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“Weakness Invites Aggression” – An Interview with Rep Jim Banks

Representative Jim Banks (IN-3) joined us to discuss Biden’s comments on Russia and Armageddon. We discuss foreign policy, the conflict in Ukraine, and what happens when America projects weakness across the world.

Rep Banks is demanding the Air Force explain how Jennifer Ruth Green’s military records were stolen. 

Also, what does the Congressman predict for 2022 midterm elections?

Redefining Recession – an interview with Dr. Matt Will

GDP fell once again, marking the second straight quarterly decline- a recession. Why are we supposed to pretend otherwise? Economist at the University of Indianapolis, Dr. Matt Will joins us to discuss.

How do you say politely that someone is lying?

Kurt Schlichter on The Fall and Rise of America – Tony Katz Today

Get Kurt’s latest book, We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America:

Tony Katz Nominated for a Marconi!

I’ve been nominated for a Marconi for Personality of The Year and WIBC is nominated for Station of The Year!

Thank you all for your support!

Rescue Rangers, SNL and Dave Chappelle – Tony Katz Today

Dave Chappelle and John Mulaney. What do we need to do to get that show to Indy?

Ballot Issues in Pennsylvania Primary – An Interview with Chris Stigall

Is questioning election results no longer problematic? According to the Associate Press, voting software is vulnerable. It would appear that saying we have problems with our election processes is no longer an act of insurrection. Philadelphia Radio Host Chris Stigall joins us to discuss the latest out of the Pennsylvania primary races.

Officers Didn’t Enter The Building. This is Unacceptable. – Tony Katz Today

Police did not enter Robb Elementary School while there was an active shooter present. They kept parents out. What happened here?

The Texas Shooting, Indiana Trans Veto, and Taiwan – An Interview with Rep. Jim Banks

There has been a tremendous activity this week- Robb Elementary Shooting in Texas, Primary elections, Indiana’s Trans sports veto and more. We discuss all of these topics and more with Indiana Representative Jim Banks.

The Purpose Driven Life – An Interview With Noah Rothman

What happens when you remove purpose, vision, and personal responsibility from someone’s life? What happens when you isolate people?

We speak with Noah Rothman, Editor at Commentary and contributor for MSNBC, about his latest piece for Commentary, ‘Leave Lincoln Out of This’ which examines the Robb Elementary shooting and media reactions.

Plus we discuss nihilism, purpose and responsibility in society and culture.

Read Noah’s latest at Commentary Magazine – Leave Lincoln Out of This:

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