Buy Arizona! Weekend

Come to the Buy Arizona! Weekend – June 4th to June 6th

Soon after Arizona passed SB 1070, a measure that forces law enforcement to enforce the law and ask about immigration status during lawful police activities, politicos from around the country, sensing an opportunity to raise campaign funds, pushed to attack Arizona.  In a cowardly manner, they did not go after law makers for crafting the legislation, nor did they go after the Governor, Jan Brewer, for signing the legislation (though some people did not treat her kindly, with effigies made of her, nor were the police treaded kindly, with water bottles and garbage thrown at them.)

Rather, the political hack class – Mayor Gavin Newsome (D-SF) and Councilman Ed Reyes (D-Los Angeles) amongst them – decided to go after Arizona business.  Through the use of boycotts, San Francisco and Los Angeles looked for ways to cancel contracts, and place moratoriums against official travel to Arizona.  In Oakland, the town council, led by Vice-Mayor Ignacio De La Fuente, has agreed to boycott Arizona.  A convention of immigration lawyers cancelled their national convention in Scottsdale.  According to estimates, $10 million has already been lost.

$10 Million lost by the employers and the employees of Arizona.  Lost by people who did not write the bill, nor vote for the bill.  Employees and small business owners who are now under violent attack.  The political hack class looks only to line their pockets, and makes decisions that fit their own self-interests, regardless of whom they hurt in the process.  In this case, the men and women who are trying to provide for their families.

When I first heard about the boycotts, I knew that innocent people were under attack by ignorant politicians. I have a daily radio show, that plays in four cities, as well as online.  I knew that tourism would be badly effected by thee boycotts, and that would effect all businesses in time.  So, I created the Buy Arizona! Initiative.  The Buy Arizona! Initiative provides free advertising for Arizona businesses.  Each day, we provide one ad for a business in Arizona, doing a live read in the middle of the show.  Other radio hosts, terrestrial and internet, have joined the Initiative, and we welcome more to do so.

Being a Tea Party organizer, I realized that action is everything.  The people of Arizona appreciate the advertising, but they needed to know that millions of Americans are with them, standing shoulder to shoulder with them while they face this politically motivated, unwarranted onslaught.  Sonja Schmidt, a fellow Tea Party member and commentator for had started a plan of her own. Sonja wanted to organize a weekend that was focused on the people, not rallies.  Focused on supporting business, on having fun, and on creating a weekend that would let people relax, share, engage and get ready for the fight ahead of us. We got to talking, and decided to put our resources together for the common goal.  We have to go to Arizona, and show them our support.  Therefore, we are proud to announce the Buy Arizona! Now Weekend.

From June 4th to June 6th, we encourage everyone to come to Arizona, meet some great people spend some money and have some fun.  We have arranged for a central hotel, have created excursions that people can purchase to Sedona or to go shopping in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  We’ve arranged a night of comedy, and a night of relaxation.

There is a rally scheduled for the morning of June 5th, which is being done by the people of Arizona.  We encourage those who want to attend to do so.  However, our objective is simple.  We want to inject dollars into the Arizona economy.  We want to look business owners in the eye, and let them know that we are with them.  We want America to see that when you believe in America, you must support your fellow Americans.  The Buy Arizona! Weekend is America’s way of sending a loud clear message to the political hacks and their politically correct minions.  That message is, Stop Abusing Employees and Small Business Owners.

For more information on the Buy Arizona! Weekend, visit

See you in Arizona!

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Tony Katz is the host of The Morning News with Tony Katz on 93.1FM WIBC (Indianapolis.) Working his way through current events and pop culture, Tony entertainingly exposes media hypocrisy and makes the complex easy to understand. Different than other talk show hosts, Tony focuses on right vs. wrong, instead of right vs. left. Follow him on Twitter @tonykatz. Listen to Tony Katz Monday - Friday, 5-9am on 93.1FM WIBC and

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  1. PoliGrrl says:

    Hey Tony,
    This is a great idea! Unfortunately, some of us won’t be able to travel to Arizona in spite of wanting to support them. Was thinking that maybe you and/or the BuyArizonaNow folks could put together a page that lists/links to the Arizona advertisers? That way we could “visit” them online and buy items from them that weekend to support them.

    It looks like will have a page of advertisers eventually though not sure if they will be focusing only on people who will be physically visiting Arizona.

    Just my 2 cents.


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