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Tony Katz makes video for his radio shows and podcasts, as well as new content of exclusive interviews.

Katz on Fox News: The Trump Campaign Didn’t Need A Reset

Tony Katz joined Leland Vittert on Fox News to discuss the Trump campaign resuming his rallies. Tony Katz says that the layoff from public events due to COVID-19 did not put a pause to the President’s presidential campaign.

Cancel Culture Has Come for “Gone With The Wind”

Gone With The Wind is one of the mist celebrated films of all time. Unfortunately, it has now been cancelled. The new streaming service, HBO Max announced that the film will be pulled from streaming due to calls for racial justice. Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss.

Tony Katz responds on FOX News to Dana Perino’s Interview with Mark Zuckerberg about free speech

Tony Katz spoke with Dana Perino on The Daily Briefing concerning the recent comments from Mark Zuckerberg concerning social media. Zuckerberg spoke with Dana Perino about social media bias. President Trump has also been very vocal with his concerns about censorship. Katz discusses potential solutions with Dana.

Katz on Fox & Friends: Biden Catering to Progressive Voters

Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss the progress of Joe Biden and his push to win over progressive voters. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have formed a “Unity Task Force”. The goal is to unite the entirety of the Democratic party under Joe Biden, but will the support of Sanders and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez be enough for Biden to attract the Bernie supporters who have refused to vote for a non-progressive candidate.

Katz on Fox and Friends: Lockdown Protests and Biden’s Deluded Campaign Approach

Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to bring some insight into the anti-lockdown movement. Protests are breaking out across the world. Katz says that as the goal posts have continued to shift, people aren’t going to stand for it. Katz also discusses how the Biden campaign is handling the latest revelation that he may have been involved in the unmasking of General Michael Flynn.

Katz on Fox & Friends: Biden Basement Campaign and Issues with Mail In Voting

Tony Katz joined the hosts of Fox and Friends to discuss the latest with the 2020 election. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered how candidates typically campaign. President Trump has the luxury of being able to address the nation during briefings, but Joe Biden is currently running a campaign from his basement. What are the affects of this long term?

Tony also discusses how voting should be handled. The call for mail in voting has grown louder, but Katz says that the risks are too great and has a different proposal

Bernie Bros. Won’t Vote For Joe Biden.

Progressive activists think they should take a page out of the Tea Party book, and gain control of the Democratic Party. As Tony Katz explains to Pete Hegseth on Fox News, this is not good news for the Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden.

Tony Katz talks to Pete Hegseth on FOX and Friends about Joe Biden
and the Bernie Bros.

Do Lockdowns Keep Us Safe?

The desire to open the country is not about ignoring science, nor is it about “greed.” For many, it’s about survival. And for many others, it’s recognizing that Americans are always looking to move forward, and understand that government can not guarantee safety.

Tony Katz discusses the politicizing of coronavirus, the economy and why it may be more dangerous than the virus itself.

Katz on Fox & Friends: Shelley Luther Highlights The Two Americas

Tony Katz joined Fox & Friends to discuss the Dallas hair salon owner who opened up her business and was sentenced to one week in jail for it. Luther was given the “opportunity” to apologize for her “selfishness” by the judge, but instead defended her actions.