216 – Bernie Sanders And The Living Wage Myth, Gosnell Movie Director Nick Searcy and Everyone Drink A Samuel Adams!

Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders praises Socialism on Stephen Colbert’s show, with Colbert’s complete blessing.  Tony Katz explains why you’re better off with markets instead of more government. Oh, and the “living wage” is a total myth.

Actor and director Nick Searcy talks about Gosnell Movie, the story of abortionist and serial killer Dr. Kermit Gosnell. The movie was crowd-funded in 2014, and just now has distribution. Searcy talks about the story of Gosnell, his vision for the film and whether there has been any pushback.

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214 – Will Democrats Demand Answers From Rep. Keith Ellison And The Press Is Guilty Of Collusion

Tony Katz questions why the allegations against Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison are not front page news? Yes, an investigation is needed. And no, Rep. Ellison shouldn’t lose his job over allegations. But if he was a Republican, this would be the top story on every news network in America.

More than 100 newspapers are colluding to write editorials on the same day that slam President Trump for calling the media, “the enemy of the people.” Tony has a plan to enjoy that day….want to help?

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213 – Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Fox News Hate Causes CNN Blindness, Omarosa Is Just As Awful As You Thought She Was

A recent Gallup poll shows Democrats seeing Socialism more favorably than Capitalism. Tony Katz explains how this has happened, and how dangerous it is.

New York Democratic (Socialist) Mayor Bill DeBlasio goes on CNN to tell Brian Stelter that FOX News and the New York Post are destroying America with their “lies,” while CNN is straight down the middle, unbiased news.

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2012 – Trump Is Tough On Russia and Cynthia Nixon’s Socialist Rent Control Dream Doesn’t Work…Obviously

President Trump has placed another round of sanctions on Russia for the assassination attempt of a former spy in the UK. As Tony Katz describes, this puts a serious crimp into the “Trump Is Weak On Russia” talking points that the Left continues to push.

Socialist and NY candidate for Governor Cynthia Nixon says the rent is “too damn high,” and favors Universal Rent Control. Tony explains how Socialist ideas like this do nothing for the people.

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210 – Rafia Zakaria Has It Wrong On Hate Speech and The Secret Nunes Tapes Are Not A Secret

Tony Katz gets a reply on Twitter from CNN contributor Rafia Zakaria and her thesis that Alex Jones is guilty of “hate speech,” and that his speech is actually “domestic terrorism.” Tony explains how hate speech doesn’t exist, and how Zakaria’s theory does not hold true.

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Progressives Want Alex Jones Banned From Twitter To Save Democracy, Or Something

In the newest twist in the Alex-Jones-Is-Banned saga, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stated that Jones is not banned from their platform because he has “not violated” their terms of service.

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210 – The Russians Did Not Influence The Ohio Special Election and Rosie Puts Russia And Media In The Same Camp

Tony Katz breaks down the special election in the Ohio 12th district, where the GOP holds the seat by a very slim margin. Democrats are infuriated with the Green Party for getting in the way. They are also blaming the Russians. Seriously.

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CNN’s Don Lemon Says President Trump Traffics In Racism. Tony Katz Ends That Myth Quickly

After the back and forth between President Donald Trump and NBA superstar LeBron James, CNN host Don Lemon got into the act. It was Lemon to whom President Trump referred to as the “dumbest man on tv,” and that James “looked smart” compared to Lemon. [Tony Katz](http://facebook.com/tonykatzradio) addressed this [in his podcast here](https://tonykatztoday.fireside.fm/lebron-james-president-trump-right-wrong).

Lemon then took over nine minutes of his TV broadcast to lay a serious of claims at Trump’s feet, the most egregious being that President Trump is a racist.

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208 – Sanctions For Iran, Chicago Should Take This One Risk And $25 For Your Baby

President Donald Trump has new sanctions for Iran, including the warning to the world that if you work with Iran you can’t work with the United States. Tony Katz discusses the importance of remembering what kind of nation Iran is, and the big difference between its leadership and its people.

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207 – Randy Moss Tie, Peter Fonda Supports Voter Fraud And Angela Merkel Is What?

Most NFL protests have involved players taking a knee during the National Anthem. Tony Katz discusses the protest former player and new Hall of Fame member Randy Moss took during the induction ceremony. Tony says his protest was just fine, and has been done many times in history. There’s just one problem with it….he didn’t have the facts.

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