What is Fox News Doing?

The Conservative world is baffled by what Fox News is doing. First, they jumped the gun and declared Biden the winner in Arizona when there were still votes to be counted. Next, they decided to call the election and wasted no time in calling Joe Biden the “President Elect” when lawsuits had yet to be decided. Now, there are reports that Jude Jeanine has been suspended for wanting to discuss voter fraud in the 2020 election. Fox viewers are furious and are quickly changing the channel. Tony Katz takes a look at what the network is doing.

On The Ground In Nevada: How Trump is Litigating Election Irregularities

President Trump and his campaign have filed lawsuits across the country where they allege irregularities in the vote count. Kurt Schilichter is one of the lawyers working on behalf of President Trump. He is currently in Nevada and joins Tony Katz to discuss what he is seeing on the ground and what the next legal steps are.

A Movement is Coming

Did anyone stop to wonder what happens after Trump leaves the White House? Do we think that President Trump will go quietly into the sunset and his supporters will remain silent? Tony Katz and Kira Davis discuss how the political right is prepared to step up and make this a cultural movement.

What Should We Expect From Election Lawsuits

As votes from swing states continue to be counted, the Trump campaign has already prepared lawsuits against several states. They claim that there are irregularities with how the voting is being done. Tony Katz and William Jacobson discuss what happens next

Where Do We Stand The Morning After The Election?

There are still votes to count, but right now it appears that Joe Biden is the favorite to win the Presidency. While we see votes coming in for Biden across the country, it was the Senate that didn’t get hit with the supposed “Blue Wave”. It appears right now that Republicans will hang on to a majority in the Senate and pick up a couple seats in the House. Tony Katz and Ed Morrissey take a look at what happened.

Win Or Lose- Are You Prepared For What Happens After The Election?

For years, the 2020 election has loomed. Now that it is here, Tony Katz is asking- what’s next? Someone is going to lose this election and we have to be prepared no matter who that is. Katz discusses his plan post-election.

A New Round of Lockdowns Are Coming

Tony Katz said it from the beginning; Lockdowns don’t work and do more damage to the country. For the past 8 months, we have seen lockdowns across the country. Just when it seemed like we were finally rounding the corner, there are new reports that after the 2020 election a new wave of lockdowns is set to begin. Tony Katz explains what is going to happen and how you should handle it

The Polls are Tightening

For weeks, Tony Katz has been watching and waiting to see what happens with the polls. Biden had been holding steady for months, but it now appears that with only a few days before the election the polls are tightening. Katz takes a look at the swing states and the encouraging numbers he sees for the Trump campaign.

New York Times Lied. Alleged Trump Senior Official, “Anonymous” Was a Total Nobody

The New York Times proudly proclaimed that an op-ed released in 2018 was written by a “senior administration official”. The piece detailed how the Trump administration was a disaster and this “senior official” had seen first hand just how dire everything was. Then, Anonymous wrote a book about the behind the scenes workings in the Trump administration. We now know that the New York Times lied. “Anonymous” was a nobody. Miles Taylor was revealed to be the author known as Anonymous. Taylor was not a senior official in the Trump administration. He was a nobody who didn’t have anywhere near the access he or the New York Times claimed he had. This is just another example of how the New York Times and mainstream media flat out lied and screwed over the American public.

Do You Believe The Polls or Your Lying Eyes?

Tony Katz has been diving deep into national and state wide polling for the 2020 presidential election. While the polls say that Biden has a lead in several swing states, but looking at the levels of enthusiasm and silent voters for Donald Trump, as well as the way polls are conducted, make it difficult to determine what to believe. Tony Katz and Jim Geraghty from National Review discuss the numbers in depth and what the numbers don’t tell us.