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Rep. Spartz: Members of Congress Could File Impeachment Articles Soon

Rep. Victoria Spartz joined Tony Katz for a discussion on the infrastructure bill and Biden’s response on Afghanistan. While discussing Biden, Spartz mentioned that she knew that there were some in Congress who were planning to file articles of impeachment against President Biden. Tony gives his off the cuff reaction

Listen to the full interview below

Biden Chose Legacy Shopping Over American Lives

The debacle of Afghanistan continues. The last ten days have exposed all of President Joe Biden’s errors when dealing with American citizens and Afghan allies withdrawal from Afghanistan. The embassy was taken by the Taliban, thousands of soldiers are unaccounted for and our allies are being left to fend for themselves. Tony Katz contends that Joe Biden was too busy legacy shopping rather than focusing on American lives

UFO Expert Ben Hansen Takes Tony Katz Into Outer Space

Are we alone in the universe? Has Earth been visited by creatures from beyond the stars? Tony Katz has long dipped his toes into the world of UFO’s and aliens, but now he is diving in head first to get the information from the experts. Ben Hansen is a former federal agent a current UFO investigator. He joined Tony Katz to discuss all things unexplained.

Is This The End of Andrew Cuomo?

The New York Governor had been accused by multiple women in his office of sexual harassment. Now, after an investigation by the New York Attorney General, the allegations were confirmed. Not only that, but it was also reported that the Governor attempted to retaliate against his accusers. Cuomo is now set to face immense pressure to resign from politicos on both sides of the aisle. Will he go quietly or will this be a fight?

Teachers Have Secret Equity Survey For Students

Teachers at a school in central Indiana handed out equity surveys to their students. The catch was that they were told not to tell their parents. Now, if you think that sounds sketchy, you aren’t alone. Tony Katz has some strong words for any teacher who thinks it’s a good idea to have students keep secrets from their parents about what happens in class.

The Porn Star Debate

Turning Point is a Conservative group that encourages young people to get involved with Conservative politics. They were holding a convention in Tampa, Florida when one of the patrons who bought a ticket was asked to leave. The patron was a porn star and Turning Point said that the event was focused on youth and felt it was inappropriate to have an adult film star there. Did they make the wrong call? Tony Katz breaks it down

Biden Giving Americans More Handouts

Today is the day where the payments go out to individuals with children. The $300 stipend for each child under the age of six is being deposited into bank accounts. As the government sends out more checks, the business world is still struggling to find people to work. Will these additional payments slow down recovery? Tony Katz explains.

Avenatti Whimpers On His Way To Jail

It wasn’t so long ago that Michael Avenatti was the jewel of the Democrats. The lawyer for Stormy Daniels was viewed as a potential Presidential candidate and was unafraid to stick it right to Trump. The Democrats loved him. Oh, how things change. The now disgraced lawyer is on his way to jail for the next few years for extortion. Tony Katz takes a look back at how we got here

Callers Shame Producer Ari for Being a Sheep

As usual, Producer Ari has proven himself to be not just a fool, but also a sheep. The man is willing to accept anything and take the easy route. Tony Katz and his loyal listeners chimed in to call out Ari for his latest, and most egregious example of his willingness to comply

SCOTUS Sides With Right To Privacy In California Case

The government agencies of California wanted to know which citizens were donating to which causes and groups. All the donations are perfectly legal, so the only real reason for wanting this information is to imply sinister intent of the donor, or flat out intimidate people not to donate to the “wrong” groups. In California, “wrong” groups means “not liberal” groups.

Casey Mattox, VP for Legal and Judicial Strategy for Americans For Prosperity, spoke with Tony about the case AFP brought against the Golden State. After seven years of legal battles, the Supreme Court voted in AFP’s favor, 6-3.