KATZ: The Only Option Is To Confirm Kavanaugh

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I stand by the belief that Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the Supreme Court. While Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has made an allegation that when both she and Kavanaugh were teenagers, Kavanugh allegedly held her down and, while drunk, tried to remove her clothes while holding his hand over her mouth, there is not enough evidence on any level to support the charge.

There are the holes in the story, and there are denials from Kavanaugh, and from others named by Ford who say they were never there, and never saw Kavanaugh act like that. Women who went to school with Ford believe Ford, with a former classmate, Cristina King Miranda, saying that what happened to Ford was discussed in school “for days” after the alleged incident happened. This goes against Ford’s own words, when she said that she told no one of the alleged incident until speaking with a couples therapist in 2012. A complete contradiction, if this woman’s claim is to be believed.

Less than 24 hours later, she told NPR about the alleged incident, “That it happened or not, I have no idea.”

Believe or don’t believe the allegation against Kavanaugh, but one has to ask about the confirmation process. Rational people should ask why the Progressives are so enamored with the idea of delaying the confirmation, or more to their desires, not confirming Kavanaugh at all? We must admit that resistance form Sens. Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono, Amy Klobuchar, Richard Blumenthal, Cory Booker, Dick Durbin and Dianne Feinstein is nothing new; they were opposed to Kavanaugh from the onset. Opposed from the very moment the hearings began, and Harris started interrupting Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley.

And there is the political nature of how this information dropped: Sen. Feinstein holding onto a letter that she decided wasn’t worth discussing with the nominee in private, and all of a sudden becomes a story the day before Kavanaugh is supposed to be voted out of committee? America sees it as political. And America is pretty disgusted by the maneuver.

But let’s go back to confirmation: Is there real harm in confirming Brett Kavanaugh? If Kavanaugh were confirmed to SCOTUS, and you were able to do whatever “investigation” you think can be done on a 37 year-old incident, and it was found that, yes, Brett Kavnaugh – as a teenager – did something untoward (or did exactly what Ford is describing!) there would still be a whole conversation about them being children.

Lee Boyd Malvo murdered and assisted in the murder of 10 people in Washington DC. But he was a teenager when it happened, and Virginia now has to change his sentence to reflect the fact that he was 17 at the time the murders occurred.

In this case, we’re not just talking about the law. We’re talking about the court of public opinion, which may look upon things that teenagers do differently than adults. We have an age of consent for a reason, and there is a difference between childhood and adulthood, no matter how much people on the political Left want to blur that line.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, and the “investigation” of whatever kind shows that he engaged in this sexual impropriety, there are methods to remove him from the Supreme Court. Impeachment is that process. How would Republicans really be able to push back on the idea (depending on the findings of said “investigation”) of impeachment? If you’re the political Left, you’d have a much easier time pressuring Republicans on the idea of impeachment of a Justice Kavanaugh. The Left would have the moral high ground, if you will.

But what if they don’t confirm Kavanaugh, based on this one, unproven allegation, and he’s innocent? Then, they will have destroyed the life of an innocent man.

Why is there no consideration given to this? Democrats will have destroyed his life, and dragged his reputation through the mud. Congress will have labeled him a rapist, when he isn’t. And, in my view, Sen. Hirono called him a rapist. And not just him, by the way; she labeled all men guilty of the same when she said all men are “perpetuating” these kinds of actions, and that men should “…just shut up…and do the right thing for a change.”

That’s a terrible statement, and a terrible thing to say to the young boys and young men of Hawaii, and the whole of the United States.

So these are the options: Confirm him because he is qualified to be a Supreme Court justice (and he has been through six different FBI investigations over the years.) And, if something comes up from the Ford “investigation” that is provable they could move forward on impeachment. Or, they can scuttle his nomination now, destroying his name and his reputation over one allegation that exists only on the thinnest of ice.

And what happens when we learn he did nothing wrong? Some small retraction on page 27 of the New York Times below the fold? Where will the apology be from Booker, Klobuchar, Harris, Hirono, Blumenthal, Feinstein, Durbin?

It won’t be forthcoming; they won’t care. Because, as we know now, they don’t care about Brett Kavanaugh and they don’t care if they destroy him. Like Democrats did not care if they destroyed Justice Neil Gorsuch or Justice Samuel Alito (read more from Andrew McCarthy on this reality.)

Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed. The allegation against him proffers too many questions right now. No, it should not wait until an “investigation” is done (an investigation that the FBI says they will not do,) because the purpose of that tactic is to delay, delay, delay. Or, better said, #resist, #resist, #resist, and deny President Trump his nominee. Denying President Trump is the name of the game for the Progressive Left.

He should be confirmed because that’s where the options are. If they ruin the man’s life, there are no other options; his professional life and life’s work will  be destroyed. And he won’t even get an apology from the Democrats of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Confirm Brett Kavanaugh. It’s the only option that gives you options.    

Email From Fathers To Our Boys: Don’t Date Women Like Mazie Hirono

To: Our Boys
From: Fathers All Across America
Date: September 18th, 2018

Boys, Listen, we know we’ve had the talk. And we’re not trying to have that conversation all over again (but feel free to come to us with questions.) But there is something we forgot to mention as you get older and you date. You’ll date girls, and some of you will date other boys, and we can handle that. You might not think we can handle either, but we can. We’re tougher than you think.

But the one thing we can not stress enough: You do not date women like Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono. Oh sure, there is nothing wrong with dating strong, successful women. We like strong, successful women. But that’s not Sen. Hirono. Seriously, don’t let the title fool you. Hillary Clinton had lots of titles (FLOTUS, Senator, Secretary of State,) but none of those changed what she is: a liar, a criminal and an enabler of a sexual abuser who was supported by other supposedly strong women like Sen. Mazie Hirono.

You do not date women like Sen. Mazie Hirono. Here’s why: She’s all over this allegation against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And it’s a serious allegation from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford; that Kavanaugh, at 17, held her down when she was 15 and tried to take off her clothes at a party. It’s an ugly accusation, and you never treat a woman that way. But there are real questions, including why she doesn’t remember whose house she was at, or a near-specific date it happened. There’s even a debate about who was at the “party.” That’s not a complete story.

(And so we’re clear, Men don’t force themselves on women.  You ever try to force yourself on a girl and we’ll beat the shit out of you. And your mom will do far worse.)

So, we think paying attention to these allegations makes sense enough. But then, Sen. Hirono starts explaining that Dr. Ford shouldn’t have to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee – even though it’s the committee that had that original letter that Dr. Ford herself wrote about the alleged attack! Then, Sen. Hirono says that the problem isn’t just Kavanaugh (we know, assuming his guilt is wrong, but it gets worse!) She says the problem is men, and then, get this, she says, “Guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country.” And then she says:

Boys, this is why you don’t date women like Sen. Hirono. First, she’s a liar. No, all men do not perpetuate all these kinds of actions. Any one – male or female – who tells you that, or tells you that masculinity is toxic, is someone you should stay away from. Anyone who tells you that all men are rapists? You run away from them. Same for any women who want to lump all men into some horrific category. These are liars, and dangerous liars at that. As we’ve always taught you, being a man is good and being a man is important.

Second, don’t you ever let anyone tell you to “just shut up.” Who the hell is she? She doesn’t know you, yet she’s lumping you in with her strawman sexual abusers? Women like that – who think they’re all about social justice by tearing you down, by demeaning you – aren’t worth your time, your love or your attention. You want to be in a relationship with people who will build you up, like you will for them, not viciously attack whole groups of humanity based on crazed ideology.

Women like that think they’re being brave. They’re not. Bravery is when a woman who has been abused comes forward. Bravery is those who wear the uniform of our nation. Bravery is not a Senator screaming that all men are guilty. That’s not bravery, that’s disgusting.

Oh, and never take life advice from someone who supports Hillary Clinton.

There’s a lot more, but it’s an email and we’d rather have the conversation face to face. Just know that you are not a bad person because you were born a man. Just like a woman is not bad for being born a woman. Sen. Hirono said something disgusting and dangerous. Boys, she lied. And if she believes it, then she’s a bad person. You are too valuable, and your time too important, to waste around bad people. And that’s why you Don’t Date Women Like Sen. Mazie Hirono.

We love you. Call your mother.  


– Fathers All Across America

On Kavanaugh, Delay Is The Democrats Desire

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The confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been delayed one week after allegations were made by Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford of sexual impropriety when she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17. This delay is exactly what hyper-partisan Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have wanted from the beginning. So why would America think they’ll stop now?

The allegation is a serious one; Ford contends that at a house party Kavanaugh and a friend (identified as Mark Judge,) were in a bedroom with Ford. Kavanaugh allegedly pinned Ford to the bed and tried to take off her clothes. When she went to yell, she alleges, Kavanaugh tried to cover her mouth with his hand while Judge turned up the music in the room. Judge then jumped on the two of them, which caused them all to fall off the bed. She then was able to leave.

It is a stunning allegation, which she made mention of to a couples therapist in 2012, though she did not use Kavanaugh’s name. She also admits to not remembering when it happened, just knowing it was the summer of 1982. She does not remember whose house it was, nor how she got there. She noted in the Washington Post that no other girls were there. However, her lawyer, Debra Katz (no relation,) said another girl was there

The problems with her story are also serious. Perhaps more serious is the gamesmanship of Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ranking Member Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA) knew about the allegations; she had been holding on to a letter from Ford for over three months. Why did she not ask about it from the beginning? In the era of #MeToo, this would seem a very important and topical conversation. Why did she not ask about it during the hearing, or in her private meeting with Kavanaugh?

But Feinstein has placed her egregious failings aside; she is now claiming that Republicans are not doing enough to find out what happened, including demanding an FBI investigation.

(Again, she had the letter FOR THREE MONTHS AND DID NOTHING WITH IT!!) She’s also asking that the hearing be postponed. Because, as the song goes, “That’s what it’s all about!”

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) have all called for a delay to the vote. Then again, they did from the beginning. Harris began the hearings by not even waiting for Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to finish welcoming Judge Kavanaugh, interrupting Grassley from his first words to ask for a delay in the hearings. When it was clear that Grassley was going to continue, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joined in to back up Harris. Sen. Richard Bluenthal (D-CT) asked that the hearings be adjourned.

Now, they all want delay. Even so-called moderates like Indiana Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly:


The allegations are serious, but that is not why Sen. Donnelly and his comrades want a delay. They wanted the delay not just from day one of the confirmation hearings, but day one of the Trump presidency. 

It is obvious to America that Democrats do not accept President Trump as legitimate, and they are focused (hell bent!) on using any and every tool to disparage and discredit him, and his administration. (Don’t take my word for it. Ask Maxine Waters!)

Democrats could have asked about this allegation from the start. Instead, they created a three-ring circus filled with clowns and protesters and Linda Sarsour to try and delay the proceedings. Then, when it was clear to all that Judge Kavanaugh was qualified to be a Supreme Court justice, the allegations from Dr. Ford were “leaked.” And, once leaked, they could be used as a weapon not against Brett Kavanaugh, but President Donald Trump.

Judge Kavanaugh denies any such attack, and he even denies being at the party. Both Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford have been asked to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to tell their stories. America should be interested in the truth, and in hearing from both of them. But regardless of their words, the response from the Democrats will be the same as it ever was: Delay. Delay. Delay.

Or, as the kids say, #resist #resist #resist

Bacon Will Not Kill You

The World Health Organization has listed bacon as a carcinogen, along with beef. Translated, WHO is stating that bacon is as bad as asbestos and arsenic. Read More

The Public Abuse of Ahmed Mohamed by Father and Media

Ahmed Mohamed is famous (infamous?) for making a clock, bringing it to school and being handcuffed for it. At least, that’s what many in the main stream media will say as they scream loudly about Islamophobia, and other pretend concepts.

Ahmed never made anything; there was no “invention.” He took apart a clock, and put it back together in a pencil case. It looked like a bomb. He then took it to multiple teachers, even when told not to, in hopes of getting the negative attention he was (clearly) seeking.

Ahmed Mohamed and The Butcher of Darfur

Ahmed Mohamed and The Butcher of Darfur

Bring on the press, and a fame-loving father. Soon after, it was appearances on tv stations across America, a paid trip to Mecca and a meeting with the President of Sudan – known to you and me as the Butcher of Darfur. Then came the meeting with President Obama, at Obama’s invitation.

And now, Ahmed and his family have decided to move to Qatar to further his studies.

But this story was never about Ahmed. It was always about the complicit press, and Ahmed’s fame-loving whore father.

14 year-old kids decide to meet with terrorist leaders? They decide to move to Qatar? Even the clock itself; From the beginning, the story seemed off. Odd. Forced. Then you learned that the father had a long history of promoting Islamophobia in the United States.

Ahmed is not the decider of his fate. Rather, he is a pawn in it. I don’t know what the future of Ahmed holds (he may turn out fine or may turn out awful,) but, clearly, his fame-whore father is guilty of child abuse. He has used his son as a human shield, as propaganda, as a prop.

And far too many in the complicit main stream media have cheered the abuse, every step along the way.

New York Post Contributor Michael Walsh Talks Trump With Tony Katz

Michael Walsh’s latest piece in the New York Post on Donald Trump, the use of plants by Jeb Bush and the possible “plot” against him, has gone viral.

Walsh, the author of The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West, joined me to talk about how frightened the GOP is of Trump and the possibility of him getting the nomination.

We also discussed whether Trump was smart in going after former President George W. Bush, basically blaming him for September 11th.

How Hillary Clinton Proved She Doesn’t Know Anything About Capitalism, And Is Very Proud Of It

Hillary doesn’t know what capitalism is. She doesn’t understand how it works. And, if you asked her how she would reign in the “excesses” of capitalism, any answer she would give would be untrue.

Why? Because there are no excesses of capitalism.

From my original post:

Capitalism is good. Capitalism saves lives, builds wealth and makes lives better. This is clear. History has proven it. The science is settled. There are no such things as excesses of capitalism. It’s not real.

If there is an excess of capitalism, it means somebody out there has to determine what’s the right amount to make and, then, what’s the excess. And Hillary Clinton thinks she’s the person with the moral compass to determine what’s enough, and what’s excess.


You Can Not Make This Face And Be President

I made this video a few months back, and it’s as true as ever. You can not make this face and be President of the United States, even if your name is Hillary Clinton.

The GOP Search for Perfection Would Leave Out Jesus

The GOP, and to an extent Conservatives, are looking for perfection in their candidates heading into the 2016 Presidential election. They want, it would seem, a flawless candidate.The problem is that flawless candidates don’t exist. If Jesus was the candidate, even he would have a hard time convincing Republicans that he was good enough.

The chase for a candidate who has everything will leave the GOP with nothing. Baby steps, if started now, can lead to a long and prosperous future for Republicans, and America.

From the show:

The answer is, yes, it (the vacation) has something to do with the backlash. With those who were disgusted by her debate performance. But I have heard now that Megyn Kelly has gotten death threats over her debate performance.

If a Trump supporter sends Megyn Kelly a death threat over her debate performance, that’s fanaticism. And the biggest problem the party is facing right now is fanatacism. Absolutism. Litmus tests over the acceptable amounts of Conservatism one has.

Take a look at Planned Parenthood. Look at those people who are pro-life. They are going to miss this very important moment of defunding Planned Parenthood. You’ve got to say to yourself, “…if you can’t get everything, you’ve got to at least get something!” The Absolutists are going to jump over defunding Planned Parenthood to get rid of abortion. What the party has to start doing – Conservatives and Republicans -is that they have to start recognizing what they can get. “What can we win today?,” they should ask. And then, win it.

The Progressive Left wants single-payer healthcare. But, they got Obamacare. Ok, now they’ll keep moving toward single-payer. Piece by piece. Bit by bit. It’s called Incrementalism. They don’t stop moving towards their goals, they are just willing to accept the small victories that happen along the way. And, for them, it’s working.

In one swing, Republicans and Conservatives are not going to outlaw abortion in the United States. But they can, at this step, defund Planned Parenthood because they sell baby body parts. And America, in the main, doesn’t accept the selling of baby body parts. It disgusts them. 

Isn’t that a good first step? Or are you such an Absolutist that you can’t understand how to move something down the line? The country isn’t prepared to outlaw abortion, but they could very well be prepared to defund Planned Parenthood. If that’s not a first step, isn’t it at least a good step? Why would you deny that opportunity? Because you have to do it all? You have to outlaw it? You can’t! Not in one swing.

This type of attitude is exactly what’s happening in the 2016 GOP field.  Absolutism. A candidate has one issue, and they’re out. So we’re clear, Jesus ain’t running in this election. And if he was, Republicans and Conservatives wouldn’t vote for him. Why? Too Jewish. They will find a flaw with everyone.

Those people who want to move a non-progressive into the Oval Office have to get off the perfection idea, and have to get on to the Incrementalism idea. You elect someone today, and you elect someone better tomorrow.

The Tilt of America, as I call it, started in 1913, with direct election of Senators, with the creation of the Fed and with the creation of the income tax. Progressivism has continued its Incrementalism from there. It is 102 years later; it’s going to take time to get back.

Republicans and Conservatives want to right the country in one swing. That won’t work, because that’s not the way it works. To win, you need a long term plan, you need to work the plan, you need to accept small victories while working towards larger victories and you need to get started.

The Never Ending Progressive Anger Mill Never Ends

All anyone wants it to do is stop. The lectures. The posturing. The race/class/gender warfare. And, mostly, the never ending Progressive Anger Mill. Especially when there’s nothing to be angry about.

Let the Progressives – who have destroyed the Democrat party – have a loss, and they’ll tell you how they need to continue the struggle. Let them have a victory, and they’ll tell you how they need to continue the struggle.

Give them Obamacare as re-written buy the Supreme Court. Give them Obergefell, a ruling made out of whole cloth (regardless of anyone’s acceptance of same sex marriage.) Heck, give them President Barack Obama (Twice!,) and a strong chance at a Hillary presidency, and they double down on the need to continue the struggle!

What are they talking about? Can’t they just stop being angry so the rest of us can go get lunch?