Bieber Love OK, Jesus Love Still Questionable

This morning, I awoke to see that Twitter was all a-flutter with its latest trending topic – JUSTIN IS OUR EVERYTHING.  Don’t complain about the all-caps, that’s the way it was written.  Justin, of course, is Justin Bieber, the pop star sensation that has spawned million of fans all around the world.  For this latest generation of pre-teens and teens (and the silent groups of so-called grown ups who hum “Baby” to themselves at odd times throughout the day!) Justin is, to them, The Beatles.  The adoration is unbelievable (or, un-BIEB-able!)

Certainly, it’s ok to like Bieber’s music.  It’s ok for pre-teen girls to find him cute.  It’s ok for Bieber to make millions of dollars from people who like his music or think he’s cute.

But what if we replaced “Justin” with “Jesus?”  Would the person who posted (as it is trending on Twitter) JESUS IS OUR EVERYTHING be told that his or her post is inflammatory?  If written on a notebook brought to school, would they invite charges of being offensive?  How many secularists would put the poster of such a Tweet to ridicule?

One of the great things about social media, and platforms like Twitter, is that they show us what the nation (the world) is thinking.  It is a fascinating wide-angle lens on our culture.  There is nothing wrong with liking Justin Bieber.  Nothing wrong with loving the music.  Nothing wrong with being a mega-fan.  But what is it saying about our culture when stating that a musician is everything is good, but stating Jesus is everything would bring condemnation, ridicule or attack?

NOTE – As pointed out to me by DavidBarr4x on Twitter, the term GAGA IS OUR RELIGION was trending last week.

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