Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 11/27/13 – To Hell With The NLRB, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah

On this eve of Thanksgiving and the first night of Hanukkah, Tony wastes no time exposing the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for being accomplices with thugs in attacking businesses for not being unionized.

Then, Tony opens up the help line. Since President Obama sent out talking points for how people should bring up Obamacare and sell it on Thanksgiving Day, Tony felt it only right to offer his tips for how to deal with someone who brings it up. He also helps with that drunk uncle and the brother who owes you money.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 11/26/13 – The Knockout Game Reality

The other day, Tony talked about the knockout game. He discussed the racial implications of the videos that others shied away from. And he reminded the audience of Bernie Goetz, and what happens when people feel they are threatened.

Leave it to the media types to questions whether the knockout game is even happening, calling it a myth. Tony exposes the twisted ideology behind the media’s attempt to pretend that this whole “knockout game” isn’t even happening.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Show Podcast – 11/25/13 – The Iran Deal, Guests Cam Edwards and Kurt Schlichter

Tony talks about the bad deal that the US negotiated with Iran. As Tony talks about, the only thing worse than no deal is a bad deal. With President Obama and Sec. Kerry leading foreign policy, is it any wonder that we signed a deal that gives us nothing and Iran everything?

NRA News and Sportsman Channel host Cam Edwards joins Tony to talk about gun rights, and whether they are “inalienable,” as stated in the Declaration of Independence, or can they be thought of as “human rights”as many in the media like to declare healthcare and the minimum wage are?

Finally, Townhall columnist Army veteran Kurt Schlichter joins Tony in studio to talk about Iran, the understanding of politics in today’s America and to bash sports fans.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Show Podcast – 11/20/13 – Sandy Hook Video Games, Rule 17 and the School Rating System

Every Wednesday, Tony opens up the phone lines to any and all callers – and they respond! We cover everything from the rising cost of healthcare for the sickest Americans to how to grade schools in America.

Tony also talks about the twisted nature of a video game that re-enacts Adam Lanza and his shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School before taking his own life. The game goes out of its way to get players to shame the NRA, when it’s the game developer who deserves the shaming.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Show – 11/18/13 – Storm Updates, The TSA and Guest MMA Legend Pat Miletich

Tony takes time to talk about the storms that ravaged the midwest, including Indiana. Indianapolis was spared major damage, but towns like Kokomo and Lebanon lost homes and businesses.

Then, Tony discusses the myth that is the TSA keeping Americans safe, along with Oprah Winfrey playing the Racer card. Yes, Oprah is a Racer, and Tony proves it.

Finally, MMA legend Pat Miletich talks about the St. Pierre/Hendricks fight, and the future of the MMA. We also talk some politics, Miletich style!

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Show – Podcast – 11/14/13:Obamacare’s Broken Promises and Broken Fixes, Alec Baldwin’s Gay Hate And Weed

In the aftermath of President Obama’s press conference, how could Tony not discuss the Obamacare fix that Obama proposed. Have questions? So does Tony. Questions like, how does the fix get implemented? Who will be in charge of implementing it? Does the President have the authority to make this change? What planet is this administration living on?

And Alec Baldwin makes news again, by being the same guy he always is. And Tony has an on-air epiphany on why it is every time Baldwin yells at a photographer, he also screams out an anti-gay slur.

Finally, there was a lot of talk about weed. Also known as pot, marijuana or Mary Jane. But Tony got a much bigger lesson from newly minted contributor Don the Weed Guy, and the chatroom, who showed him a whole world of weed choices and weed prices.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Show – Podcast – 11/13/13:The Obamacare Numbers, Bullies and Hillary Clinton

On today’s show, Tony highlights the numbers of people that signed up for Obamacare. Just 106,000 people, with only 27,000 signing up via the state exchanges. These are bad numbers no matter how you look at it. These are bad numbers no matter how you spin it. And the White House is spinning them, and spinning hard.

Then, Tony talks about the Incognito/Martin bullying case, and gets some perspective from WIBC and 1070 The Fan sports producer Mike Thomsen.

The show also had some great callers, including “Larry,” who thinks that those who died in Benghazi were part of some weird sex scandal that conservative radio hosts don’t want discussed. Seriously, you can make this stuff up.

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Tony Katz Tonight – November 12th, 2013 – Podcast:Lying Presidents and #Hosurance

Tony talks about the litany of lying Presidents America has offered up over the past 20 years, and ranks who was the worst liar of them all. Then, why white privilege is a myth and how the Progressives see women. Plus, we set up Ashley on a date….or at least we try.

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Tony Katz Tonight – Monday, November 11th – Podcast

The first episode is in the can, and we are on our way! Listen, enjoy and share. The podcasts will be available via iTunes in the very near future.