Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/9/14 – Chris Christie Speaks and Feminism Gets Questioned

Chris Christie gave a 90+ minute press conference to answer for the involvement of his staff in the shutting down of lanes heading to the George Washington Bridge. As Tony shows, it’s not about whether you want Christie as your 2016 nominee (and who is thinking about 2016 right now?,) it’s about seeing leadership in America – something sorely lacking from the current Administration.

While not prognosticating, Tony does ask the key question – if it’s Christie vs. Hillary, how will you vote? As he has many times before, Tony explains the need to get started on the road to victory, and how we can build on success to create better success in the future.

Then, women across America attack Candace Cameron-Bure for her views on marriage. According to Marie Claire, she set back women “a billion years.” Producer Paige and Holly Bacon disagree, and discuss what it takes – for them – to have a happy family. As always, those opposed to Cameron-Bure aren’t about openness…they’re about hate.

Common Core gets a beating – like it should – and so does Lane Kiffin – like he should.

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Tony Katz Tonight – 1/8/14 – Bridgegate Begins and Guests Nick Searcy and Emily Zanotti

Tony has a full show tonight, starting with Bridgegate – the growing scandal involving Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. What did he know? When did he know it? And will anyone get fired?

Emily Zanotti of Naked DC joins Tony to break down Bridgegate, and the big stories of the day. Also, what does America really think of Vice President Joe Biden? Do they agree with former Secretary of State Bob Gates, that VP Biden has not been right on foreign policy in over four decades?

Then, actor and star of “Justified” Nick Searcy calls in to talk about his hit show, and quickly moves in to the subject of adoption. He adopted a black son years ago, and found the commentary of Melissa Harris-Perry not only offensive, but dangerous. He talks about his own battles in adopting his son, Omar, and how difficult and confusing the system is. It’s a must-listen interview that you’ll never hear on MSNBC.

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Emily Zanotti of Naked DC Talks Funny, Ugly Politics

At Emily Zanotti‘s creation – NakedDC.com – the tag line is, “Because Politics Is Just Show Business For Ugly People.” In her interview on Tony Katz Tonight, Emily brings that same kind of wit and brutal honesty.

In a wide ranging interview discussing Gov. Chris Christie and “Bridgegate,” and how President Obama is going to make the Olympics even more boring, Zanotti offers up truth and comedy about the cultural impact of today’s news stories – in many cases, both happening at the same time. But Emily saves a special place for VP Joe Biden and the commentary of former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates.

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The Interview with Nick Searcy that MSNBC is Afraid To Have

On January 8th, Nick Searcy, the star of TV’s “Justified” joined Tony Katz on his radio program “Tony Katz Tonight” to talk about the new season of his hit show. But things get interesting when Nick starts talking about adoption, and the hateful words of Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC.

Nick adopted his son, Omar, who is black. He begins a conversation on adoption in America, and who liberals are when they – without realizing it – show their true colors.

His candidness about Harris-Perry’s comments cut to the bone. As he stated:

“She just wants to say, “I apologize to the Romney family.” Well that’s not enough. That’s not who you insulted. There’s an entire foster care system in this country that has a lot of people in it that have the same attitude she does, and its why kids of color are not being adopted as frequently as they should be. And that’s really the sickness. They’re hurting people’s lives.”

Nick shares his own journey through the adoption process, including how he had to ask Omar’s birth parents to let him complete the adoption. He breaks down how difficult it is to deal with the state, which can take the child away from foster parents and give them back to the biological parents that abandoned them; Nick also exposes what happens to foster kids who are bounced around from home to home.

It is the most open, honest and compassionate conversation on adoption I have ever been a part of, and one you will never hear on MSNBC. Simply, they’d be too scared to show a kind, decent, conservative, Hollywood actor who sees children as children and not as black or white.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/7/14 – Unemployment Ignorance and Producer Paige Gets Personal

Once again the Obama Administration show its fundamental misunderstanding of unemployment benefits. As Tony reports, President Obama – mirroring the words of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2010 – says that extending unemployment benefits will create jobs. With all the time Progressive spend in college, you’d think they would take an economics class at least once?

Tony also does a great expose of Sean “The Hypocrite” Penn. Why is it that the BFF of now dead dictator and historical thug Hugo Chavez needs an armed three-sheriff escort from a restaurant door to a car? And why guns for him, but everyone else should be “committed” for their views on the 2nd Amendment?

Finally, Producer Paige tells a story about a friend she left behind. As Tony digs in, we realize that this friend was more than Paige ever realized. Safe for work? We think so?

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/3/14 – Grocery Stores Save The NFL

Yesterday, Tony made note of the serious ticket sales problem plaguing three NFL teams. Today, Meijer food stores in Indianapolis and Kroger food stores in Cincinnati stepped up and purchased the remaining tickets to ensure the games would be televised in those markets.

Exactly what is happening in the NFL that playoff teams aren’t able to sell their tickets? And if that question is too easy, why is American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken running for Congress in North Carolina?

Also, it’s getting cold out there. And for some areas, it’s going to be very dangerous in the days ahead. Stay warm and Stay safe!

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/2/14 – Chrysler Goes Italian and Who Plows These Roads?

The snow has begun to fall in most of the eastern United States, and Tony‘s home station of WIBC in Indianapolis has been snowed on all day. So, why is it that the roads are still unplowed? And, is it even reasonable to think that they can be totally clean less than 24 hours after more than five inches fall on the city?

As Tony discusses, our level of government dependency has reached a dangerous level. Chrysler is now owned by Fiat. Not just part of it, all of it. So, after giant bailouts in which the American people lost billions, they now don’t even have a car company to show for it.

Also, the New York Times has failed to clear Benghazi out of Hillary Clinton’s checkered and dodgy history, as even USA Today has taken exception to their “reporting” on the consulate attacks.

The Colts are having trouble selling playoff tickets, and so are the Bengals and the Packers. Luckily, we found a local place that will help us eat our troubles away. Meet Indy-All-Night.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/1/14 – New York Is Dead and Progressives Are Squares

Tony launches quickly and furiously into a post-mortem for New York, and the greatness that it once was. But now, after 12 years of Nanny Bloomberg and now the future failure Bill DeBlasio (who wants to do away with horse drawn carriages!,) it’s clear that the future of New York is all down hill. Such a shame.

But while that’s taking place, why not find a way to New Year’s Eve differently? After all, it seems the networks are only interested in going low class on New Year’s. If the networks can’t provide coverage, and Times Square is only going to fall apart under DeBlasio leadership, why not rethink the night…and the place.

Then, Tony gets called a “transphobe” over his conversation about a California law that lets six year olds determine the bathroom of their choosing based on what gender they “identify” with. Well, they don’t say it to Tony, they say it to Producer Paige…and curse at her. Tony has some words.

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A Special Tony Katz Commentary – On Why Duck Dynasty Matters

Filling in for the afternoon drive on 93.1FM WIBC.com, Tony took a few minutes to fully explain why the Duck Dynasty controversy matters. As Tony dissects in this 2 part, seven minute commentary, it’s not about agreeing with Phil Robertson, it’s about recognizing those who hate those who disagree with them.

Leave it to MSNBC to lead the way in the hate.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/30/13 – MSNBC, Adoption and Hate and Guest Pat Miletich

Tony begins with a dismantling of the vicious hate of MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry, who took the time on her program to mock the Romney family for adopting a black girl. Instead of holding up this act as an example of what people and families can and should do, Harris-Perry and her cohorts mocked the adoption, and compared a family photo of all the grandkids to a GOP event. When do they shed their ideology for simple compassion and reason?

Then, Tony talks with MMA legend and former UFC champion Pat Miletich. The interview starts with the gruesome leg injury to Anderson Silva (you can find that interview here,) but then continues with Pat’s thoughts on the entitlement state, social justice and food stamps. Staying through the break to Hour 2, Pat talks about what taking government handouts – long term – does to the person who takes them.

After that, Tony goes all “Hot Show!” on the audience. It’s funny, until he gets to the latest bit of white wash from the New York Times, and how they purposefully wrote an article to change the history of Benghazi and the events that led to it. As Tony points out, this is to clear the way for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run.

Sports Mike joins Tony to talk football. The playoffs are here and coaches have been fired…lots of them. Plus, Sports Mike called it; Tim Tebow is going to ESPN!

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