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Mike Bloomberg Got Punched in The Face

BRUTALITY! Mike Bloomberg made the catastrophic mistake of participating in the debate. Just as Tony Katz predicted, he was punched square in the mouth. Now Bloomberg is on the ropes as the other candidates took their turn to take a shot. Where does he go from here?

Katz: Pelosi Is A Broken Woman

Nancy Pelosi took to the podium and unleashed a tirade about Trump’s State of the Union speech as well as his acquittal in the impeachment trial. Pelosi sounded beat down and bitter during her speech. Pelosi also commented that she thought the President looked “sedated” during his State of The Union Speech. Tony Katz takes a look back at her last several years, and several failures and concludes she is a broken women

Tony’s Wild Night At The Trump International Hotel in D.C.

Without a ticket to the State of The Union, Tony Katz decided to watch the proceedings at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. It was a one of a kind experience that you have to hear about 

Tony Katz on Fox and Friends 2020 SOTU Review

Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to review President Trump’s State of The Union. There were a plethora of noteworthy moments, from Rush Limbaugh being honored, to Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump’s speech. Tony joined Fox and Friends to go over all the highlights and low moments

Katz Breaks Down Iowa Caucus Disaster on Fox News

The Democrats had their moment to make a statement to the rest of the country that they were ready to contend for the presidency in 2020. Turns out that they were completely unprepared. Tony Katz joined Fox News to break down what happened

The Reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer Diagnosis Is Disgusting

The world was shocked to hear that Rush Limbaugh had lung cancer. Instead of wishing him a speedy recovery, the left was overjoyed that he was sick. Tony Katz wants everyone to forget politics and remember that this is a human with cancer and nobody should be happy about that

Impeachment Has Been Relegated to the 3rd Biggest Story in America

The disaster in Iowa and the state of the union have overshadowed the impeachment trial, but Tony Katz is still keeping track of everything that is going on. With their political lives on the line, the Democrats are grasping at anything to save them from this optic disaster

Inside The Trump Peace Deal With Consul General Aviv Ezra

Last week, the Trump administration introduced a prospective peace deal between Israel and Palestine. It had the endorsement of leaders from Israel and the United States. Aviv Ezra is the Consul General of Israel. He joins Tony Katz to take a look at the deal and how both sides are reacting to it 

What Does The Final Polling Before Iowa Caucus Tell Us

We are mere hours away from the 2020 Iowa Caucus and the final polling is coming in. In a game where momentum counts for everything, what do the final numbers tell us? 

Everything In Presidential History Qualifies as Abuse of Power

In his defense of the President, Alan Dershowitz explained how the “Abuse of Power” charge that has been levied against the President isn’t a valid reason for impeachment. According to the precedent that Democrats have set, almost every single President since George Washington could have been impeached for abuse of power.