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How Everyone Is Getting The Maskless Emmys Wrong

Everyone is talking about how actors and elites didn’t wear masks to the Emmy’s, or to the Met Gala. They are calling out Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Hollywood actors for their hypocrisy; lecturing to Americans about masks while not living by their own words. Again!

Tony Katz sees it differently – they don’t wear masks because they don’t care about their own health. So why should any of us listen to what they have to say?

Are Hollywood people exempt, because they are “sophisticated” Americans who know how to stay safe? Tony has a very clear answer for those who push that line of nonsense.

Biden’s Failed UN Speech

President Biden gave his first addresses president to the United Nations. His speech was full of wokeness, but failed to deliver on strength and a vision for a free and secure future. He made no mention of China, and only one mention of Iran. But he was sure to discuss “human rights” and, of course, how the Taliban should treat women well.

Tony discussed the speech on Newsmax with Heather Childers and Bob Sellers. Biden’s speech was a swing and a miss. He did America, and the world, no favors.

Gov. Cuomo’s Scandals Hurt Democrats Across the Nation

Tony appeared on Fox News with Griff Jenkins and Democrat operative Kevin Walling to discuss the scandals surrounding New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Gov. Cuomo’s scandals are far more than sexually harassing 11 women, which is awful just on it’s own.

Cuomo is the guy who was cheered for signing a bill allowing late-term abortion. So, in New York, Cuomo is killing babies. Then, he’s killing the elderly in nursing homes. And, in the middle, he’s sexually harassing people. Cuomo is a massive problem for the Democratic Party across the country.

– Tony Katz

Smoking Pot, The Olympics and Having A Standard

Track and Field star Sha’Carri Richardson was banned from competing in the Olympics for smoking marijuana, which is a banned substance. Tony Katz explained to Jacqui Heinrich on Fox News that the Olympic committee is welcome to change the rules, but the real conversation here is Richardson not living up to the standard required of Olympians.

If standards are situational, then we have no standards at all.

Tony Katz on Fox News

Check out the video.

Tony Katz on NewsNationNow: IMPD officer Dejoure Mercer Suing NFL for Libel

Tony appeared on The Donlon Report on NewsNationNow to discuss the libel case between Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Dejoure Mercer and the NFL over their ‘Say Their Stories’ campaign, which identified Mercer as a murderer of an unarmed black man.

However, he was armed. He ran from the police, and he shot at the officers. For more information, see his piece at RedState.

Portland Riot Squad Resigns Because Portland Doesn’t Have Their Back: Katz on Fox

The Portland Riot Squad, which consists of near 50 Portland, Oregon police officers, resigned from the group en masse one one of them was indicted for doing their job during one of the numerous nights of riots in the city.

The officer is accused of unlawful force, but a description of the incident states the officer was using his baton during a riot situation as trained.

Tony joined Fox News to explain what happens when officers don’t believe a city, or the elected officials of that city, will support police when they are doing their job. Better said, what happens to morale when a city chooses the rioters over the police.

On CRT: Now Is The Time For Parents To Be Brave

Tony Katz appeared on Newsmax to discuss the radical push of critical race theory (CRT) in schools by some teachers. Parents must continue to stand up to teachers, unions and others pushing the teaching of bigotry. As Tony explains, “Now Is The Time To Be Brave”

Katz on Israel Hate: Don’t Blame Facebook and Instagram, Blame Tlaib, Omar, and Andre Carson

Tony Katz spoke with Jacqi Heinrich from FOX News to discuss anti-Israel politicians in the US, and the silence from celebrities on increased attacks on Jews across America.

The problem isn’t social media. The problem is Reps. Tlaib, Omar and Andre Carson, among others, who push hate against Israel and Jews by calling Israel an “apartheid state” or accusing Israel of having “Jim Crow laws.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Bigotry Is Why We Can’t Teach CRT To Our Children

Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has said she will only do interviews with Black or Brown reporters to push for “equity.” Rational people know that this is outright bigotry (including many reporters in Chicago, who refuse to do interviews with her until she changes her awful policy.)

Tony explains to FOX News that Mayor Lightfoot’s proclamation has a direct connection to Critical Race Theory and “anti-racism,” and that’s reason enough not to teach them in schools.

Did Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett Steal His Speech From Al Pacino in Scent Of A Woman?

I didn’t make this. But someone did….and they are brilliant!

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett welcomes the crowd to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and offers a few words. But those words seem to come directly for Al Pacino’s speech in the film Scent of a Woman?

Did Hogsett and his team plagiarize the speech? Is it just a coincidence? You decide.