Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/30/13 – MSNBC, Adoption and Hate and Guest Pat Miletich

Tony begins with a dismantling of the vicious hate of MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry, who took the time on her program to mock the Romney family for adopting a black girl. Instead of holding up this act as an example of what people and families can and should do, Harris-Perry and her cohorts mocked the adoption, and compared a family photo of all the grandkids to a GOP event. When do they shed their ideology for simple compassion and reason?

Then, Tony talks with MMA legend and former UFC champion Pat Miletich. The interview starts with the gruesome leg injury to Anderson Silva (you can find that interview here,) but then continues with Pat’s thoughts on the entitlement state, social justice and food stamps. Staying through the break to Hour 2, Pat talks about what taking government handouts – long term – does to the person who takes them.

After that, Tony goes all “Hot Show!” on the audience. It’s funny, until he gets to the latest bit of white wash from the New York Times, and how they purposefully wrote an article to change the history of Benghazi and the events that led to it. As Tony points out, this is to clear the way for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run.

Sports Mike joins Tony to talk football. The playoffs are here and coaches have been fired…lots of them. Plus, Sports Mike called it; Tim Tebow is going to ESPN!

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MMA Legend Pat Miletich Talks About The Future Of Anderson Silva

Speaking with radio host Tony Katz, MMA legend and former UFC champion Pat Miletich talked about the gruesome leg injury to former Middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 168. Miletich speaks about the injury, and then digs in to the psyche of the MMA fighter. Can Silva ever fight again? Would he want to? Miletich answers these questions, and talks a bit about his own final fight.

This interview took place on December 30th, 2013 on Tony Katz Tonight, 93.1FM WIBC, Indianapolis.

Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/27/13 – Duck Dynasty Is Victorious

All the other news goes out the window, as Tony learns that A&E has walked back its suspension of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. What does this say about culture in America? What does it say about the freedom to speak?

Tony breaks down not only the cultural message, but the press release from A&E, and how it is a slap in the face to GLAAD and all the other groups who want those who disagree with them to be silenced.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/23/13 – Cracker Barrel and The Lindsay Lohan Mafia

Tony takes two major apologies and breaks them down. Why does Target think they can simply buy off their customers? And what’s so great about 10% off? Then, for what reason did Cracker Barrel get involved in the Duck Dynasty issue? Don’t they know that a Cracker Barrel diner is a Duck Dynasty viewer?

Speaking of Duck Dynasty, Tony explains why it is that the Robertson family doesn’t need A&E, and doesn’t need a network at all. This is the 21st century! TV Networks are so 1999. Also, there’s a fight brewing between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Really, getting others to fight their battles for them – physically! Is this the new Hollywood mafia?

Plus sexual harassment in New York politics and a Washington State Senator who doesn’t quite know how to react to a loss from the Seattle Seahawks.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/19/13 – Christians, Duck Dynasty and Free To Speak

Tony talked about Duck Dynasty yesterday, and now it’s the biggest story in America. Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, is under attack from GLAAD and other organizations for his comments on homosexuality and sin from which he was quoting from Corinthians.

A&E, the network that airs the show, has suspended him. Now, the family is unsure if they will go forward with the program.

Is this a story of free speech, or a story of whether people are free to speak in America? Is Robertson a bigot, or is he espousing a view point that has been – in part – taken out of context? And have Christians in America finally gotten tired of being told they can’t speak about their faith without being mocked?

Plus, we have the great Evutec giveaway!

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/18/13 – Duck Dynasty and Miley Cyrus

Tony is live in Indianapolis and surprised to learn that Indiana still has blue laws – those laws that prevent the purchase of certain types of alcohol on Sundays. You need a drink when you see how the latest budget was passed, and what it means for those who don’t work in the federal government.

And nothing smacks of shameless promotion like Miley Cyrus saying she gets embarrassed when she takes a photo. The same girl who has sex on stage with a foam finger and makes music videos naked on a fake wrecking ball feels “awkward” when having her picture taken. Sure. Makes sense.

And what to make of the Duck Dynasty flap? Will there be major fallout, or will there be major backlash? And, when you are offered $140 million to play baseball, you say “Yes!”

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/16/13 – Lady Gaga and Climate Change Hysteria

Tony discusses the latest defect in Obamacare. This time, people are getting money taken out of their accounts before their due dates. That mean no money for Christmas, and families wondering exactly how they’ll get through the month.

James Taylor of the Heartland Institute talks about the latest global warming climate change scam news, and exposes how the mainstream media manipulates their reporting to make climate change look real and dangerous.

After dissecting how Sen. Pat Murray (D-WA) chickened out of an interview on FOX, Tony talks with Sports Mike about the Cowboys implosion all the latest in the NFL. Plus, how Lady Gaga tells an important story – and one that the President could learn from.

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Heartland’s James Taylor Talks Climate Hysteria With Tony Katz

Radio host Tony Katz talked about the hysteria of Climate Change with the Heartland Institute’s James Taylor. Taylor is a Senior Fellow at Heartland, along with being the  Managing Editor of Environment and Climate News.

The two spoke about the complete incompetence of the EPA, allowing fraud John Beale to not only run major parts of the department but to never question his alleged CIA involvement. Then, the two talked about what is really happening to the ice caps, and why it is that the MSM selectively reports climate news.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/12/13 Obamacare Propaganda and Golden Globe Snubs

Tony wastes no time in discussing the latest Obamacare hysteria. When the White House brings in celebrities to sell their healthcare disaster to the American people, isn’t that desperate? It’s more than that. It’s flat out propaganda! Tony takes particular aim at TV star and entertainer George Lopez. It’s worth the listen…but, if you’re at work, you might want to use headphones.

Great callers keep the conversation  going, but it doesn’t stop Tony from sharing the story of blogger Jim Hoft and how, after a horrific illness, he became a victim of Obamacare. Plus, how does a 16 year old boy not go to jail for drinking, driving and killing four people?

Then, the Golden Globe nominations are out, and Oprah – and The Butler – get zero nominations. Is this a message? And foods you wish you were eating right now!

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio Podcast – 12/11/13 Budget Breakdown and 6 Year Old Sex Offenders

Tony takes a look at the Ryan/Murray budget. But instead of breaking it down over simple party lines, he discusses how it affects everyday Americans and whether or not its good strategy for the Democrats or the Republicans. Heritage Foundation budget expert Romina Boccia joins Tony to dig even deeper.

Then, ever been offered $10.5 million dollars? Tony has, and he discusses how the whole thing went down. And how does a fake sign language interpreter make his way on to a stage with world leaders, and how does he get within 10 feet of the President of the United States? What kind of security is this?

And a six year old elementary school student is labeled a sex offender for kissing a girl on the hand. Just another example of political correct hysteria, and one more reason to homeschool.

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