Rep. Todd Rokita Talks about the SOTU, Winning Elections and Impeachment

Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) speaks with Tony Katz just minutes after the State of the Union address by President Obama. Rep. Rokita discusses the President’s view on jobs and the economy, and also questions the position of doubling down on the importance of Obamacare.

The conversation gets very pointed when Tony asks Rep. Rokita what he will do about President Obama’s claim that he will “go it alone,” bypass Congress and utilize Executive Orders. Rep. Rokita is clear that the answer is to win more elections. He also invokes the “I” word, and why he’s not in favor of it.

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Tony Katz Tonight – 1/28/14 – Live Coverage of the State of the Union

Tony takes the State of the Union and breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly. From the economic message (the President called for jobs AND for an increase in unemployment benefits) to income “inequality” to a full-throated doubling down on Obamacare, Tony talks the audience through all of it.

Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) talks about the experience from the speech, and how Congress will react to the President’s new agenda, including “going it alone” and using Executive Orders to bypass Congress. Tony presses, and, to his surprise, Rep. Rokita mentions the “I” word. It’s a must listen interview you won’t want to miss.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/27/14 – SOTU preview, the Grammy Recap and a Need For History

Tony starts with a preview of the State of the Union (SOTU.) As President Obama prepares to speak to the nation, many of us already know what is going to be said. If history is any indicator, it’s most probable that we’ve heard it all before. There will be, as Tony explains, the great lie of the “living wage.” Yes, class warfare will once again be front and center in the SOTU.

Tony also speaks with Erik Telford about School Choice Week, and the site AmplifyChoice.com.

Then, why is new Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson proclaiming that people in the country illegally have “earned” their citizenship?  And who, exactly, is still living in the shadows? Aren’t we passed this rhetoric, or is it still necessary to keep the important conversations from happening.

Tony has a full Grammy’s recap (Macklemore failed in a big, big way) and, out of the blue, is shown a page from a 5th grader’s history book. That sends Tony into a history lesson that you should share with your kids.

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School Choice Week Begins; AmplifyChoice.com Gets The Word Out

Radio host Tony Katz speaks with Erik Telford, VP of The Franklin Center about School Choice Week and their new site, AmplifyChoice.com.

School choice has been endorsed and championed by Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals alike. Simply stated, school choice is good policy – for kids, for their parents and for teachers. Yet many oppose school choice on solely ideological grounds, siding with talking points over the students.

Tony talks to Erik about the value of school choice, who it helps and the mindset of those who want to do away with it. Plus, why is the Department of Justice trying to keep Louisiana students from finding a better education?

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/24/14 – The Myth Of The Fight and an Olympic Uniform Add-on

New York has doubled down, and California and Illinois aren’t far behind – progressive politicos don’t want those that disagree with them in their states. In NY, both Governor Cuomo and newly-elected Mayor DeBlasio both think that the city and the state have no room for those who favor the 2nd Amendment or are pro-life. Some say you have to stay and fight these people, otherwise you’re not a patriot.

Tony disagrees with this myth of the fight, and puts the conversation in perspective. The beauty of 50 states is that you can vote with your feet. And, as Tony shows, let those states with the most hate lose their citizens and feel the pain of their actions. Only then will the citizens learn, and do it better. As Tony states in the podcast, “Wow. Atlas Shrugged is a really good book.”

Then, the US Olympic team is getting warnings about wearing their uniform (or anything with USA on it) out in public, for fear of violence. Tony has an idea for a fashion accessory that the Olympic athletes can add to their uniform that will solve this problem.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/23/14 – The IRS Attacks Conservatives Again and Bieber’s Bad Break

The IRS is now attacking conservatives in Hollywood, going after Friends of Abe. Tony, in rare form, breaks down the sickness of these attacks from the federal government and those in charge. He also asks the key question – is this what you want from your government? Is this the kind of life you want to lead?

Wendy Davis supporters then prove why Wendy Davis isn’t worth supporting. The same people who worked on the Obama 2012 campaign are now involved in Battleground Texas – the left-leaning effort to turn Texas blue. But what they say in secret about Wendy Davis is far from flattering, and what they say about GOP front-runner for governor Greg Abbott are sick, twisted and beneath contempt.

Finally, Justin Beiber got arrested for DUI. What? No shocked face?

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Tim Donnelly and Maria Conchita Alonso Talk About California, Censorship and Values

Many have been talking about the story of Maria Conchita Alonso, the actress who was let go from a stage presentation of “The Vagina Monologues” because of her support of California Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly.

They join Tony Katz to talk about what happened, about the future of California and what it takes to stand up for one’s values.

It’s an upbeat and insightful interview.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/21/14 – The Real Effects Of Obamacare and Wendy Davis Misspeaks Again

Obamacare has real world ramifications, and Tony wastes no time showing how one family after another is being hurt by this bad law. This time in Michigan, where a family – all of whom have serious health needs – will now be spending $8000 more because they’re old insurance was deemed “unacceptable.”

Then, Tony unveils the most ridiculous headline ever written. And what did Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis say now to make her look even worse than she did yesterday, when it was learned that she filed for divorce on the day after her husband made the final payment of her college loans.

Oh, and Justin Bieber is 19, and that’s no excuse.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/20/14 – The Wendy Davis Lies Hour and Guests Maria Conchita Alonso and Tim Donnelly

Between the lies of Wendy Davis and the censorship of Hollywood and New York, its a full day on Tony Katz Tonight. Tony starts with the story of Maria Conchita Alonso being let go from a stage production for starring in a political ad with California gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly. Both appear on the program. Tim explains the simple fixes to make California better. Maria clarifies the record; She wasn’t fired, but left because the theater was threatened and the people in the production were threatened because of her involvement.

That’s much better.

Also, the great film Frack Nation is tossed out of the Frozen River Film Festival, while lying filmmaker Josh Fox is able to screen his anti-fracking screed Gasland 2. Want more censorship? How about the Governor of New York Andy Cuomo saying there is no room in NY for “pro-lifers” or “gun owners?” The tolerant Left, indeed.

Then, it’s Wendy Davis hour. She’s become the darling of the political Left for her pro-abortion views and darling pink sneakers. But when the details of her own story fall apart, we see what kind of woman the Left is supporting. Tony takes the hour to talk about it, because MSNBC thinks its wrong to talk about it.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 1/17/14 – The NSA Is Everywhere, But Are We Any Safer?

Tony finishes up his time at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and addresses the latest on the NSA collecting even more information on Americans – texts, phone calls, emails and who knows what else.

Callers weigh in on the issue, but the question remains – We all wants security, but at what cost? And is it realistic to say there is a choice to be made between security and liberty?

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