Tony Katz on Fox News: Will President Trump Declare a National Emergency, and What Is Gov. Ralph Northam Doing?

Tony Katz appeared on America’s News Headquarters to discuss the President’s options on the border. He spoke with Molly Line about the decisions President Trump has to make.

They also discussed the growing controversy around Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam and the racist photos on his medical school yearbook page. This interview took place before the Northam press conference.

Tony Katz Talks Border Wall And Trump Deal-Making With Dana Perino on Fox News

President Trump has said that Republicans shouldn’t waste their time trying to make a deal with Speaker Pelosi. Pelosi has said there will be no money for a border wall, but maybe something for other border measures.

Tony Katz speaks with Dana Perino, host of The Daily Briefing, on what deal might be made, and why a deal seems so unlikely.

Tony Katz Talks To Dana Perino About Former FBI Director James Comey Testifying In Front Of Congress

Tony Katz talks to Dana Perino of Fox News about former FBI Director James Comey being subpoenaed by the House Judiciary committee. Comey wants to “resist” the subpoena, demanding that his testimony be done publicly, and not in a closed door event.

Will he get his way?

Tony Katz on FOX News with Dana Perino: Trump Hate Is A Motivator

Tony Katz appeared on The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino to discuss the midterms, and who could possibly be the next Speaker of the House.


Tony Katz on Fox News: President Trump, Canada and Meghan McCain

Tony Katz spoke to Leland Vittert of Fox News about President Trump’s anger with Bloomberg News for leaking off-the-record comments he made about Canada and trade

That conversation was quickly followed by Vittert’s question to Tony about the eulogy of Meghan McCain for her late father, Sen. John McCain of Arizona. The eulogy, while never mentioning President Trump by name, had multiple comments that could only be seen as a “slam” of the President by McCain.

The Public Abuse of Ahmed Mohamed by Father and Media

Ahmed Mohamed is famous (infamous?) for making a clock, bringing it to school and being handcuffed for it. At least, that’s what many in the main stream media will say as they scream loudly about Islamophobia, and other pretend concepts.

Ahmed never made anything; there was no “invention.” He took apart a clock, and put it back together in a pencil case. It looked like a bomb. He then took it to multiple teachers, even when told not to, in hopes of getting the negative attention he was (clearly) seeking.

Ahmed Mohamed and The Butcher of Darfur

Ahmed Mohamed and The Butcher of Darfur

Bring on the press, and a fame-loving father. Soon after, it was appearances on tv stations across America, a paid trip to Mecca and a meeting with the President of Sudan – known to you and me as the Butcher of Darfur. Then came the meeting with President Obama, at Obama’s invitation.

And now, Ahmed and his family have decided to move to Qatar to further his studies.

But this story was never about Ahmed. It was always about the complicit press, and Ahmed’s fame-loving whore father.

14 year-old kids decide to meet with terrorist leaders? They decide to move to Qatar? Even the clock itself; From the beginning, the story seemed off. Odd. Forced. Then you learned that the father had a long history of promoting Islamophobia in the United States.

Ahmed is not the decider of his fate. Rather, he is a pawn in it. I don’t know what the future of Ahmed holds (he may turn out fine or may turn out awful,) but, clearly, his fame-whore father is guilty of child abuse. He has used his son as a human shield, as propaganda, as a prop.

And far too many in the complicit main stream media have cheered the abuse, every step along the way.

How Hillary Clinton Proved She Doesn’t Know Anything About Capitalism, And Is Very Proud Of It

Hillary doesn’t know what capitalism is. She doesn’t understand how it works. And, if you asked her how she would reign in the “excesses” of capitalism, any answer she would give would be untrue.

Why? Because there are no excesses of capitalism.

From my original post:

Capitalism is good. Capitalism saves lives, builds wealth and makes lives better. This is clear. History has proven it. The science is settled. There are no such things as excesses of capitalism. It’s not real.

If there is an excess of capitalism, it means somebody out there has to determine what’s the right amount to make and, then, what’s the excess. And Hillary Clinton thinks she’s the person with the moral compass to determine what’s enough, and what’s excess.


You Can Not Make This Face And Be President

I made this video a few months back, and it’s as true as ever. You can not make this face and be President of the United States, even if your name is Hillary Clinton.

Brawl and Gun Shots Cause Mall Evacuation, Tony Katz was there

On Saturday night, I appeared on RTV6 to talk about being part of the evacuation of Castleton Mall in Indianapolis on reports of gun shots.

I was at the AMC theater watching The Hunger Games – Mocking Jay Part One. Late into the film, a man exited the theater, and then returned quickly saying there was a large crowd screaming and running towards the theater.

As reported by WIBC, a brawl ensued at the mall with upwards of 60 people, and attracted a crowd of over 100. During the brawl, allegedly, gun shots were heard. In my theater, we evacuated quickly and without incident.

I joined RTV6 later that night to discuss what happened.


Tony Katz Questions Sen. Ted Cruz on Gov. Mike Pence and Medicaid Expansion

At the Defending the Dream Summit in Dallas, TX, Tony Katz asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) about his desire to repeal Obamacare in full. While Sen. Cruz favors repeal, some governors, including Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) have worked toward Medicaid expansion.

Sen. Cruz advised any governor from being “complicit” in solidifying Obamacare.