Ari Kasle

The Potential Illegality of Hunter Biden’s Emails

Andy McCarthy of National Review joins Tony Katz to take a deep dive into Hunter Biden’s emails. The emails link Hunter Biden and potentially his father to business dealings with Ukraine and China. Joe Biden had previously denied having any knowledge of his son’s business. Are there potential criminal charges that could be levied against Hunter Biden and his father?

Universal Basic Income is Making a Comeback

The city of Compton, California is implementing a program which guarantees income for two years. It would be the biggest instance of a city launching a universal income in the nation. Tony Katz takes a look at the concept of guaranteed income and what we could see next.

The Hunter Biden Email Story is Nuts. That Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Accurate

Tony Katz has been watching and listening as pundits have gone back and forth concerning the emails of Hunter Biden that implicate him and his father. After going through everything, Katz can”t help but think this whole story is nuts, but nobody can deny that the emails are fake and that Biden was clearly involved. Katz goes through everything in the emails and the coverage that they have received.

Katz Speaks with Sec. State Mike Pompeo on China, 5G and Hunter Biden

The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, joined Tony Katz this morning to discuss the latest on China and the danger posed by their Confucius Institutes. They also discussed 5G in China and his comments on the report that Hunter Biden facilitated a meeting between Burisma and his father when he was Vice President

Day One Of Coney Barrett Hearing Was All About Fear Mongering

It was day one for Amy Coney Barrett getting grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Democrats made it clear from the jump that no conversation would be happening and the sole purpose of the opening statements was to elicit fear.

Nancy Pelosi’s Twisted Argument for More Power

Nancy Pelosi just can’t help herself. The Speaker of the House is at it again and this time she is bringing the 25th Amendment with her. Speaker Pelosi is proposing a new bill that would give Congress the exclusive power to enact the 25th Amendment and remove the President from office.

Trump Says “NO” To Virtual Debate

The President has decided that he will not be participating in the 2nd Presidential Debate against Job Biden due to it now being a virtual debate. President Trump said that moving the debate to a virtual format would be improper. Tony Katz has some theories about what happens next.

Sen. Ted Cruz Talks SCOTUS with Katz

With a Supreme Court confirmation hearing right around the corner, Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, joined Tony Katz to discuss the confirmation process. Cruz explains the differences between the current election year confirmation of a justice compared to a similar situation in 2016. The conversation also covers how Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s religious views are being portrayed in an attempt to discredit her. Finally, Sen. Cruz discusses the latest with President Trump and COVID.

Joe Biden Has Race on His Brain

Joe Biden is known for his gaffes and his latest one is a doozy. Biden has made it clear throughout his time in politics that he has no problem playing the race card and viewing minority voters differently. His latest comments only highlight it. Tony Katz explains.

Democrats Upset That Trump is Recovering From COVID

President Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital on Friday and the world exploded. Everyone had something to say. Most normal and rational people were wishing the President a speedy recovery. Then there were the lunatics who were tweeting that they were praying for Trump’s death. Democrat political operatives were not shy about their sincere hope that the sitting United States President would die. Tony Katz has his take.