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Smoking Pot, The Olympics and Having A Standard

Track and Field star Sha’Carri Richardson was banned from competing in the Olympics for smoking marijuana, which is a banned substance. Tony Katz explained to Jacqui Heinrich on Fox News that the Olympic committee is welcome to change the rules, but the real conversation here is Richardson not living up to the standard required of Olympians.

If standards are situational, then we have no standards at all.

Tony Katz on Fox News

Check out the video.

Tony Katz on NewsNationNow: IMPD officer Dejoure Mercer Suing NFL for Libel

Tony appeared on The Donlon Report on NewsNationNow to discuss the libel case between Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Dejoure Mercer and the NFL over their ‘Say Their Stories’ campaign, which identified Mercer as a murderer of an unarmed black man.

However, he was armed. He ran from the police, and he shot at the officers. For more information, see his piece at RedState.