Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 2/20/14 – Stacy Washington is the Guest Host

The week is almost over, and Tony Katz is almost done with his venture into morning radio on WIBC. Tonight, KFTK radio host Stacy Washington fills-in for Tony.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/22/14 – Guest Hosts Cameron Gray and Seton Motley

Tony takes a rare day off, and Cameron Gray of NRANews.com and Seton Motley of Less Government.org fill in. Yes, it takes two men to attempt to replace just one Tony Katz!

They discuss the future of the Republican party, and is it really big tent? Gay marriage gets it’s back and forth, and does allowing it create jobs in America? Plus, who has appeared on Soul Train?

It’s a big show, so give it a listen.

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Paige’s Picks –

Paul Simon- I Know What I know

Beyonce- XO
Captain & Tennille- Love Will Keep Us Together
Soul Train Theme
Duran Duran- Rio
Muse- Madness
Pitbull- Timber feat. Ke$ha
Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #3 (Powerout)
Fritz and the Tantrums- Out of My League
John Newman- Love Me Again

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/6/14 – The Snow is Falling and The Meaningless Apology Society

With his flagship at 93.1FM in Indianapolis, Tony thought it proper to discuss the latest snowfall and the dangerous sub-zero temperatures coming to the heartland. Stay warm and stay safe everyone!

Then, Tony delves into his latest article – The Meaningless Apology Society. Everyone apologizing for everything because everyone is offended all the time. What’s the point? Where’s the value? If Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes for attacking adoption, who wins? Isn’t the issue the attack she made?

Plus, the Colts pick up Deion Branch, because spying in the NFL is so very wrong.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/17/13 – The Obama Propaganda and Guest Cam Edwards

Continuing his stay in Washington DC, Tony exposes the latest in Obama propaganda. Meeting with tech CEO’s about NSA spying, the Obama staff put the story out as a major meeting about the positive future of the Obamacare website. It’s a lie you need to understand.

NRANews.com’s Cam Edwards, host of Cam and Company, joins Tony to talk about the mainstream media’s scrubbing of Karl Pierson’s socialist and leftist views. Cam digs deeper, question the role of parenting in America – and how parents can, should and must do better.

The big lottery draws its numbers, and Tony doesn’t win. But, he does come up with an idea for Indianapolis – one that will bring a world record to the fair city. The idea? It has to do with pork tenderloin…..fried pork tenderloin.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/5/13 – Nelson Mandela And Fast Food Thursday

Winter storms took over Tony’s flagship station in Indianapolis, so plenty of attention was paid to the accumulating snow and ice throughout Indiana. But it wasn’t too long that Tony was back on topic, speaking quite clearly about the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

Then, Tony has the full review of what happened on Fast Food Thursday, including his appearance on a far left-leaning radio program. Its clear that Tony understands how ideologues operate, and why he steers clear of that kind of talk.

He also follows up on the Harvard poll that shows young people are not interested  in President Obama or Obamacare. As the polls show, Hispanics aren’t that interested in the president, either.

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Let the Democrats vote for Santorum

Here is my latest article on TownHall.com. The Romney campaign was infuriated that Rick Santorum was sending out robocalls to Democrats in Michigan, asking for their vote. Remember, the key to winning a political office is winning:

Let the Democrats Vote For Santorum

NOTE – This article was written before the Michigan and Arizona primary. Mitt Romney won both.

The biggest lie ever told is that there is something more important than winning in politics. For the rest of us, the concepts of valor, honesty and morals have clear cut lines and distinctions. Certainly, on a governing level, they do for the Presidential candidates as well. But first, you have to win. That’s what Rick Santorum is trying to do, and that feigned outrage of Mitt Romney and Co. is just laughable. They’re not offended…they’re scared.

In the state of Michigan, the primary system is open. Anyone who is a registered voter may vote in the GOP primary. Any registered Democrat may show up to a polling place, sign in (not sure if ID’s are required, but if they are, you know, racism!) and vote. Democrats are using this as an opportunity to vote for someone who they don’t believe in, but who they think will make it harder on the Republicans going forward.

As with all Leftist ideas, it has no originality or is straight out stolen from someone else. In this case, it was stolen from Rush Limbaugh, who called it Operation Chaos during the Obama-Clinton primary battle. In Michigan, they are calling it Operation Hilarity. Democrats are calling on Democrats to ask for a Republican ballot at their polling place, and vote for Rick Santorum. Their bet? According to Daily Kos:

“…to keep the Republican primary race in a deadlock in order to tarnish the viability of the frontrunners and ensure a second term for Obama.”

A Santorum win will make Romney a weaker candidate.  If Romney loses Michigan (his home state, where his father was a three-term governor) he can no longer claim the mantle of “obvious choice.” He is no longer the front-runner. Electability? Are you kidding?

Would it be so shocking to realize that Santorum can love God AND not be the Leftist caricature of someone who loves God? Santorum is not dumb, as the Left thinks of all of those “bible thumpers!” (He may be a believer in the value of big government, but that’s just wrong…far different than dumb.) Santorum has put out robo-calls to Democrat voters, asking them to vote for him. He’s pro-actively pursuing Democrat votes. Romney called it a “dirty trick,” saying:

“We don’t want Democrats deciding who our nominee is going to be, we want Republicans deciding who our nominee is going to be.”

It’s not a dirty trick. It’s called running for President!

Santorum has lost in Arizona with its large Mormon population and its early ballots that have had people voting weeks ago. He has Super Tuesday staring him in the face. He doesn’t have a full slate of delegates in Tennessee, and he’s not on the ballot in Virginia. His entire future presidential career is riding on a victory in Ohio. (And, to be clear, this is it for Santorum. If he loses the primary, he will never have an opportunity to run for President again. There will be no second chance for Santorum like Romney has received. None.)

Splitting the primaries is a must for Team Santorum. He must win Michigan to give himself the necessary boost to take Ohio, and force the race to Tampa, site of the 2012 Republican National Convention. Yes, Michigan is a proportionate state, with 30 delegates on the line. But, while the race for each delegate is necessary (1144 delegates are needed to get the nomination,) the win is greater than the delegate count right now. A win in Michigan proves that he can win the nomination. It proves that his victories in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota were not a fluke.

Further, it sets in the mind that Mitt can’t take competition. If he can’t beat Santorum, how the hell is he going to beat Obama? Fast-forward to Super Tuesday. What happens if Newt Gingrich takes Georgia and Tennessee? Gingrich will rise, and the “inevitability” of Romney will become the “what happened to” Romney. It will take a Herculean effort on his part, along with an incredible amount of money, to get back into the game. Romney has taken on challenges before, and has remained at the top of the pack. But a loss in Michigan and a three-way race out of Super Tuesday brings about another possibility – the brokered convention. If he loses Michigan and splits Super Tuesday, you can almost (almost!) bet on it.

For those people unhappy with their current choices, what better news than a possible (possible!) brokered convention. Yes, let the Democrats vote. It doesn’t hurt the field, as the Democrats want to think. The opposite is true (as it is with most Leftist ideas!) it strengthens the field either way – determining it, or forcing a new look at it. Besides, maybe some of the Democrats will get used to the idea of voting for Republicans, and vote for them again in November. (Maybe!)

Did I get Hacked?

So, I wake up to find all of those text links above.  Where do they come from? I have no idea.  Who put them there? I have no idea.  Do I make money off of those links?  I don’t think so.  Should anyone click on them? I say no.

I hope to have them gone in record time.

Cain Press Conference – First Thoughts

On Tuesday, November 8th, presidential candidate Herman Cain held a press conference in Phoenix, Arizona to address the growing “scandal” of alleged sexual harrasment. Most recently, a fourth woman – Sharon Bialek – has stated that, when approaching Cain for help securing a job 14 years ago, Cain attempted to force her into a sexual act or relationship.

While Cain has stated that he would no longer address the issue, the latest charges from Bialek, flanked by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, have forced his hand, and forced this latest press conference. Here are my first thoughts:

Cain appears on camera with a lawyer, Lin Wood, who takes the podium first. If Herman Cain is trying to show America that he is taking these charges “head on,” he has started on the wrong foot, using a lawyer to protect him. Yes, private citizen Cain is more than entitled to lawyer up, and he is right to seek legal counsel. But this is a press conference to show America that Herman Cain can take on all comers, all “liars” as he has called them. Cain showed up with a human shield. In my view, not a position of strength. Wood has called on the American people to show Cain “fairness.” It is Cain’s job to tell us what happened, and show his strength.  Having your lawyer tell us to be fair is not strong.

Cain takes the podium, and makes mention that he will be reading from notes – something he never does. He also wants to make the strong point that he is taking his message directly to the American people, not through a third party. (This is not necessarily true, considering Wood just left the podium.)

Cain denies the allegation. He claims, clearly, that he did not recognize the woman, nor her name. He is emphatic about this.

The charges, and the accusations, I absolutely reject. They simply did not happen.

And, in a blink of an eye, he pivots into his stump speech.  He starts talking about how the American people are tired of politicians.  He continues that he – nor the American people – won’t allow politics to shake him.  He is also clear that he is not giving up his run for President.

I will not be deterred by false, anonymous, incorrect allegations.

Cain continues on this theme, stating that we can not allow dishonesty to “distract us.”  He also states how tough it has been over the past two weeks.  But, he is ready to do what is tough, and knows that “we will get through this.”

Cain is now discussing the Democrat machine in America.  Cain is going to have to explain this, considering that he has come out on several occasions saying that the Rick Perry camp made the initial leak to Politico, and has considered a lawsuit against Politico.

Cain also invoked his wife, saying that she saw the press conference of Bialek, and that she didn’t think her statement could be accurate.  He also says that his family should be left out of this, and the media should not go after his family. Cain talks about his reputation, and how it took 40 years to build – citing the work he has done with business and employees.

I will vigourosly defend my reputation.

He is now repeating his original statement, that he has “never acted inappropriately” and that what Bialek is suggesting is false.  Cain then opened up the conference to question, and, after the first question from a CBS reporter, states that he would take a lie detector test.  Remember that, because that may be the next big thing.  Will Cain take the test, or won’t he?  In my opinion, that was a huge mistake.

As for the press conference, he did not leave himself any wiggle room.  He has left himself no out of any kind if further charges – with substantiated proof – should come to light.  This entire press conference would have been much better if Cain hadn’t let the lawyer start, and I won’t back away from the fact that it showed weakness.

Cain was, throughout, cool, calm and collected.  As his supporters will say, “Presidential.”  However, what Cain has done is perhaps not what he hoped.  His desire (or so I presume) was to put this behind him, and to show that he is able to take on all comers.  While he clearly, and without any hysterics or over-the-top rhetoric denied the charges, he somewhat laid down the gauntlet – begging people (without necessarily saying so) to prove him wrong.  I’m reminded of Gary Hart….maybe that’s just me.

I look forward to your thoughts about the press conference in the comments.


Today’s Conversation- Shutdown Showdown

(From my show, The Conversation with Tony Katz, on PJTV.com)


The Federal Government is contemplating a shutdown.  If a continuing resolution isn’t passed, government will do something it hasn’t done since 1996 – which is send home non-essential workers and prove to the American people the excessive amount of bloat in a government bureaucracy.

Oh…wait…this just in.  Looks like the house and the senate have passed an extension.  The government will not shut down this week.

Well…that’s good to know.  But it really screws up this article now doesn’t it?

So, let’s just pretend that the government is going to shut down.  Yeah..that’s it.  Pretend.  I mean, honestly, what is so bad about a government shutdown?

In an article on cnnmoney.com, by Charles Riley, he states that,

“…a shutdown would also result in the furlough of hundreds of thousands of federal employees, but the government would keep essential services — like air traffic control, and the national security apparatus — in full operating mode.  And yes, the mail will still be delivered.”

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed, but the essential services remain.  Which should also mean that the non-essential go…right?

While no figures have been given for the amount of people who might be furloughed in this shutdown, if it happens, the numbers from the 1995-1996 shutdown show that 284,000 people were furloughed.  In the earlier shutdown in 1995, 800,000 people were furloughed.

According to a USA Today report, in 2009 the average pay of a federal civilian employee was $81,000.  ok, with benefits it was $123,000…but the lower number still proves the point.

I did a quick calculation.  284,000 people, at an average salary of $81,000.  That’s $23 billion dollars, which is a huge sum of money that we pay every year to people who, in the event of a shutdown, are viewed as non-essential.  The jobs are non-essential, the money we pay them, however, is very essential.

As an aside, if you have issues with my numbers, contact me.  i’d hate to think i was getting this wrong, that somehow i forgot to carry the two, or figure in for some other insane or interesting mathematical equation.

Also, the number seems huge, but, the Federal government is expected to spend $457 billion on personnel costs in 2011.  My number of $23 billion in cuts is only 5%

Yes, there are things that will be stopped in a shutdown.  Yes, you wont be able to see the monuments or national museums. And, as some websites were quick to point out, there will be a stoppage on toxic waste clean up.  Yet, according to recent Rasmussen polling, 58% of the people surveyed were ok with some kind of shutdown while Democrats and Republicans figured out how to reduce spending.

Reduce spending…seems I’ve (Tea Party) heard that (Tea Party) before (Tea Party).

So, The Conversation Is: What do we really lose in a government shutdown? And can we do without so much government?

Watch The Conversation, with my guests Larry O’ Connor and Christian Hartsock.

Buy Arizona! Weekend

Come to the Buy Arizona! Weekend – June 4th to June 6th

Soon after Arizona passed SB 1070, a measure that forces law enforcement to enforce the law and ask about immigration status during lawful police activities, politicos from around the country, sensing an opportunity to raise campaign funds, pushed to attack Arizona.  In a cowardly manner, they did not go after law makers for crafting the legislation, nor did they go after the Governor, Jan Brewer, for signing the legislation (though some people did not treat her kindly, with effigies made of her, nor were the police treaded kindly, with water bottles and garbage thrown at them.)

Rather, the political hack class – Mayor Gavin Newsome (D-SF) and Councilman Ed Reyes (D-Los Angeles) amongst them – decided to go after Arizona business.  Through the use of boycotts, San Francisco and Los Angeles looked for ways to cancel contracts, and place moratoriums against official travel to Arizona.  In Oakland, the town council, led by Vice-Mayor Ignacio De La Fuente, has agreed to boycott Arizona.  A convention of immigration lawyers cancelled their national convention in Scottsdale.  According to estimates, $10 million has already been lost.

$10 Million lost by the employers and the employees of Arizona.  Lost by people who did not write the bill, nor vote for the bill.  Employees and small business owners who are now under violent attack.  The political hack class looks only to line their pockets, and makes decisions that fit their own self-interests, regardless of whom they hurt in the process.  In this case, the men and women who are trying to provide for their families.

When I first heard about the boycotts, I knew that innocent people were under attack by ignorant politicians. I have a daily radio show, that plays in four cities, as well as online.  I knew that tourism would be badly effected by thee boycotts, and that would effect all businesses in time.  So, I created the Buy Arizona! Initiative.  The Buy Arizona! Initiative provides free advertising for Arizona businesses.  Each day, we provide one ad for a business in Arizona, doing a live read in the middle of the show.  Other radio hosts, terrestrial and internet, have joined the Initiative, and we welcome more to do so.

Being a Tea Party organizer, I realized that action is everything.  The people of Arizona appreciate the advertising, but they needed to know that millions of Americans are with them, standing shoulder to shoulder with them while they face this politically motivated, unwarranted onslaught.  Sonja Schmidt, a fellow Tea Party member and commentator for PJTV.com had started a plan of her own. Sonja wanted to organize a weekend that was focused on the people, not rallies.  Focused on supporting business, on having fun, and on creating a weekend that would let people relax, share, engage and get ready for the fight ahead of us. We got to talking, and decided to put our resources together for the common goal.  We have to go to Arizona, and show them our support.  Therefore, we are proud to announce the Buy Arizona! Now Weekend.

From June 4th to June 6th, we encourage everyone to come to Arizona, meet some great people spend some money and have some fun.  We have arranged for a central hotel, have created excursions that people can purchase to Sedona or to go shopping in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  We’ve arranged a night of comedy, and a night of relaxation.

There is a rally scheduled for the morning of June 5th, which is being done by the people of Arizona.  We encourage those who want to attend to do so.  However, our objective is simple.  We want to inject dollars into the Arizona economy.  We want to look business owners in the eye, and let them know that we are with them.  We want America to see that when you believe in America, you must support your fellow Americans.  The Buy Arizona! Weekend is America’s way of sending a loud clear message to the political hacks and their politically correct minions.  That message is, Stop Abusing Employees and Small Business Owners.

For more information on the Buy Arizona! Weekend, visit BuyArizonaNow.com.

See you in Arizona!