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Democrats Only Looking For What They Want to Hear From Capitol Riot Hearings

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in response to the January 6th riot at the Capitol. The point of the hearing was supposed to be how this happened and what is being done to assure that nothing like it ever happens again. Unfortunately, it seemed like some of the senators were more concerned about scoring political hit points and creating their own narrative. Tony Katz breaks it down

The Golden Trump Statue at CPAC Was a Bad Idea

A piece of artwork at CPAC raised a few eyebrows. Placed in a prominent location, there was a giant golden statue of Donald Trump. Tony Katz was at CPAC and while he didn’t go see the statue for himself, he certainly heard about it. Katz couldn’t help but shake his head at whoever thought this was a good idea.

Romney and Cotton’s Disaster of a Minimum Wage Plan

Tony Katz has, for years, expressed his frustration with the minimum wage. In fact, Tony says that the minimum wage is a myth that no economist can back up with data. What Senators Romney and Cotten are putting forth is absolutely destructive. Katz goes through exactly what problems arise from the minimum wage and how raising it causes more harm than good.

What In The World Was Ted Cruz Thinking?

The Texas Senator was caught on a flight to Cancun while his home state was without power. While the optics of that move was bad, it was what Cruz did next that sealed his fate. Cruz attempted to dig himself out of a hole by cancelling his trip, flying back the next day and saying he only went on vacation to appease his daughters. Tony Katz unravels this whole disaster.

Trump Says Burn It All Down

The former President did not mince words in a vicious and scathing statement. Trump dismissed McConnell as being a political hack and said he would support any primary against him and any others like him. Tony Katz takes a look at where the GOP goes from here.

Are You Properly Prepared If You Lose Power?

The country is getting hammered by a massive winter storms. Towns are being covered with a foot of snow, roads are too icy to drive in and we are now seeing rolling blackouts in places like Texas. Tony Katz has a lesson about preparation during drastic times

Trump is 2-0 Against Impeachment

Once again, the full force of the Democratic party came after Donald Trump and once again, the man took them on and remained standing. Despite several GOP Senators voting to convict the former President, Donald Trump was not found guilty in the Senate Trial of his second impeachment. Tony Katz takes a look back at Trump’s 2nd trial

Do Celebrities Ever Engage in Retrospective?

We see celebrities frequently engage in politics, despite having little to know knowledge on a subject. Recently, we saw Bruce Springsteen engage in this during a popular Super Bowl ad. Tony Katz wonders if any of these celebrities ever think about the things they say? Do they ever self-reflect?

Sen. Ben Sasse ALMOST Has It Right

The GOP is discussing censuring Nebraska Senator, Ben Sasse due to his comments concerning President Trump and the Capitol riots. Tony Katz has long said that censure doesn’t seem like the best use of time. Now, Sasse has released a video message defending his words. Tony Katz thought that Sen. Sasse almost had it right, but there was one problem with his response to the GOP.

Tony Katz Today: China Does Not Deserve The Privilege Of Hosting The Olympics

China should not be hosting the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022. Their abuse of Hong Kongers? Their imprisonment of Uighur Muslim men and rape of Uighur Muslim women? Their theft of intellectual property? Their violent intimidation of Taiwan? None of it should be tolerated. And they do not deserve to be glorified as an Olympic host country.

Bring the 2022 games to Canada. They can do it.

Also, Shep Smith of CNBC is horrified by a South Florida supermarket, Why? Not enough masks. And the Biden Administration prepares to open overflow facility for migrant children. In other words, kids in cages. This is another reason the national media is not trusted.