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Guns Are Not The Problem, The Problem Is The Mentality That Moves Guns — Tony Katz Today Podcast

The Indianapolis murder rate is through the roof. What are our city leaders going to do about it? Indiana has had an influx of residents. If we would like that to continue, we must hold our leadership accountable.

Indianapolis City Council thinks the violence is gun problem. That tells me they haven’t looked at the problem. Guns are not the problem, the problem is the mentality that moves them.

Anti-Semitism Is On The Rise; Harden The Target — An Interview with Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow

A 10-hour-long hostage situation at a synagogue in the Dallas-Fort Worth area came to a conclusion late Saturday with all of the hostages safe and the suspect dead. Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow joins us to discuss the Synagogue hostage situation, the importance of hardening the target, and the absurd media massaging that denied the obvious anti-semitic targeting of a synagogue.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Job Creation — Tony Katz Today Podcast

Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempts to run interference on the White House’s failure to deliver on COVID tests, among other things. She claims everything is going great with the Biden agenda. Is everything going great?

It has been a very bad month or so for the Biden White House. Voting legislation not going anywhere. $1.75 Trillion in social spending failed. Gas prices, food shortages, and inflation. Polling numbers so brutal they should be considered elder abuse.

The Biden White House claims record job creation. People going back to the jobs they had before they were told that they could no longer go to their jobs because of COVID is not “creating” jobs. The Biden Administration has not created a single job.

SCOTUS Blocks The OSHA Vax Mandate — An Interview with Indiana AG Todd Rokita

A 6-3 decision from SCOTUS has put an end to the Biden Administration’s mandate, through Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requiring business with 100+ employees to have 100% vaccination compliance. Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita joins us to discuss.

Additionally, with SCOTUS holding up the Health & Human Services vaccine mandate, does this open up a path to other challenges? Or is the conversation over?

President Biden Is The Angry Man Yelling At Clouds — Tony Katz Today Podcast

President Biden comes off as angry time and time again. He is getting panned everywhere for his insulting, terrible, nonsensical speech about voting legislation. Except for Nancy Pelosi, she loves it.

The FDA director says everyone is going to get COVID, both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. The vaccinated will most likely avoid hospitalization and death. Does that make this a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as President Biden calls it? 

We take a good look at the data on infections, hospitalizations, testing and masks.

A Win Against Racial Discrimination in Academia — An Interview with Prof. William Jacobson

Legal Insurrection Foundation and Judicial Watch challenged a public school scholarship program in Asheville, NC that discriminated on the basis of race. The City of Asheville, North Carolina has settled the federal civil rights lawsuit, agreeing to remove all racially discriminatory provisions in the City-funded scholarship program. Additionally, the city agreed to remove racially discriminatory eligibility provisions in a related program that provides grants to educators.

Professor William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection joins us to discuss the lawsuit, and discuss the prevalence of Critical Race Theory in America’s schools and universities.

The Bigotry of Cultural Marxism Has Run Amok! — Tony Katz Today Podcast

States are rationing off COVID medication by race to rectify wrongs in medical treatment in the past. Punishing people in the present for the wrongs of others in the past is exactly what parents discussing Critical Race Theory see as the problem.

A full teaching of history has a place in our society. The bigotry and oppression of Cultural Marxism has no place in our society.

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Our Institutions Have Been Weaponized Against Us — An Interview with Author Michael Walsh

Has our own Federal Government been weaponized against us? Former FBI officials are saying the Department of Justice’s new Domestic Terrorism Unit was driven by the January 6th riot in Washington DC. What about the riots we witnessed during the Trump Administration? We know that the Department of Justice has been referring to parents as domestic terrorists. Will parents be targeted under the new Domestic Terrorism Unit?

Americans are on the front lines of a culture war, under attack by our own governing bodies. How do we come back from a total disintegration of faith in our institutions?

Michael Walsh, author of Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All Is Lost, joins us to discuss the implications of DOJ’s domestic terrorism unit and the state of the culture war.

Schumer Goes After Filibuster to Save Build Back Better

With President Biden’s agenda hanging in the balance, Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants to make one last Hail Mary to save Build Back Better. In a last ditch effort, Schumer is proposing that the senate get rid of the filibuster. The idea of getting rid of the filibuster has been floated before, but now, with Build Back Better on the line, will the Dems pull the trigger?

The 2021 Dummy Awards

It’s the 4th annual Dummy Awards! Each year, Tony Katz and Producer Ari go over the dumbest, most ridiculous, nonsensical comments that politicos have made. This year, the list of nominees is quite impressive. Tony and Ari recap the nominees and what exactly they did to deserve a Dummy nomination. Who wins? Listen to find out