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Parents Continue Being Singled Out, Threatened For Asking About CRT in Schools

The website Legal Insurrection shared the story of a Rhode Island mother who was on the brink of being sued by her local school board for asking questions about Critical Race Theory, and how it was being taught in schools.

According to William Jacobson, who is also a professor of law at Cornell University, Nicole Solas filed a series of public record requests, “concerning Critical Race and Gender theory in public schools.” Solas wasn’t commenting on CRT, rather she sought to understand what it is that the school district would be teaching her soon-to-be kindergarten student.

Yet, the South Kingston School committee voted on whether to sue Solas because of all the public record requests, which they say wasted their time. In speaking about this, committee Chairwoman Emily Cummiskey went a step further, going directly after Solas and referring to her and her requests as, “racist:”

“More than 200 APRA requests have been filed by a single individual in just the last few weeks alone,” she said, “demanding more than 300 hours of our district’s time to these records requests” and distracting from “efforts to make our schools more equitable, inclusive, and empowering by eradicating any harmful practices or prejudices through equity and anti-racism teachings.”

“It’s disappointing, and extremely disheartening, to see an individual, particularly one without a child in our schools, work so hard to harm these efforts, and in turn, send a message to our students and families that anti-racism education is not valued. Racism and hate have no place in our district.”

The Chairwoman also called the possible lawsuit, ““potential injunction” to blunt “a nationally-organized, racist group [attempting] to create chaos and intimidate our district. …This is their MO nation-wide and I anticipate other districts in our state will soon experience the same unfortunate influx we have.”

In the end, with pressure from the community, the school board relented. You can listen to my interview with William Jacobson below:

In Brownsburg, Indiana, parent Kristin Ferklic has been very outspoken about her issues with Critical Race Theory. On social media, she has asked questions and made statements about CRT, and the Brownsburg Community School Corporation (BCSC.) In response, the BCSC Superintendent, Jim Snapp, blocked her on Twitter.

Ferklic enlisted help from the Liberty Justice Center who wrote to Superintendent Snapp, stating, “Blocking Ferklic violates numerous constitutional rights: to receive publicly available governmental information, to participate in a public forum and to be free from discrimination or retaliation based on viewpoint.”

She is now the head of the Indiana chapter of No Left Turn in Education.

Parents across America are concerned about the education their children are receiving. They continue to speak out against the bigotry of CRT in schools, including the false narrative of the 1619 Project and the inappropriately named “anti-Racism” training. Yet, for asking questions, or voicing their concerns, they are labeled as bigots and racists by school groups and other “woke” organizations. Or, their legitimate concerns completely ignored.

Honest opposition to CRT is everywhere. And these parents show no signs of staying silent:

On CRT: Now Is The Time For Parents To Be Brave

Tony Katz appeared on Newsmax to discuss the radical push of critical race theory (CRT) in schools by some teachers. Parents must continue to stand up to teachers, unions and others pushing the teaching of bigotry. As Tony explains, “Now Is The Time To Be Brave”

Mr. Holcomb Goes To Israel

Last week, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (R) took a trip to Israel. Considering the violence in Israel over the last weeks, coming from the terrorist organization, Hamas, an American governor visiting the nation should be a news story.

Yet, the trip happened with little fanfare or explanation. Was it to show support for the Israeli government? Was it to attract more business investment to Indiana? A press release Holcomb’s office put out as he left for Tel Aviv stated it was both:

I stand in support of Israel and look forward to meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu to continue forging an even stronger Israel-Indiana bond….We have a growing number of Hoosiers and Hoosier businesses that share strong cultural and economic ties with this country, so when I was invited, I did not hesitate to make this trip to meet in Israel during such an hour of need.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb

According to the Indiana GOP, Gov. Holcomb met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Gabi Askenazi. Unfortunately, there was nothing sent about the meetings; no statement, no comment, no photos. The only images and statement post-visit came from the Indiana GOP Chairman, and that was as a press release.

Gov. Holcomb should be praised for taking the trip. All elected officials who are actively showing their support for Israel should receive applause, especially when they are being attacked by Iran through their terrorist proxy, Hamas, as well as being attacked by US politicians including Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Andre Carson (of Indianapolis, IN) and far too many others in politics and celebrity culture.

Governors across America should take note of Holcomb’s visit. It was the right thing to do, and they should follow suit. But if you’re going to visit, tell your constituents why. If you support Israel, say so! Be loud and strong about it. Do not shrink from the moment to educate and inform your citizens on a subject of this magnitude.

Katz on Israel Hate: Don’t Blame Facebook and Instagram, Blame Tlaib, Omar, and Andre Carson

Tony Katz spoke with Jacqi Heinrich from FOX News to discuss anti-Israel politicians in the US, and the silence from celebrities on increased attacks on Jews across America.

The problem isn’t social media. The problem is Reps. Tlaib, Omar and Andre Carson, among others, who push hate against Israel and Jews by calling Israel an “apartheid state” or accusing Israel of having “Jim Crow laws.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Bigotry Is Why We Can’t Teach CRT To Our Children

Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has said she will only do interviews with Black or Brown reporters to push for “equity.” Rational people know that this is outright bigotry (including many reporters in Chicago, who refuse to do interviews with her until she changes her awful policy.)

Tony explains to FOX News that Mayor Lightfoot’s proclamation has a direct connection to Critical Race Theory and “anti-racism,” and that’s reason enough not to teach them in schools.

Boone County Wheated Bourbon and Davidoff Colorado Claro Special “T” Cigar Review

Eat! Drink! Smoke! is Tony’s nationally syndicated bourbon and cigar show. It’s a great escape from political insanity. It’s funny, informative, easy to listen to and pretty dang awesome. You can get more at the show site,

Enjoy the podcast!

Media Lies Again…This Time About The Wuhan Lab Leak

When Republicans discussed the possibility that Covid-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China last April, they were called conspiracy theorists. Now, when the political Left – including Dr. Anthony Fauci – discuss the possibility that Covid-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, it’s a theory worth exploring.

Why wasn’t media in favor of an investigation a year ago? Listen, and find out.

Israel Defense Force Major Speaks with Tony Katz

Major Doron Spielman is an IDF Spokesman to the Foreign Press. He has served as a spokesman for over 20 years and has been interviewed on most of the world’s largest media networks and served in numerous military operations including the Second Intifada, the Second Lebanon War, the Cast Lead Operation in the Gaza Strip and others. Major Spielman has also served in Joint Israeli and US Juniper Cobra Military Exercises. He joined Tony Katz to discuss how the Israeli military is handling the attacks in Israel.

Hamas Prevents Aid From Getting To Palestinians, says Daniel Aschheim from Israel Consulate General Office

Daniel Aschheim, Consul for Public Diplomacy with the Israel Consulate General to the Midwest, talks to Tony Katz about the latest attacks by Hamas in Israel.

Did Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett Steal His Speech From Al Pacino in Scent Of A Woman?

I didn’t make this. But someone did….and they are brilliant!

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett welcomes the crowd to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and offers a few words. But those words seem to come directly for Al Pacino’s speech in the film Scent of a Woman?

Did Hogsett and his team plagiarize the speech? Is it just a coincidence? You decide.