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Parents Continue Being Singled Out, Threatened For Asking About CRT in Schools

The website Legal Insurrection shared the story of a Rhode Island mother who was on the brink of being sued by her local school board for asking questions about Critical Race Theory, and how it was being taught in schools.

According to William Jacobson, who is also a professor of law at Cornell University, Nicole Solas filed a series of public record requests, “concerning Critical Race and Gender theory in public schools.” Solas wasn’t commenting on CRT, rather she sought to understand what it is that the school district would be teaching her soon-to-be kindergarten student.

Yet, the South Kingston School committee voted on whether to sue Solas because of all the public record requests, which they say wasted their time. In speaking about this, committee Chairwoman Emily Cummiskey went a step further, going directly after Solas and referring to her and her requests as, “racist:”

“More than 200 APRA requests have been filed by a single individual in just the last few weeks alone,” she said, “demanding more than 300 hours of our district’s time to these records requests” and distracting from “efforts to make our schools more equitable, inclusive, and empowering by eradicating any harmful practices or prejudices through equity and anti-racism teachings.”

“It’s disappointing, and extremely disheartening, to see an individual, particularly one without a child in our schools, work so hard to harm these efforts, and in turn, send a message to our students and families that anti-racism education is not valued. Racism and hate have no place in our district.”

The Chairwoman also called the possible lawsuit, ““potential injunction” to blunt “a nationally-organized, racist group [attempting] to create chaos and intimidate our district. …This is their MO nation-wide and I anticipate other districts in our state will soon experience the same unfortunate influx we have.”

In the end, with pressure from the community, the school board relented. You can listen to my interview with William Jacobson below:

In Brownsburg, Indiana, parent Kristin Ferklic has been very outspoken about her issues with Critical Race Theory. On social media, she has asked questions and made statements about CRT, and the Brownsburg Community School Corporation (BCSC.) In response, the BCSC Superintendent, Jim Snapp, blocked her on Twitter.

Ferklic enlisted help from the Liberty Justice Center who wrote to Superintendent Snapp, stating, “Blocking Ferklic violates numerous constitutional rights: to receive publicly available governmental information, to participate in a public forum and to be free from discrimination or retaliation based on viewpoint.”

She is now the head of the Indiana chapter of No Left Turn in Education.

Parents across America are concerned about the education their children are receiving. They continue to speak out against the bigotry of CRT in schools, including the false narrative of the 1619 Project and the inappropriately named “anti-Racism” training. Yet, for asking questions, or voicing their concerns, they are labeled as bigots and racists by school groups and other “woke” organizations. Or, their legitimate concerns completely ignored.

Honest opposition to CRT is everywhere. And these parents show no signs of staying silent:

Mr. Holcomb Goes To Israel

Last week, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (R) took a trip to Israel. Considering the violence in Israel over the last weeks, coming from the terrorist organization, Hamas, an American governor visiting the nation should be a news story.

Yet, the trip happened with little fanfare or explanation. Was it to show support for the Israeli government? Was it to attract more business investment to Indiana? A press release Holcomb’s office put out as he left for Tel Aviv stated it was both:

I stand in support of Israel and look forward to meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu to continue forging an even stronger Israel-Indiana bond….We have a growing number of Hoosiers and Hoosier businesses that share strong cultural and economic ties with this country, so when I was invited, I did not hesitate to make this trip to meet in Israel during such an hour of need.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb

According to the Indiana GOP, Gov. Holcomb met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Gabi Askenazi. Unfortunately, there was nothing sent about the meetings; no statement, no comment, no photos. The only images and statement post-visit came from the Indiana GOP Chairman, and that was as a press release.

Gov. Holcomb should be praised for taking the trip. All elected officials who are actively showing their support for Israel should receive applause, especially when they are being attacked by Iran through their terrorist proxy, Hamas, as well as being attacked by US politicians including Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Andre Carson (of Indianapolis, IN) and far too many others in politics and celebrity culture.

Governors across America should take note of Holcomb’s visit. It was the right thing to do, and they should follow suit. But if you’re going to visit, tell your constituents why. If you support Israel, say so! Be loud and strong about it. Do not shrink from the moment to educate and inform your citizens on a subject of this magnitude.

Indianapolis Deserves Better Than Rep. Andre Carson’s Israel Bigotry

Indianapolis deserves better than Rep. Andre Carson, and his latest show of bigotry should prove this to even his most ardent supporters.

As fighting intensifies in Israel with Hamas (a terrorist organization funded by Iran,) Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN,) Rashida Tlaib (D-MI,) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and others have moved quickly to decry Israel’s rational self-defense. They have pushed the radical lies (talking points) of calling Israel an “apartheid state,” and claim that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a “racist” guilty of war crimes, along with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF.)

The situation in Israel is, in a word, tense. And that word may be a great understatement. What ostensibly sits at the heart of this most recent conflict is the removal of Palestinians from land that does not belong to them. A case in front of the Israeli Supreme Court highlights the issue:

The latest such dilemma involves the Sheikh Jarrah property dispute.

The case entails the disposition of property in what had been a Jewish-owned enclave and the site of the tomb of Temple-era scholar Shimon HaTzadik (“Simon the Righteous”), immortalized by his contributions to Pirkei Avot (“Ethics of the Fathers”) from 2,000 years ago. Jews lived there until the 1948 War of Independence, when the Transjordanian Arab Legion invaded the country and took both Sheikh Jarrah and the Old City. The Jews who lived there were ethnically cleansed, and Arabs began squatting on the Jews’ property.

Israeli laws seem to sit on the side of those trying to get their land back. The court of public opinion may seem to side with not throwing Palestinians out of their houses. This is not an easy needle to thread. Letting Palestinians keep land that is not theirs is a signal to the Palestinian Authority that they have a right to all of Israel. This, of course, is not true. Israel belongs to the Israelis; to the Jewish People.

But this isn’t about facts, it’s about narrative. Why discuss the question of land and rights when you can attack, and revive the violent obscenity that Israel has no right to exist?

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NBC Article Written by Tony Katz About Rush Limbaugh

Tony Katz wrote a featured article for NBC about the legacy of Rush Limbaugh. Read it HERE

AOC Accused Sen. Cruz of Attempted Murder. Why Aren’t We Outraged?

It was a moment of opportunity; agreement that is so rare in today’s politics. RobinHoodApp, along with other stock trading apps prevented millions of Americans from buying Game Stop stock (among other stocks) while big funds and institutional buyers could still make their purchases. People on the Right and the Left were outraged. Democrat (Socialist?) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of those people, saying, “We now need to know more about @RobinhoodApp’s decision to block retail investors from purchasing stock while hedge funds are freely able to trade the stock as they see fit.”

She followed up by saying that if committee meetings were needed in Congress, she would be in favor of it. In a worthy moment of bi-partisanship, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) retweeted her sentiments, adding, “Fully Agree.”

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t accept this. She couldn’t just be a normal person and let it go, or ignore him, or maybe find a way to work with Sen. Cruz. Instead, she went in the other direction, and accused him of attempted murder:

As of writing this, the tweet was liked over 789,000 times. The question should be: Why?

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Biden was Wrong: ANTIFA is Real, and They are Violent

When Joe Biden said that ANTIFA was just an idea during a presidential debate, he was wrong. Or, he lied. Or, he thinks that the American public is so damn dumb that they’ll believe this nonsense, especially after The View and CNN explain why he’s right.

After Biden’s inauguration, and the violence and destruction that descended on Portland and Seattle, it became even more clear to all Americans that ANTIFA is real, and was never targeting the Trump Administration. Signs from the riots read, “We don’t want Biden – we want revenge!” and “We are ungovernable.” They’re telling you that it was never about Trump. They’re telling you that the people who said, “If you vote for Biden, everything will be normal again!” were fools…or simply outrageously naive. The media that echoed these sentiments? Leftist Stepford wives.

ANTIFA are not just violent, ANTIFA is violence. They were – they are! – targeting America. They hate America, and they want to burn it all down. The Mayor of Bellingham, WA, Seth Fleetwood, had to be rushed from City Hall because ANTIFA stormed the building. How is this any different than the US Capitol?

According to DeeDee Sun of KIRO7, “They also tore down the American flag outside. Stole a KGMI journalist’s mic and threw a hot drink on him.”

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Biden and Buttigieg: The Midwest has no friends in Washington

The move to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline is a blow to the Midwest, and reminder that in a Joe Biden Administration, they are alone.

The move – revoking the permits for the pipeline, which moves oil from the tar sands in Canada to the refineries in Texas – is a threat to not just energy jobs (and in many ways energy independence,) but to growth opportunities in the Midwest, and America at large.

What should be noted is the total lack of caring from President Biden, and his soon to be Transportation Secretary, former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. When pressed by Sen. Ted Cruz during his confirmation hearing on the new Administration’s pipeline shutdown, and the elimination of 11,000 jobs, Buttiegieg responded, basically, “It’s cool by me.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks to Sen. Ted Cruz at his confirmation hearing to become Secretary of Transportation

I think the most important thing is to make sure that we make good on the promise of the president’s climate vision as being on that, on net, creates far more jobs. Millions, we hope. I know that won’t just happen. We’ll have to do a lot of work to make sure that’s real. But getting this right means ensuring there’s more good paying union jobs for all Americans. Delivered from that infrastructure vision.

When Sen. Cruz asked Buttigieg whether others would be getting the displaced jobs, Buttigieg answered:

The answer is that we are very eager to see those workers continue to be employed in good-paying union jobs. Even if they might be different ones.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death has created calls for Violence and Ignoring the Constitution, but It Is Not the Voters First Concern

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at the age of 87 after a long and public battle with pancreatic cancer. In the 36 hours since the announcement of her death, social media activists, politicos and pundits have put forth reactions that range from outright calls for violence to total dismissal of the Constitution’s clear explanation of the rules for nominating a Supreme Court justice.

Reza Aslan, a CNN product who is most notable for saying that Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann had a “punchable face,” posted tweets that are meant to incite violence, threatening President Trump and the Republican-led Senate (and Americans) if they should try to replace Ginsburg this close to the election:

This was followed by an echos of calls for violence on social media, including from celebrities and university professors. Justice Ginsburg, in a letter dictated to her granddaughter just days before her death, stated her dying wish:

My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.

Celebrities and members of Congress like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez have jumped on this, demanding that President Trump not move forward with any nomination:

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3 Things The Midwest Wants To Hear From The RNC

During four nights of the Democratic National Convention, there was lots of lip-service given to bringing good paying jobs to America. But farmers were really only referenced once, and manufacturing barely got noticed. Rather, it was radical hate, radical calls for justice and radical ideas for the country like the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal doesn’t create jobs, it destroys farmers and manufacturing.

The Midwest got short-shrift. And those still wondering where to cast their vote found nothing of substance from Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s platitudes. Here are three things the RNC must say to get fence-sitters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio to vote for Trump:

1 – Remind farmers of trade deals made, and of more trade deals on the way

It’s good to sell soybeans to China, but farmers have no faith in a China deal lasting long term. Republicans must focus on potential and completed trade deals to get farmers excited. Specifically, how US farmers can sell the EU more corn to fuel their ethanol craze.

2 – Reduce more regulations

The Trump team has not done enough to explain to America how reducing regulation has not only saved Americans billions of dollars, but has put those dollars into new equipment, new opportunities, new jobs and put new dollars in their pockets. They should announce further regulation reduction to ease the burden on manufacturers, and encourage growth.

3 – Drug independence means drug manufacturing

Coronavirus has exposed a massive problem: America relies far too much on China for life-saving medicine for those we love. America must begin the manufacture of those drugs immediately. The Midwest is craving opportunities to further build out its medical growth. If Trump is smart, he will drill down on this need and identify the Midwest as the place to bring investment and tax incentives.

We know the RNC will talk about law and order – something that the DNC also avoided – and that conversation is a winner. But jobs can not be overlooked. Moreover, respect for the people who actually build America is what the Midwest is looking for…and what they will respond to.

Biden Picks Kamala Harris, But Will It Move The Needle?

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has picked California Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate.

Sen. Harris responded:

The pick, however, comes with tremendous baggage. While the New York Times immediately moved to frame her as a “pragmatic moderate,” the facts do not line up with this narrative. According to GovTrack, she is listed as the 4th most progressive member of the Senate. Like Biden, she favors the banning of fracking and a full-scale assault on the Second Amendment.

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