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Kevin Durant Is Right On Mandates, Wrong on China — Tony Katz on NewsNation

Tony Katz on NewsNation discussing gas prices and how the attempt by the White House to blame it all on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has failed miserably.

Why is NBA player Kyrie Irving allowed to attend a Nets game, despite being barred from playing over his vaccination status? Now Kevin Durant is calling on New York City Mayor Eric Adams to figure out the confusing, inconsistent vaccine mandate. Can Durant find his voice on the NBA’s relationship with China?

Plus- Tom Brady is back, what does this mean for quarterback options for the Indianapolis Colts?

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I’m thrilled that my new book, Let’s Go Bourbon! is now available for sale at Amazon.

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We’ve been working writing a book for a while, but we knew that going deep into the history of bourbon wasn’t what we were looking for. We wanted something interesting, engaging, enjoyable, useful and not too expensive.

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Boone County Wheated Bourbon and Davidoff Colorado Claro Special “T” Cigar Review

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