Tony Katz on Fox: Democrat Response to Ukraine Tragedy Driven by Hatred for Trump

Tony Katz joined Leland Vittert on Fox News to discuss how Democrats are using a tragic plane crash in Ukraine to inflame their hatred of the President.

“Understand that facts don’t matter [to Democrats] when hating Trump is what’s important,” said Katz. “The political left hates Donald Trump so much that it didn’t matter that the United States had nothing to do with this Ukrainian airliner being shot down; hating [Trump], attacking him and being angry at him was the only thing to do.”

Nancy Pelosi Has Had A Very Bad 2020

It’s been rough for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She first made a mockery of impeachment by refusing to send the articles over to the Senate. Next she and her party proceeded to defend a terrorist that the President killed.  Tony Katz details the depths to which Speaker Pelosi and her party have gone to start the new year

Tony Katz Talks To FOX News About Warren, Buttigieg and 2020 Democratic Field for President

Tony Katz talks to Griff Jenkins on FOX News about Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the 2020 candidates. On Buttigieg: “If Buttigieg Can’t Take on Elizabeth Warren, How Will He Take Trump On?”

Tony Katz Tells Tucker Carlson Pete Buttigieg’s Claim That Crime Dipped in His Tenure Is Not True

Tony Katz Tells Tucker Carlson on FOX News Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Claim That Crime Dipped in His Tenure Is Not True. They discuss his problems in South Bend, Indiana, and how those problems affect his run for president.