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The Reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer Diagnosis Is Disgusting

The world was shocked to hear that Rush Limbaugh had lung cancer. Instead of wishing him a speedy recovery, the left was overjoyed that he was sick. Tony Katz wants everyone to forget politics and remember that this is a human with cancer and nobody should be happy about that

Impeachment Has Been Relegated to the 3rd Biggest Story in America

The disaster in Iowa and the state of the union have overshadowed the impeachment trial, but Tony Katz is still keeping track of everything that is going on. With their political lives on the line, the Democrats are grasping at anything to save them from this optic disaster

Inside The Trump Peace Deal With Consul General Aviv Ezra

Last week, the Trump administration introduced a prospective peace deal between Israel and Palestine. It had the endorsement of leaders from Israel and the United States. Aviv Ezra is the Consul General of Israel. He joins Tony Katz to take a look at the deal and how both sides are reacting to it 

What Does The Final Polling Before Iowa Caucus Tell Us

We are mere hours away from the 2020 Iowa Caucus and the final polling is coming in. In a game where momentum counts for everything, what do the final numbers tell us? 

Everything In Presidential History Qualifies as Abuse of Power

In his defense of the President, Alan Dershowitz explained how the “Abuse of Power” charge that has been levied against the President isn’t a valid reason for impeachment. According to the precedent that Democrats have set, almost every single President since George Washington could have been impeached for abuse of power.

Remembering The Legacy of Kobe Bryant

The world was stunned at the unexpected death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. Tony Katz speaks with Dave Briggs on how Bryant influenced a generation of people and his overall legacy on and off the court

The Democrats Forgot Who Their Audience Was

On the final day of Democrats opening statements in the Trump impeachment trial, the democrats missed the mark in the worst way. Instead of presenting a case, the Democrats compared the Trump presidency to slavery, World War 2 and 9/11. 

People Aren’t Talking About Impeachment At The Dinner Table

Leland Vittert from Fox News joins Tony Katz. It is an election year and the eyes of the country are turned towards impeachment. Leland Vittert advocates that the country has already made up their minds about impeachment and there are other much more pressing issues 

Indiana Rep. Greg Pence Speaks on USMCA and Importance of Deal with China

Rep. Greg Pence represents the people on Indiana and was more than thrilled to see the United States make a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. He joins Tony Katz to discuss how the new deal is going to benefit the midwest and how a deal with China and Europe is even more important 

Understanding The Constitutionality of Impeachment

The House of Representatives can impeach a President for any reason. It could be for killing a man, or jay walking. It is up to the senate to decide if the charge meets the level of illegality required to remove a president. Tony Katz explains how different Senators can view this