Is This The End of Andrew Cuomo?

The New York Governor had been accused by multiple women in his office of sexual harassment. Now, after an investigation by the New York Attorney General, the allegations were confirmed. Not only that, but it was also reported that the Governor attempted to retaliate against his accusers. Cuomo is now set to face immense pressure to resign from politicos on both sides of the aisle. Will he go quietly or will this be a fight?

Teachers Have Secret Equity Survey For Students

Teachers at a school in central Indiana handed out equity surveys to their students. The catch was that they were told not to tell their parents. Now, if you think that sounds sketchy, you aren’t alone. Tony Katz has some strong words for any teacher who thinks it’s a good idea to have students keep secrets from their parents about what happens in class.

Biden Giving Americans More Handouts

Today is the day where the payments go out to individuals with children. The $300 stipend for each child under the age of six is being deposited into bank accounts. As the government sends out more checks, the business world is still struggling to find people to work. Will these additional payments slow down recovery? Tony Katz explains.

Avenatti Whimpers On His Way To Jail

It wasn’t so long ago that Michael Avenatti was the jewel of the Democrats. The lawyer for Stormy Daniels was viewed as a potential Presidential candidate and was unafraid to stick it right to Trump. The Democrats loved him. Oh, how things change. The now disgraced lawyer is on his way to jail for the next few years for extortion. Tony Katz takes a look back at how we got here

Callers Shame Producer Ari for Being a Sheep

As usual, Producer Ari has proven himself to be not just a fool, but also a sheep. The man is willing to accept anything and take the easy route. Tony Katz and his loyal listeners chimed in to call out Ari for his latest, and most egregious example of his willingness to comply

Remembering What Independence Day Is About & Tony’s Cigar Recommendations

People associate the 4th of July with fireworks, hot dogs and beer, but Tony Katz argues that it is imperative to sit your kids down and explain why we celebrate Independence Day. Tony also unveils his picks for what to smoke during the holiday weekend.

COVID: Revenge of The Delta Variant

The Delta Variant of Coronavirus is being reported as considerably more transmissible and doctors are worried that we may have a real problem with another pandemic on our hands. Now the talk about mandatory masks is back. Will America be alright with mask mandates coming back? Tony Katz has some worries about that.

You’re Not That Special

On a Sunday evening, Tony Katz sat his kids down and told them that they weren’t special. He explained that while his kids were special to him, he emphasized that the rest of the world doesn’t view them as special.

This story resonates in two separate instances that happened this week. One involving a woman taking a picture at the Tour de France that ended in disaster and another story involving an Olympic athlete casuing controversy at the podium. Tony goes through both stories and uses them as examples as to why people shouldn’t think they are special

Biden’s Anti-Gun Plan Shows You Exactly Who He Is

Joe Biden stepped up to the podium and tried to explain his plan for crime in the United States. Unsurprisingly, Biden mentioned that access to firearms was the root cause of violence in the country. Everything we’ve said about Biden can be seen in this press conference. Tony Katz has his thoughts on Biden and his misguided and dangerous ideas.

Making Sense of SCOTUS Decisions

The highest court in the land ruled 7-2 to uphold the Affordable Care Act. The court also ruled 9-0 in favor of the Philadelphia Catholic foster care program. Each case has different intricacies that led to each respective ruling. Indiana Attorney General, Todd Rokita joins Tony Katz to go over each ruling.