Inflation is Real

Politicos and Radio hosts often talk how inflation is real. It seems like most people just think inflation is a word used to scare people. However, it actually makes an impact on everyday citizens. It’s unfortunate that nobody references how the average American is hurt by inflation, but Tony Katz is ready to discuss how inflation is affecting the average American.

Schumer Goes After Filibuster to Save Build Back Better

With President Biden’s agenda hanging in the balance, Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants to make one last Hail Mary to save Build Back Better. In a last ditch effort, Schumer is proposing that the senate get rid of the filibuster. The idea of getting rid of the filibuster has been floated before, but now, with Build Back Better on the line, will the Dems pull the trigger?

The 2021 Dummy Awards

It’s the 4th annual Dummy Awards! Each year, Tony Katz and Producer Ari go over the dumbest, most ridiculous, nonsensical comments that politicos have made. This year, the list of nominees is quite impressive. Tony and Ari recap the nominees and what exactly they did to deserve a Dummy nomination. Who wins? Listen to find out

Anyone Can Vote- No Citizenship Required!

The city of New York is allowing anyone to vote in elections. You don’t even need to be a citizen. The only requirement is having lived within the city limits for 30 days. Tony Katz says this new law not only makes voter fraud more likely, it openly encourages it. How long before New York allows people from other states or countries to vote in their elections?

New York Wants to Live in a Dystopian Nightmare

Mayor Bill de Blasio is determined to run New York into the ground before he leaves office. The Mayor announced that everyone ages 12-and-up will be required to be fully vaccinated in New York. Tony Katz is a native New Yorker and he is fully prepared to never return.

Cyber Monday Sales Tell Us Plenty About US Economy

For the first time ever, there was a decrease in sales on Cyber Monday. The 2021 sales were 1.4% lower than the previous year. However, if you look at November as a whole, the overall spending is up. So, what does this mean? University of Indianapolis Economics Professor, Dr. Matt Will joins Tony Katz to explain just what these sales numbers mean

Tony Katz Smokes a Brisket

After years of talking about it, Tony Katz finally got a smoker. For his first foray into the world of BBQ, Tony used his pellet smoker to cook a delicious, juicy brisket. It was a low and slow process, but after several hours, the brisket was done and it was a success. Tony discusses how each person doing BBQ their own way is a perfect example of what makes America great

Rep. Walorski Not Mincing Words When it Comes to Biden Spending Bill

The Build Back Better Bill has passed and members of the GOP are not happy. Rep. Jackie Walorski called in to talk to Tony Katz about the bill and she was quite clear that this bill was a massive mistake. She explained her objections to the bill and the potential damage it would do to Americans.

Katz: Why Don’t We Ban Concerts? Following Ridiculous Standards

Eight people were tragically killed during a Travis Scott concert at Astroworld 2021. During the concert, the crowd got so intense that people were crushed and unable to breathe. Tony Katz has an idea to solve this problem forever- ban concerts.

Sound crazy? Let Tony Katz explain

Why The Glenn Youngkin Win in Virginia Matters Nationwide

Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Gubernatorial race in Virginia. While some may say that this election is simply a local election, Tony Katz contends that this result is an indictment on the progressive movement and a revolt against Critical Race Theory.