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The Constitution Trumps Coronavirus

Producer Ari’s father has a straw man argument for Tony. What if COVID-19 killed 95% of everyone infected, would Tony still have the same opinion about reopening the country?

Anthony Fauci Underwear is The Hottest New Fashion Trend

Have you recently been sitting at home, thinking about how much of a heartthrob Dr. Anthony Fauci is? Apparently, he is such a hot figure that a store is designing and selling underwear with his name branded on it. Where did the Fauci obsession come from and how much is based on politics?

This Was The Plan to Neutralize Gen. Michael Flynn

As more information comes to light, it has become increasingly clear that Gen. Michael Flynn was not treated fairly by the FBI. The question of why Flynn was set up and how it happened has become a focal point in this country. Andrew McCarthy was able to join Tony Katz to examine how the plot to discredit and neutralize Flynn happened. Andrew C. McCarthy is a senior fellow at the National Review Institute and a contributing editor of National Review.

We Can Learn A Lesson From Woodstock 1969

There was quite an event that occurred in the lat 60’s. It was one of the worst flu outbreaks in history. Over one million people died. Despite the pandemic, people were not shutting down their lives. Woodstock went on as it normally did. Tony Katz says we should look back at Woodstock in 1969 and take a lesson out of their playbook. Maybe don’t hold a music festival, but don’t shut down life for healthy people.

Don’t ‘Pull A Romney’ When It Comes To China

There’s an expression used in the household of Tony Katz. “Pulling a Romney.” It’s an term that means choking at the last minute and losing. The reference is, of course, tied to the failed Presidential campaign of Mitt Romney. Romney could have finished off Barack Obama in 2012 and won the race, but he pulled back and played nice guy. You can’t play nice guy when it comes to winning time.

Tony Katz implores us to learn from our past and not “Pull a Romney” with China in regards to their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t play nice with communists.

Democrats Don’t Care About Answers, Only Sound Bites

The testimony of Dr. Anthony Fauci was highly anticipated by American citizens and members of the Senate. Unfortunately, left wing senators seemed to have little interest in actually learning something about how we are combating the Coronavirus. The real intent, based off the line of questioning, was to score political points against President Trump

Dave Rubin of Rubin Report on Coronavirus, Narrative and ‘Don’t Burn This Book!’

Tony Katz talks to host and comic Dave Rubin of Rubin Report about his new book, ‘Don’t Burn This Book,’ and how narrative is dominating headlines instead of facts. They also discuss coronavirus and the need for a nice Italian coffee maker from Target.

The 1619 Project Just Won The Pulitzer Prize

The controversial New York Times project has won one of the most prestigious awards on the planet. The problem is that the 1619 Project has been heavily criticized by American historians, who argue that the project is filled with inaccuracies. How did this happen?

The Economic Toll Is Growing And Shouldn’t Be Put To The Side

People think it’s taboo to discuss the economic toll that is taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies like J. Crew and Gold’s Gym are filing for bankruptcy. Thousands of employees will now be out of work. There is a misconception that by showing concern for the economy that you somehow discount the lives of Americans. This is such a ridiculous train of thought that Tony Katz takes you step by step on why the economic toll is a big deal that absolutely shouldn’t be ignored.

Appeals Court OK’s Law Requiring Background Checks for Ammo

A new California law was upheld by the 9th circuit. The law requires those buying ammo for their firearm need to go though a background check before purchasing any ammo. While the world is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, Tony Katz wants to remind everyone that your Second Amendment Rights are being violated.