Cop Gets Fired for Having OnlyFans Account

Can an employer fire someone who posts naked pictures of themselves online? This is the question that people are asking after a female police officer agreed to leave the police force after it was discovered she had an OnlyFans account. Tony Katz debates the legality and ethics of everything involving this case

The Proper Way to Send Hate Mail

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in awhile Tony Katz will get pieces of hate mail sent to the studio. If there is one thing that Tony appreciates is engaging in conversation, so criticisms and opposing comments aren’t tossed away, but instead discussed. The president of the station Tony broadcasts on was sent a piece of hate mail directed towards Tony Katz. There is a right way and a wrong way to engage in debate or discussion and Tony describes how it should work.

Rep. Banks: There Is NOT a Vaccine Database Bill

Rep. Jim Banks raised some eyebrows when he was one of several members of the GOP who voted for what some were calling a “vaccine database.” Tony Katz spoke to Rep. Banks about the Bill and how the reports of this “vaccine database” are not, in fact, reality. Tony also spoke to Rep. Banks about the jobs report

UFO Expert Ben Hansen Takes Tony Katz Into Outer Space

Are we alone in the universe? Has Earth been visited by creatures from beyond the stars? Tony Katz has long dipped his toes into the world of UFO’s and aliens, but now he is diving in head first to get the information from the experts. Ben Hansen is a former federal agent a current UFO investigator. He joined Tony Katz to discuss all things unexplained.

The Porn Star Debate

Turning Point is a Conservative group that encourages young people to get involved with Conservative politics. They were holding a convention in Tampa, Florida when one of the patrons who bought a ticket was asked to leave. The patron was a porn star and Turning Point said that the event was focused on youth and felt it was inappropriate to have an adult film star there. Did they make the wrong call? Tony Katz breaks it down

Man Becomes Trillionaire, But Can’t Access Funds

It’s the dream of every investor to find the winning lottery ticket. To buy that one stock that skyrockets you to unfathomable wealth and lifelong happiness. One man achieved that dream. After buying a cryptocurrency for $20, the price of the coin increased overnight 60 billion times and the $20 investment is now worth over a trillion dollars. There is only one problem…. he can’t access the money.

The Scourge of Veteran Suicides Continues

Gretchen Smith of Code of Vets discusses the loss of her father, what’s happening with vets and is there an answer to the rising number of veteran suicides

The All Powerful LeBron James Stays Silent

LeBron James was very vocal in his criticism of an Ohio police officer who shot a black woman who was attempting to stab someone. LeBron doxxed the officer on his social media page. The NBA and its fans have declared that LeBron James is above criticism. Now others are wondering why the basketball star has refused to speak up on other social issues

SpongeBob Quarantine and Racist Band-Aids

An episode of SpongeBob has been pulled from the airwaves after an episode depicting “Clam Flu” caused outrage. Parents were worried that an episode like that would promote “otherizing” in children. If that wasn’t enough of a story for you then also be aware that Band-Aids are racist. If you didn’t realize that SpongeBob and Band-Aids were horrible then don’t worry- Tony Katz is here to fill you in

Satan Shoes Sell Out

Have you ever wanted to own a pair of shoes that contain real human blood? Well, wait no longer because your dreams have come true. The over $1000 shoes, which were dubbed- Satan Shoes, quickly sold out. Tony Katz tires to figure out the story