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Tony Katz makes video for his radio shows and podcasts, as well as new content of exclusive interviews.

Biden, Harris, Mayorkas Not Up To Handling Border Crisis

Tony Katz tells Heather Childers and Bob Sellers on Newsmax that President Biden, VP Harris and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas are not up to handling the crisis at the US southern border.

Sec. Mayorkas is also lying when he claims the border is closed.

How Many Subscribers Will Trump’s New Social Media Service Have In The First Week?

Speaking with Heather Childers and Bob Sellers on Newsmax, Tony explained that President Trump has nothing to lose in creating a new social media platform, and it will be better for him than putting out press releases.

How many subscribers will the service have? Tony says 20 million in the first week. What do you think?

Equity and Equality are Not The Same Thing

Our public educational system is falling into the trap of teaching bigotry. Equity is not the same as equality. To favor the equality of outcomes is bigotry. Anything that states you should equalize outcomes, does not favor free people, free lives or free thought. Equality is not equity and equity is not equal.

BLM is Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Anyone can be nominated: Stacy Abrams was nominated, and so was Jared Kushner. President Trump has been nominated twice.

And anyone can win a Nobel Peace Prize. Yassar Arafat won the prize, and he was never connected to peace. Ever. So what to make of this nomination? Well, it’s completely backwards that an organization rooted in Marxism can ever be a part of something peaceful. Watch!

Katz on Newsmax: No, President Trump Should Not Testify at his Impeachment Trial

Who knew this was even a consideration? Tony Katz tells Newsmax that President Trump should not testify at his impeachment trial. That would be a, “…very, very bad idea.”

The Myth of Unity. The Horror of the Reprogramming Mob. Tony Katz on Newsmax.

Tony Katz appeared on Newsmax with John Bachman and Kristin Tate to discuss the myth of unity, “reprogramming Republicans” and the difference between the Left and the Right when it comes to disagreement and differences of opinion.

Rep. Devin Nunes: Parler, Amazon, Free Speech and Racketeering

California Republican Devin Nunes spoke with Tony Katz about bringing racketeering charges against Amazon and others for working together to remove social media app Parler from, well, existing.

Is There GOP Infighting and Does It Matter? Tony Katz on Newsmax TV

On Newsmax TV, Tony discussed allegations of GOP infighting leading up to the Georgia runoff, and the need to put up a fight in protecting the constitutionality of our elections.

Tony Katz On NewsMax: The Section 230 Issue and the Senate on COVID Relief

Tony Katz appeared on Newsmax TV to discuss the latest version of the Senate COVID relief bill and how Section 230 may hinder the lawsuit regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Biden Limits Media Access

Tony Katz joined Newsmax TV to discuss the fight in Congress over distribution of the COVID vaccine and how the Biden Family FBI investigation has been treated by the media. Reporters are complaining that access to Joe Biden has been severely limited.