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Let’s Actually Look at Safely Reopening Schools in the Fall

Students have been e-learning since March due to COVID-19. With the new school year fast approaching, the conversation about students returning to school has become a focal point across the country. President Trump has been vocal about wanting children to return to school, however his detractors say that the risk is just too great.

Tony Katz examines all the variables involved in reopening schools in the Fall.

Trump Commuting Roger Stone Has Gotten The People Riled Up

Late on Friday night, President Trump commuted the prison sentence of Roger Stone. Stone, who was found guilty of lying to Congress, has been a close ally of the President for years. Democrats and some Republicans are upset that the President is interfering in the Stone case. Katz breaks it all down

Donald Trump’s Niece Has A Tell-All Book That’s Already Getting Debunked

Everyone’s got a book coming out about Donald Trump. Former member of the administration? You get a book deal! Worked on the Trump campaign? You get a book deal! Janitor at Mar-A-Lago? You get a book deal!

Now, Donald Trump’s niece has a book coming out full of scandalous stories. One particular tale describes how Donald Trump paid someone to take the SAT test for him.

It didn’t take long for people to come out and point to all the ways that this couldn’t have happened.

William Jacobson Explains SCOTUS Decisions on Trump’s Taxes

The Supreme Court split the baby. It ruled that the President must turn over his financial records to the grand jury in New York, but that Congress is not entitled to see them. Cornell law professor, William Jacobson, joined Tony Katz to elaborate on what the implications are.

The Cultural Apprehension to Wearing Masks

The decision to wear a mask during this pandemic has become a political issue. Ed Morrissey of Hot Air joins Tony Katz to explain why Americans are most hesitant to wear masks, in contrary to Asian countries, where masks are the norm.

New York Times Misses The Mark…..Again

The New York Times wants to prove how woke and culturally in-tune they are. Their latest endeavor is their decision to capitalize the word “Black” when describing people of color. Tony Katz can only shake his head at how badly the Times is missing the point of what is happening in America right now.

A Business Can Require You To Wear A Mask. You Don’t Have to Shop There

The people yelling about businesses requiring customers to wear a mask are unserious people. That’s what Tony Katz says. Any business can set their own standard for their customer base. The wonderful thing about this country is that you don’t have to shop there. According to Katz- the public accommodation shouldn’t exist.

Reforming Qualified Immunity for Police. Senator Braun Joins Katz

The discussion concerning policing across the country has reached a fever pitch after the death of George Floyd. Lawmakers are searching for ways to reform and improve police policies. Senator Mike Braun joined Tony Katz with his thoughts about his bill to limit qualified immunity for police officers.

The Great Cancelling Is Among Us

The problem with cancel culture is that it’s unfocused. Tony Katz takes a look at how statues and monuments are now being targeted by cancel culture. Katz explains that there are some statues that can go down if a community decides it, but the tearing down of every single monument lacks the clarity that causes a change. 

Katz Speaks With Newt Gingrich on DACA Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court made a shocking ruling concerning DACA. The court ruled that the Trump administration could not end the legal protections that were imposed by the Obama administration. Tony Katz spoke with former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich about the decision.