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Your Morning TK Top 3 – Tuesday, February 1st

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1 – Whoopi Goldberg says the Holocaust was not about race, from Daily Wire

Tony Says –

This isn’t just wrong. It’s absurdly wrong. And I do not want Whoopi cancelled for it. Rather, let’s make sure America understands what’s happening here. First, the Nazis were trying to create a master race and though of/referred to Jews as an inferior race. Of course it was about race, not, as Whoopi called it, “man’s inhumanity to man.”

Second, look how far Whoopi will go to only allow racism in America be the only kind of racism we can discuss. She’s willing to pervert history to keep her narrative afloat. She has apologized, but the conversation is far bigger.

2 – Gov. Gavin Newsom is a fraud, from Fox News

Tony Says –

Newsom, Mayor Breed, Speaker Pelosi – is there something about California elitists that make them think they can get away with anything? I guess….because they’re still getting away with it! They don’t wear masks in public, but force you – and our kids!- to wear masks all over the place.

End this madness. Take the masks off your kids, today!

3 – The NFL Playoffs turn into who can raise the most for charity, from News Nation

Tony Says –

This started a few years back with the Bills Mafia and the Baltimore Ravens; a kind gesture after a hard fought game where donations were made to one of Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s favorite charities. Now, it’s becoming an amazing competition between cities. After the Bills lost that OT heartbreaker to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chiefs fans donated to a fund named after Bills QB Josh Allen’s mother, raising over $300K! Now, Cincinnati fans are donating to a food pantry in Kansas City after defeating the Chiefs to go to the Super Bowl.

It’s all very, very cool.

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Your Morning TK Top 3

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Tony Katz Has The Top Three Stories Of The Morning

1 – 76% of Americans don’t agree with President Biden on how to choose a nominee to the Supreme Court, from Twitchy.com

Tony Says –

Every logical person knows you don’t choose a Supreme Court justice, or an employee or anything else, on the basis of race and race alone. Isn’t that the type of bigotry we are supposed to be opposed to?

This poll comes from ABC News, and if you listen to my radio shows you know I have little faith in polls. But, on this, I’m hoping it’s accurate. Because while I have little faith in polls, I still have faith in Americans.

2 – The iPhone will now come with both a “pregnant man” and “pregnant person” emoji, from Fox 59

Tony Says –

It’s hard to escape the wokeness that wants to overtake us. And, yes, if you want to lie to yourself, you can say the emoji is just of a person who ate too much pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. But, what you need to do is reject this misinformation, and make sure your kids do the same. Men don’t, and can’t, have babies. It’s science. And, at last look, we are supposed to follow science.

3 – Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker has a three point lead over Sen. Rafael Warnock, from Outkick

Tony Says –

There are actually a few story lines in this story. But, the big one for me is what this might say about President Donald Trump going into 2024. For some, this will signal that Trump’s reaction to the 2020 election may have turned off voters in the Ga special election…costing Republicans control of the Senate. Others will remember that Democrats were screaming at the time about $2000 handouts, and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell was opposed to that much money, and THAT is what gave the victory to the Democrats.

But a year later, Walker is gladly accepting Trump’s endorsement, and Warnock has no victories to which he can point. Trump is not the liability that the label “Democrat” is.

Let’s Go Bourbon! The New Book From Tony Katz

I’m thrilled that my new book, Let’s Go Bourbon! is now available for sale at Amazon.

Many of you know that in addition to my daily radio shows, I host Eat! Drink! Smoke!, a lifestyle show that talks about food and reviews cigars and bourbon. The two hour weekly show – done with my co-host, Fingers Malloy – is heard on stations across the country.

We’ve been working writing a book for a while, but we knew that going deep into the history of bourbon wasn’t what we were looking for. We wanted something interesting, engaging, enjoyable, useful and not too expensive.

So, we started the Let’s Go! series. And Let’s Go Bourbon! is the first in that series. It has bourbon history, recipes you need to know by heart, quotes from the famous and infamous about bourbon and drinking, an explanation of the laws that govern bourbon, definitions of commonly used terms so you know what people are talking about and some questionable life advice.

BUY YOUR COPY TODAY! It’s the perfect Christmas gift for the bourbon or whiskey enjoyer in your family.

Chef Andrew Gruel: Bad Policy and Fear-Mongering Media Badly Hurt Restaurants

Chef Andrew Gruel has been a must watch on social media. Through his Twitter account, Chef Gruel has spoken openly and clearly about Covid-19 policy in America, and how it has often made no sense. Further, he has objected to how media outlets blame bars and restaurants for Covid-19 spread, when the science shows that your favorite restaurant is not the cause at all.

Chef Gruel spoke with Tony Katz about the future of the restaurant industry, what it takes to survive in this market and his charitable outfit helping the service industry,

Katz on FOX: Biden’s Problem On The Border Is His Party Doesn’t Believe In A Border

Tony appeared on Fox News to discuss the crisis at the border, as well as the failure of the Democratic Party to push the $3.5 Trillion infrastructure package. Why did it fail as is? Because, it’s not actually infrastructure.

Speaking with host Mike Emanuel and Democratic strategist Kevin Walling, Tony explained that along with no one being whipped at the border (a gross lie pushed forward by the MSM and President Joe Biden,) funding the border isn’t the issue. It’s about recognizing the importance of borders and having the will power to keep Americans inside those borders safe.

Far too many in the Democratic Party don’t believe in a strong border. And far too many in the Democratic Party don’t believe in a border at all.

How Everyone Is Getting The Maskless Emmys Wrong

Everyone is talking about how actors and elites didn’t wear masks to the Emmy’s, or to the Met Gala. They are calling out Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Hollywood actors for their hypocrisy; lecturing to Americans about masks while not living by their own words. Again!

Tony Katz sees it differently – they don’t wear masks because they don’t care about their own health. So why should any of us listen to what they have to say?

Are Hollywood people exempt, because they are “sophisticated” Americans who know how to stay safe? Tony has a very clear answer for those who push that line of nonsense.

Biden’s Failed UN Speech

President Biden gave his first addresses president to the United Nations. His speech was full of wokeness, but failed to deliver on strength and a vision for a free and secure future. He made no mention of China, and only one mention of Iran. But he was sure to discuss “human rights” and, of course, how the Taliban should treat women well.

Tony discussed the speech on Newsmax with Heather Childers and Bob Sellers. Biden’s speech was a swing and a miss. He did America, and the world, no favors.

Dear Teachers: You Work For Us. And We Don’t Want To Hear About Your Wokeness

Teachers across America (though certainly not all teachers in America) have made the decision to bring wokeness, bigotry and anti-American zealotry to our classrooms. What was once thought only to be the purview of college campuses – indoctrination, intimidation and professors who mock students who disagree with them (though certainly not all professors in America) – has now horrifically made its way into high schools and middle schools across the nation.

But this story is not about CRT, anti-racism or SEL, though they are all targets of the important fight against wokeism parents have taken on across the country. This is the story of a teacher in Newport, CA, Kristen Pitzen, who believes it is funny to lie to students, mock students for loving their country, lie to students about not having an American flag in the classroom and tell students instead to “pledge allegiance” to a gay pride flag. Watch the video below:

I live in Indiana. And what is happening in California is, indeed, happening here; the Heartland is not immune. And while the school board in Newport, CA looks into what Pitzen is doing, teachers and school boards in Central Indiana, and across the Hoosier State, should be aware of what parents are saying: Act like this, and we will throw you out.

So we are clear, it must be understood that the teachers, the administrators, the coaches, the cafeteria workers and any one else associated with public schools work for the citizens. Teachers, you work for us.

You’ve been horrifically lulled into a false sense of security and piety by your unions. You believe that the students are your students, and that the classroom is your classroom. This is not true. The students belong to the parents. The classrooms belong to the taxpayers.

Also note that no one is interested in your politics. Again, let us make sure you understand – we don’t care who you voted for. We don’t care what you think of gay kids…or straight kids…or black kids…or Asian kids…or Hispanic kids…or white kids…or kids who have Liberal parents or Conservative parents or atheist parents or God-fearing parents. We don’t care about your wokeness, or lack thereof. We care that our kids learn the area under the curve, understand the full depth and breadth of American history (the good and the great, the bad and the ugly) and how to not dangle a participle.

We don’t mind that we may not agree on everything. We don’t mind that our kids learn other perspectives and points of view; other perspectives are important to learn. We mind greatly that a teacher thinks hiding the American flag is funny (she laughed out loud about doing it) and that it is remotely acceptable to “pledge allegiance” to any other flag. For clarity, the concept of the pledge – of appreciating and respecting your nation – is a valuable one, not to be mocked. Also, if the American flag makes you feel uncomfortable, dear teacher, then you are the problem. Take a mental health day, and get yourself the help you need.

Some teachers may take my words as a threat. Those teachers are the ones most outraged by the idea that parents all across America are reasserting their power in their school community. If a teacher believes it is outrageous that parents should have a voice in their child’s education, or that parents say that teachers should teach and not indoctrinate, or mock, or threaten their kids, then that is a teacher who needs to be removed from the classroom and never be allowed near children again.

That is not a threat. That is responsible parenting.

Teachers need to be given the tools, and the respect, to run and control the classroom we, the parents and taxpayers, entrust to them. We want to give them our respect. And students need to offer them the respect they deserve, as well. But teachers, administrators and unions who break the trust of the community at large do not, can not and should not get our respect. They should get fired.

Just like Kristen Pitzen should be.

An Open Letter to Gov. Eric Holcomb: Support Parents, End the Mask Mandates

Gov. Holcomb,

Hoosiers need your help. They need your leadership against fear, and against coercion. School boards across Indiana have shunned the parents in their districts, and have instituted masks mandates for students. Gov. Holcomb, you need to end these mandates, and loudly speak out against them.

You and I disagreed over mask mandates last year. In your view, this was a “once in a generation” virus. But now, we know that Covid is no longer that. Covid will no longer be once in a generation, but an every year occurrence. Covid, a coronavirus, is here to stay. It will remain for the rest of your term. It will remain for the rest of your life, and mine. It will remain in the lives of Hoosier children for as long as they live.

Children survive Covid. An unvaccinated child is less likely to get Covid than a vaccinated adult over 30. Masks have been shown to carry numerous amounts of bacteria and viruses, but they have not been shown to reduce the rates of Covid. Allow me to spell this out more directly: Masks, worn by the civilian population (those not in hospital settings) do not stop the spread of Covid. The virus is too small, the mask is not of the proper fabric and is more often than not improperly worn.

No parent in Indiana wants their child to be sick. But if children do get Covid, the odds of them dying are remarkably small. Not just less than a percent, but around a thousandth of a percent, according to data out of the UK. Children, the facts show us, survive Covid.

What we don’t have data for is the damage done to Hoosier kids by constant mask wearing. Damage to our children’s mental health. And damage to their development in reading and pronunciation, along with the isolation of not being able to pick up on social cues from their classmates and others.

School boards across Indiana believe it is their job to protect children. They are wrong. Parents protect children. Parents ensure their social and emotional development. Parents make the decisions on the health of their children. Always.

By allowing school boards to make these sweeping decisions and declarations, not only are we adversely and negatively impacting the lives of our kids by forcing masks on them for hours a day (again!,) we are making a larger statement. We are saying that parents don’t know best. We are saying that parents can’t be trusted. By implementing these mandates, school boards are separating parents and children, and stripping away the rightful, necessary duty of those parents. Mandates replace the parent with the State.

Gov. Holcomb, this is not something you believe in. The parent makes the decision, not the State. The parent makes the choice, not the State. You do not believe that the State comes first, so say so!

Without mandates, parents can still decide to mask their children. Without mandates, parents can still decide to vaccinate their children or themselves. I do not oppose vaccines. It is mandates we should all oppose; mandates undermine not only the Constitution, but the accepted values that have been at the heart of American life and civilization. To allow the State to make these decisions is to create a new society built on a social framework that eventually eradicates the parent outright, excepting for creating babies that are then offered to the State because, “They Know Best.”

You don’t believe in this, Gov. Holcomb. So say so! Speak out against this abuse. Speak out against school boards that engage mask mandates that offer no science behind them. Speak out against fear that school boards suffer from, and then push on Hoosier children.

Speak for parents who must always be first in making the decision for their family, even if you personally disagree with it. And disagree if you choose! Use your bully pulpit to convince, to request, to plead for things you think keep children safe. The Hoosier parent can then decide to agree or disagree with you. That is rational, and decent. That is an exchange of ideas and thoughts. That is Indiana.

School boards have decided they know best for our children. They do not, and they will find out how unpopular they are during their next election cycle. Gov. Holcomb, you need to stand up for parents, for children and for an America that really is of, by and for the people.

Speak out against mask mandates. Put an end to them, if the law allows. Call the General Assembly back into session if it doesn’t. Hoosiers need you, now. Do not let them down.

On Vaccines, Masks, and Mandates: The post- Americanism and Fear, Incorporated

I have stated – and I am in no way trying to reshape the words I’ve written, posted on social media or explained via my radio shows – that doctors and data show that the Covid-19 vaccines have been helpful in preventing death amongst vaccinated people. I’m fine with people getting vaccinated. But I do not support force: I support choice. Whether you get vaccinated or not is completely up to you, including whether or not you consult with your doctor.

When I came across this piece at National Review, I thought I could have written it. Michael Brendan Dougherty explains that the fear Americans are being hammered with will only end when we stop looking to so-called experts and failed institutions for their “help:”

This is a question of politics — political culture, the authority of normal life versus the respected authorities in charge of public health. Public-health authorities don’t know how to stop giving you extra-restrictive advice. And they can’t learn how to stop giving it if we don’t learn how to stop asking for it. Or until we start ignoring what they say, and start punishing politicians who translate their guidance into nuisances.

– Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review Online

I generally agree with his overall point, and wanted to further elaborate on my point above. I oppose forced vaccination. I find those who favor employers demanding their employees get vaccinated disgusting. It’s more than just a strong disagreement; the people who advocate for forced vaccination believe in an America that is anything but America.

I support those who have already had Covid deciding that they do not need the vaccine. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY, and a doctor in his own right) has long been discussing the value of natural immunity, meaning those who already have had Covid-19 have natural antibodies – natural immunities – that keep them safe. Forcing those people to get a vaccine seems backwards and irrational. I also support the use of monoclonal antibodies, or other therapeutics that a citizen and their doctor decide to take.

To that end, I support a citizen and their doctor deciding to use hydroxychloroquine. I support a citizen and their doctor deciding to use ivermectin, which I am pretty sure is a phrase that will get you banned from Facebook. Imagine the world we Americans live in now. Stating “I support citizens and their doctors making decisions about their own health, including what treatments to try” is a radical, revolutionary act!

As Joe Rogan stated on his podcast, they (the politicos, the health professionals, the media) are “mini-dictators:”

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