the city more green friendly.

Why is it that no one ever considers the cost of green energy? Not just the actual cost of solar or wind power, but whether or not people will really spend more money in order to have “renewable” energy instead of coal?

Enjoy the video.

Tony Katz discusses Being Honest about Hobby Lobby

If people want to complain about the Hobby Lobby decision from the Supreme Court, that’s fine. But to lie about what the decision means is not acceptable, and the liars should be called out.

Tony Katz, host of Indy’s Morning News on WIBC, discusses the importance of being honest.

Tony Katz Talks to CNBC’s Larry Kudlow about Lois Lerner

Radio host Tony Katz speaks with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow of The Kudlow Report about the latest report highlighting the attacks that former IRS Exempt Organization’s chief Lois Lerner perpetrated against Tea Party and conservative groups. The report shows the levels to which Lerner tried to stop Tea Party groups from getting their tax-exempt status, including adding “multi-tier” review systems.

As Tony discusses, the ramifications of these attacks from the IRS and Lerner will be seen in 2014, as more and more Democrats will have to answer why President Obama said there wasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption in the IRS

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Show – 11/19/13 – Knock Out Game Meet Bernie Goetz and Mental Illness

On today’s program, Tony talks about the stabbing of a Virginia State Senator, and the realization that his son suffered from mental illness before taking his own life. It’s clear that mental illness does not get talked about, or dealt with, like it should.

Then, Tony takes on the punk thugs who like to play the knockout game. Groups of “kids” find unsuspecting victims, then hit them in the face without warning, trying desperately to knock the victims unconscious. While no one wants to discuss the racial implications – as it is overwhelmingly seen that it’s black kids hitting white adults – Tony takes a different tact, and reminds the kids of a man from New York named Bernie Goetz. People, when threatened, will defend themselves. The punk thugs have been warned.

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Hour Three

Tony Katz Talks Minimum Wage on HuffPo Live with Alonya Minkovski

Today, I appeared on HuffPo Live to talk about the minimum wage, and whether or not it has a value in society.

It got heated. I got called a racist by labor writer Mike Elk…along with business owners across the nation. I responded. You decide.

Tony Katz On The Kudlow Report – IRS, NSA, China and The Price Is Right

Tony Katz joins Larry Kudlow on The Kudlow Report to talk about the IRS, the NSA, and a new level of fraud – exposed on The Price Is Right.

The NSA Is Listening:

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On China:

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The IRS:

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Insurance Fraudster Found On The Price Is Right:

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