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Political Response to TX Shooting – An Interview with Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms

We speak with Cam Edwards of about the shooting in Texas at Robb Elementary and the knee-jerk political responses from representatives and candidates.

New NATO Membership Requests and Nation Building in Ukraine – an interview with Representative Spartz

Sweden and Finland are looking to join NATO, saying that Russia isn’t the threat they thought it once was. On Ukraine, another $40 Billion has just gone out the door. Are we getting into nation rebuilding in Ukraine? We speak with Representative Victoria Spartz about the Ukraine conflict, NATO, and the latest relief spending package.

The Baby Formula Shortage Explained – an interview with Matt Stoller of American Economic Liberties Project

The nation is struggling with a baby formula shortage. We have heard the White House advise calling your doctor and blame the shortages on hoarding, but there is more to this story. We speak with Matt Stoller of American Economic Liberties Project about the baby formula monopoly, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of Agriculture.

Self Examination Is Critical in Order to Have Educated Discussion – Tony Katz Today

Democrats fail on radical abortion bill. ABC writes the headline, “Republicans block bill.” This is the bias that needs to be fought. The bill was draconian, and expanded abortion far more than Roe ever did. It is radical, horrific legislation. It deserved to be blocked.

Electric Cars Are Great, But Let’s Be Practical – Tony Katz Today

25% of the electric vehicle charging stations in the San Francisco Bay area work. Electric cars are fine, but you need the energy to be able to create the electricity to charge these vehicles. What is the value of an electric car if I can’t charge it up?

There’s Baby Formula Shortages, But Dems Focus on Abortion – Tony Katz Today

There is a clear difference between Republicans and Democrats. Nothing makes this clearer than the abortion debate during a baby formula shortage. Senator Chuck Schumer claims women can face prison time or lose their lives if “MAGA Republicans” get their way. Mothers are struggling to feed their children, Chuck.

The Disney Box Office Problem – Tony Katz Today

What do box office numbers say about our film industry and the damage done to consumer’s relationship with Disney?

Voters Say Energy Cost is Biggest Election Issue – Tony Katz Today

the Biden Administration is failing to connect with people, on multiple fronts. Never look at one poll, but always look at polls. We examine some recent polls coming our about the mood of the voters going into 2022 midterms and the 2024 President election. We speak with Sterling Burnett, Ph.D., the Director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy and the managing editor of Environment & Climate News, about where America is on the importance of energy costs.

A Message to the Business Leaders of Indianapolis — Tony Katz Today

David Ricks, Eli Lilly’s chief executive officer and chairman spoke at the Economic Club of Indiana and he statements are making waves. We discuss the flaws of his approach, Indiana-centric solutions, and the dangers of “Environmental, Social and Governance” initiatives.

If you are not going to engage solutions that are market based, what are you engaging?