Chicago Reporter Rafer Weigel Explains The Jussie Smollett Case, and the Sorry State Of Journalism In America

Jussie Smollett, the actor and singer, will be facing charges for filing a false police report. The Empire star claimed he was attacked by two men in Chicago screaming about “MAGA country” who placed a noose around his neck. The story fell apart when the two men who were suspected of the attack explained how they were paid by Smollett to stage the attack.

But media across America did not wait for the facts: they declared Smollett was telling the truth and wasted no time attacking Trump supporters. Celebrities and presidential candidates like Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) joined in, going so far as to call it a “lynching.”

Chicago reporters had taken their time with the story, doing the hard work of journalism, and covered the events properly. Tony Katz speaks with Chicago FOX 32 reporter and anchor Rafer Weigel about the Smollett case, and the state of journalism in America.

Indianapolis Rabbi Ben Sendrow Says Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Apology For Anti-Semitic Tweets Is “Tepid”

After engaging multiple antisemitic tweets attacking Republican members of Congress for supporting Israel, Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar apologized “unequivocally.” However, she did not stop her derision of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Tony Katz spoke with prominent Indianapolis Rabbi Ben Sendrow about Rep. Omar’s tweets, whether antisemitism is on the rise and what he thought of Rep. Omar’s apology.

The two also discussed if there is something wrong with critizing Israel on policy. “Of course not.” said Rabbi Sendrow.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett Attacks The NRA Months Before The NRA Has It’s Annual Meeting In Indianapolis

Indianapolis Democrat Mayor Joe Hogsett used the NRA as a vehicle to attack GOP Mayoral candidate Jim Merritt. In addition to calling out Merritt’s voting record as a state senator, Hogsett went after his support of the National Rifle Association.

Hogsett claimed that Merritt takes his “marching orders” from the NRA, and that gun rights is out of step with Marion County voters. Hogsetts NRA attack is ill-timed, as the NRA is holding it’s annual meeting in Indianapolis in April. The event will bring an estimated $55 million to the city.

Tony Katz talks about the personal nature of the attack, and how out of touch Mayor Hogsett is with Indianapolis and America.

KATZ: For Blackface We Have Outrage. For Infanticide We Have Silence.

The blackface photo on Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook page is ugly. It’s a photo of person in blackface, standing next to a person in a KKK robe and hood.

As Tony Katz says, “I don’t defend that. It’s ugly. And that’s being kind.”

However, the outrage over the photo was met by nearly equal silence over his endorsing if not advocating infanticide as part of an abortion bill bring proposed in Virginia.

Tony wonders why one gets outrage and one gets barely a mention?

Tony Katz on Fox News: Will President Trump Declare a National Emergency, and What Is Gov. Ralph Northam Doing?

Tony Katz appeared on America’s News Headquarters to discuss the President’s options on the border. He spoke with Molly Line about the decisions President Trump has to make.

They also discussed the growing controversy around Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam and the racist photos on his medical school yearbook page. This interview took place before the Northam press conference.

Tony Katz Talks Border Wall And Trump Deal-Making With Dana Perino on Fox News

President Trump has said that Republicans shouldn’t waste their time trying to make a deal with Speaker Pelosi. Pelosi has said there will be no money for a border wall, but maybe something for other border measures.

Tony Katz speaks with Dana Perino, host of The Daily Briefing, on what deal might be made, and why a deal seems so unlikely.

Conservative, but not ‘pissed off,’ Indy radio host Tony Katz enters Lafayette market

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – When Tony Katz, at the time doing odd time slots from a home base in Los Angeles, lost a 2013 tryout at Indianapolis radio station WIBC to “The Chicks on the Right,” he said he struck a deal with the management that passed him up.

“I said, ‘Listen, I think we had a good relationship,’” Katz said last week. “‘You’ve got a 9 (p.m.) to midnight slot. Let me do that from Los Angeles, and I’ll do it free.’”

Eight months of that arrangement led to a morning shift on the news and talk station.

“Like I tell people,” Katz said, “now I live in America. … I’m thrilled to call Indianapolis home. I’m thrilled to be building the empire from right here.”

Read The Entire Story Here

Tony Katz Goes Syndicated With Addition Of WSHY (104.3 The Patriot)/Lafayette, IN

This article originally appeared in All Access, December 11th 2018:

EMMIS News-Talk WIBC/INDIANAPOLIS host TONY KATZ has entered syndication with the addition of STAR CITY BROADCASTING News-Talk WSHY-A-W282CJ (104.3 THE PATRIOT)/LAFAYETTE, IN, effective JANUARY 7th. 

“The WIBC morning show has been a massive success, and continues to grow.” said KATZ, who hosts mornings and middays at WIBC. “With TONY KATZ TODAY, I’m able to talk about the things that matter most to people across the MIDWEST and across AMERICA. I’m thrilled to be adding THE PATRIOT to the family.”

“TONY KATZ is everything you want in talent.” said THE PATRIOT GM BILLY HUGGINS. “Opinions, common sense with a touch of sarcasm and humor. Best of all he is in our state capital, so we know LAFAYETTE is going to love listening to TONY KATZ!”

EMMIS INDIANAPOLIS Dir./Programming DAVID WOOD added, “I brought TONY in four years ago to build our morning show. He did it in two. Over the past 18 months doing TONY as well, his numbers have only grown. He’s more than ready to be a part of the national landscape. He’s a perfect replacement for LAURA INGRAHAM, or for any daypart.”

KATZ’ TOMORROW MEDIA is distributing the three-hour “TONY KATZ TODAY” show, which is available nationwide via XDS satellite. Find out more at

KATZ: The Only Option Is To Confirm Kavanaugh

(Originally posted at

I stand by the belief that Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the Supreme Court. While Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has made an allegation that when both she and Kavanaugh were teenagers, Kavanugh allegedly held her down and, while drunk, tried to remove her clothes while holding his hand over her mouth, there is not enough evidence on any level to support the charge.

There are the holes in the story, and there are denials from Kavanaugh, and from others named by Ford who say they were never there, and never saw Kavanaugh act like that. Women who went to school with Ford believe Ford, with a former classmate, Cristina King Miranda, saying that what happened to Ford was discussed in school “for days” after the alleged incident happened. This goes against Ford’s own words, when she said that she told no one of the alleged incident until speaking with a couples therapist in 2012. A complete contradiction, if this woman’s claim is to be believed.

Less than 24 hours later, she told NPR about the alleged incident, “That it happened or not, I have no idea.”

Believe or don’t believe the allegation against Kavanaugh, but one has to ask about the confirmation process. Rational people should ask why the Progressives are so enamored with the idea of delaying the confirmation, or more to their desires, not confirming Kavanaugh at all? We must admit that resistance form Sens. Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono, Amy Klobuchar, Richard Blumenthal, Cory Booker, Dick Durbin and Dianne Feinstein is nothing new; they were opposed to Kavanaugh from the onset. Opposed from the very moment the hearings began, and Harris started interrupting Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley.

And there is the political nature of how this information dropped: Sen. Feinstein holding onto a letter that she decided wasn’t worth discussing with the nominee in private, and all of a sudden becomes a story the day before Kavanaugh is supposed to be voted out of committee? America sees it as political. And America is pretty disgusted by the maneuver.

But let’s go back to confirmation: Is there real harm in confirming Brett Kavanaugh? If Kavanaugh were confirmed to SCOTUS, and you were able to do whatever “investigation” you think can be done on a 37 year-old incident, and it was found that, yes, Brett Kavnaugh – as a teenager – did something untoward (or did exactly what Ford is describing!) there would still be a whole conversation about them being children.

Lee Boyd Malvo murdered and assisted in the murder of 10 people in Washington DC. But he was a teenager when it happened, and Virginia now has to change his sentence to reflect the fact that he was 17 at the time the murders occurred.

In this case, we’re not just talking about the law. We’re talking about the court of public opinion, which may look upon things that teenagers do differently than adults. We have an age of consent for a reason, and there is a difference between childhood and adulthood, no matter how much people on the political Left want to blur that line.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, and the “investigation” of whatever kind shows that he engaged in this sexual impropriety, there are methods to remove him from the Supreme Court. Impeachment is that process. How would Republicans really be able to push back on the idea (depending on the findings of said “investigation”) of impeachment? If you’re the political Left, you’d have a much easier time pressuring Republicans on the idea of impeachment of a Justice Kavanaugh. The Left would have the moral high ground, if you will.

But what if they don’t confirm Kavanaugh, based on this one, unproven allegation, and he’s innocent? Then, they will have destroyed the life of an innocent man.

Why is there no consideration given to this? Democrats will have destroyed his life, and dragged his reputation through the mud. Congress will have labeled him a rapist, when he isn’t. And, in my view, Sen. Hirono called him a rapist. And not just him, by the way; she labeled all men guilty of the same when she said all men are “perpetuating” these kinds of actions, and that men should “…just shut up…and do the right thing for a change.”

That’s a terrible statement, and a terrible thing to say to the young boys and young men of Hawaii, and the whole of the United States.

So these are the options: Confirm him because he is qualified to be a Supreme Court justice (and he has been through six different FBI investigations over the years.) And, if something comes up from the Ford “investigation” that is provable they could move forward on impeachment. Or, they can scuttle his nomination now, destroying his name and his reputation over one allegation that exists only on the thinnest of ice.

And what happens when we learn he did nothing wrong? Some small retraction on page 27 of the New York Times below the fold? Where will the apology be from Booker, Klobuchar, Harris, Hirono, Blumenthal, Feinstein, Durbin?

It won’t be forthcoming; they won’t care. Because, as we know now, they don’t care about Brett Kavanaugh and they don’t care if they destroy him. Like Democrats did not care if they destroyed Justice Neil Gorsuch or Justice Samuel Alito (read more from Andrew McCarthy on this reality.)

Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed. The allegation against him proffers too many questions right now. No, it should not wait until an “investigation” is done (an investigation that the FBI says they will not do,) because the purpose of that tactic is to delay, delay, delay. Or, better said, #resist, #resist, #resist, and deny President Trump his nominee. Denying President Trump is the name of the game for the Progressive Left.

He should be confirmed because that’s where the options are. If they ruin the man’s life, there are no other options; his professional life and life’s work will  be destroyed. And he won’t even get an apology from the Democrats of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Confirm Brett Kavanaugh. It’s the only option that gives you options.    

Email From Fathers To Our Boys: Don’t Date Women Like Mazie Hirono

To: Our Boys
From: Fathers All Across America
Date: September 18th, 2018

Boys, Listen, we know we’ve had the talk. And we’re not trying to have that conversation all over again (but feel free to come to us with questions.) But there is something we forgot to mention as you get older and you date. You’ll date girls, and some of you will date other boys, and we can handle that. You might not think we can handle either, but we can. We’re tougher than you think.

But the one thing we can not stress enough: You do not date women like Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono. Oh sure, there is nothing wrong with dating strong, successful women. We like strong, successful women. But that’s not Sen. Hirono. Seriously, don’t let the title fool you. Hillary Clinton had lots of titles (FLOTUS, Senator, Secretary of State,) but none of those changed what she is: a liar, a criminal and an enabler of a sexual abuser who was supported by other supposedly strong women like Sen. Mazie Hirono.

You do not date women like Sen. Mazie Hirono. Here’s why: She’s all over this allegation against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And it’s a serious allegation from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford; that Kavanaugh, at 17, held her down when she was 15 and tried to take off her clothes at a party. It’s an ugly accusation, and you never treat a woman that way. But there are real questions, including why she doesn’t remember whose house she was at, or a near-specific date it happened. There’s even a debate about who was at the “party.” That’s not a complete story.

(And so we’re clear, Men don’t force themselves on women.  You ever try to force yourself on a girl and we’ll beat the shit out of you. And your mom will do far worse.)

So, we think paying attention to these allegations makes sense enough. But then, Sen. Hirono starts explaining that Dr. Ford shouldn’t have to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee – even though it’s the committee that had that original letter that Dr. Ford herself wrote about the alleged attack! Then, Sen. Hirono says that the problem isn’t just Kavanaugh (we know, assuming his guilt is wrong, but it gets worse!) She says the problem is men, and then, get this, she says, “Guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country.” And then she says:

Boys, this is why you don’t date women like Sen. Hirono. First, she’s a liar. No, all men do not perpetuate all these kinds of actions. Any one – male or female – who tells you that, or tells you that masculinity is toxic, is someone you should stay away from. Anyone who tells you that all men are rapists? You run away from them. Same for any women who want to lump all men into some horrific category. These are liars, and dangerous liars at that. As we’ve always taught you, being a man is good and being a man is important.

Second, don’t you ever let anyone tell you to “just shut up.” Who the hell is she? She doesn’t know you, yet she’s lumping you in with her strawman sexual abusers? Women like that – who think they’re all about social justice by tearing you down, by demeaning you – aren’t worth your time, your love or your attention. You want to be in a relationship with people who will build you up, like you will for them, not viciously attack whole groups of humanity based on crazed ideology.

Women like that think they’re being brave. They’re not. Bravery is when a woman who has been abused comes forward. Bravery is those who wear the uniform of our nation. Bravery is not a Senator screaming that all men are guilty. That’s not bravery, that’s disgusting.

Oh, and never take life advice from someone who supports Hillary Clinton.

There’s a lot more, but it’s an email and we’d rather have the conversation face to face. Just know that you are not a bad person because you were born a man. Just like a woman is not bad for being born a woman. Sen. Hirono said something disgusting and dangerous. Boys, she lied. And if she believes it, then she’s a bad person. You are too valuable, and your time too important, to waste around bad people. And that’s why you Don’t Date Women Like Sen. Mazie Hirono.

We love you. Call your mother.  


– Fathers All Across America