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The Story Of The Statist and the Tonsils

The media basis for Forced Universal Health Care (the concept sold to us via MSM) is simple: health care costs too much.  Doctors are robbing you blind.  Insurance companies are robbing you blind.  Big evil corporations don’t care about you.  You have a right to health care.  Government is the answer.  Government is the way to fix healthcare.  All praise President Obama, for his plan is the right plan.

To ensure that we understand how important health care is, I refer you to President Obama’s July 22nd prime time press conference (his fourth in six months), and his incredibly telling (and tall) tale regarding your child’s tonsils.

The President starts by telling a tale about you having a sore throat.  Then, in a matter of a few seconds, he changes it to your child having a sore throat – repeated sore throats…chronic sore throats. Once he has established the story that will most affect your heart strings, he then gets diabolical, as if he was ghost writing for Stephen King. The President – in a clear voice – then suggests that a doctor will look at the re-imbursement chart, and decide that he can make the most money by taking out your child’s tonsils.  The President continues, saying that this surgery could have been avoided if the doctor, maybe, changed your child’s allergy medicine.  Because, in the President’s made up tale of woe, your child has allergies.

Translation: “Doctors are greedy, scumbag bastards who will slice and dice your beautiful child for a few bucks.  But I, the President, the Hope we have all waited for, and the beautiful Government, won’t let that happen to your beautiful child.  An unnecessary surgery could be avoided if your doctor had listened to a big time Constitutional Law lecturer, instead.”

It is important to remember, throughout this exercise that the President put us through last night, that the scenario Obama laid out has a fatal flaw.  It Isn’t Real!  It’s hyperbole, stacked upon nonsense, with nice sprinkle of “what the hell is he talking about!?!?”  Michelle Malkin referred to it as fear-mongering.  How right she is!

But this is nothing new.  This is the entire strategy of the MSM, and the Statists, laid bare by President Obama.  The strategy is to scare, cajole, and embarrass people into accepting the idea of Forced Universal Healthcare.  The strategy, as of last night’s press conference, now involves making up doomsday scenarios regarding your children to get you to buy into this great lie of Forced Universal Healthcare.  The strategy is to get you to buy in.  For if you buy in, you never realize that this has been forced upon you – which is exactly what the Statist wants.

For the Statist, the worst thing you can do is have a mind.  And not just have a mind, but use your mind.  For the Statist, there is nothing but contempt, hatred and irrefutable loathing for the person who recognizes that they can think for themselves, can see the entire field before them and can rationally explain where things are going, what might happen, and how it will, or won’t work for them.

This is why I will not write about Forced Universal Healthcare, without using the word “Forced.”  This is the defining moment in this debate, and its most insidious.  The idea of forcing me to purchase insurance, and fining me if I don’t, is immoral, it’s disgusting and it’s wrong.  The US Government is getting involved in the kindness business.  They are dictating to me, and to all of us, the terms under which we have to take care of our neighbors.  This administration, and this government, believe their job is to tell me how to be a moral person; that I must care for my fellow man, even if I don’t want to, and by force if necessary.

Is this true?  Sen. Cardin (D-MD) says yes.  In a townhall meeting, he stated, “I just think the overriding public interest is to require you and everyone in this country to have health insurance.”

If it was in the overriding public interest, we’d do it already.  The worst thing, for the Statist, is for you to use your mind.  So, they must work constantly to keep you on their task;  That Forced Universal Healthcare is in the public interest, that doctors are only after profits with no interest in helping your child, that you deserve healthcare, that it should be free to you, that those evil rich people will pay for it.  Just vote for us, and we’ll give you everything you want.

When the country was created, the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to give us liberty.  They were focused on one thing – freedom.  They constructed a constitution that clarified, and quantified our rights.  They recognized the need for government, and the evil that can happen if it goes unchecked.  They gave us three branches of government, and checks and balances.  When Ben Franklin was asked by a woman on the street what kind of government we were going to have, Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  It is obvious that the focus of the Founders was a government of, by and for the people, that was kept in check at all times.

The average life span at the time was 35 years.  They could have been very worried about the need for healthcare for all the new citizens.  They could have written into the constitution multiple provisions regarding government and healthcare, and how the government was to supply doctors and medicine to it’s people, free of charge and on demand.

But they didn’t.  Our forefathers did not risk life and limb, take on a dictatorial king, and then convince a new, fledgling nation to fight and die for a lower deductable. They fought for freedom.  They knew that Forced Universal Healthcare is not the purpose of government.  Government is there to protect our most inalienable rights – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Something the Statist would like you to forget.

It’s All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating…Yet Again!

A fantastic cartoon from 1934, entitled “Planned Economy or Planned Destruction”

Planned Economy or Planned Destruction

Amazingly accurate, incredibly prescient.  Note Stalin in the bottom right corner.  This cartoon, according to sources, was created in 1934.  The Great Depression was on, people were destitute, things were lousy – yet here is a cartoon that exhibits the same beliefs that a growing number of Americans feel.  You can not spend your way into prosperity.  Capitalism is good.  The Republic (and the rule of law) is always better than the oligarchy (and being ruled by a few.)  That the last thing we need is another “new deal.”

The past is trying to tell us something.

Most Important Documents

I have been a regular guest on The World with TJ McCormack recently.  During one of the shows, TJ asked me what I would consider important reading.  I thought it was a great question, and was amazed that I never had a list here.

At the bottom of, there is a new section called Most Important Documents.  Slowly, I’ll be filling it with what I consider the things everyone should be reading.  Some of them will be free texts, some will be links to books I consider must reads.

If I link to a book, you should know that I am not being paid to do so.  If I own the book, I paid for it, or it was given as a gift to me for a birthday or some other event, but not as a Quid Pro Quo.  If I am ever offered, or accept, payment for a book review or a link, I will mention it.  If I suggest a book, I may add a link to Amazon so you can purchase it.  If so, I will let you know if I offer that link via an affiliate program.

I look forward to adding to the list over time.  For now, take a look, and give a read.  If you have a suggestion, add it in the comments.

They Love The Planet, Because They Love Your Cash

“We have become increasingly concerned that EPA and many other agencies and countries have paid too little attention to the science of global warming. EPA and others have tended to accept the findings reached by outside groups, particularly the IPCC and the CCSP, as being correct without a careful and critical examination of their conclusions and documentation…”

This statement, from the EPA, and released by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, says it all.  Cap and Trade is not about saving the planet.  If it was, lawmakers, and those who pray at the altar of the Church of Environmentalism, would be concerned that the bill in front of the House does near nothing to help the planet.  Lawmakers are not concerned with the planet, they are looking for new ways to tax the citizens, and by doing so, make them dependent on government for relief from those taxes.  Cap and Trade is about control, by government, of you.

If it weren’t so blatant, you’d think I was making this up.

Get the entire scoop from Michelle Malkin, and make sure you follow her on Twitter.  She has done an incredible job in gathering the information to help people get the full picture.  What is Cap and Trade, how are the politicians, like Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), lying to us and what this means for you, for me, and for America?

Call your Congressperson, now!

On The Air…Every Thursday

Every Thursday, at 8am PDT, I will be the guest of TJ McCormack on The World Of TJ McCormack on LA Talk Radio.  I do my first show tomorrow, and look forward to a great conversation with TJ, and with the listeners.  Ask me any question you want by calling the show at 1-323-203-0815,  email me or you can send me a tweet, and I’ll read your question on the air.

Thanks for being so supportive.  I look forward to brewing up some more content in the near future.

4th of July Celebration

Come celebrate the 4th of July with some like-minded Americans this year in the Los Angeles Area. We will be gathering in Pasadena at Memorial Park from 11am to 1pm. It will be a day of music, food (bring a picnic), conversation, education and lots of laughs. We’ll have speakers talking about the greatness of America, and what we can do to keep it going for generations to come.

All are invited – Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, Independents and anyone else I did not mention here. For more information, visit the page on Facebook. See you there!

The Speaker’s Self-Inflicted Nightmare

“It ain’t over til it’s over.” – Yogi Berra

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would like to think otherwise.  She would like to think that because she has decided to stop talking about it, that it is a dead topic, and no one else should be allowed to talk about it.

Talk about what?  Well, about whether or not she lied in a press conference when she stated that the CIA has misled Congress, and always misleads Congress, and about whether or not she lied in a press conference about when she was briefed regarding Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, and what was in those briefings.

The Speaker is having a really bad nightmare, and is now hoping the rest of us will have a great, big daydream.  When you accuse the CIA of lying to you, you need to be able to prove it.  It is unthinkable, and downright irrational, to believe that you can accuse the CIA of misleading Congress, then not expect to be asked questions about it….lots of questions about it.  Questions like:

“Can you prove that?”
“Do you have proof of that?”
“Does anyone else corroborate this?”
“What were you told?”
“Where do you buy your pants suits?”

The accusation, which the Speaker (in her infinite wisdom, or drug-induced stupor) put forth, without any provocation from those within the Democrat Party, is serious.  Very serious.  Gravely serious.  And it is irrational to think that the Speaker should not have to answer the basic questions.  Cutting off reporters by saying, “I stand behind my comments”, and refusing to speak further about the subject, is akin to a nine year-old girl with chocolate on her hands explaining what happened to the broken cookie jar on the floor by saying, “Uh-uhh.  I don’t know.  The Bush Administration did it!”

The Speaker is in a world of trouble.  And Democrats know it.  She maybe Speaker, but that does not make her impenetrable to the political realities.  This story, which she created, is not going away, and the rest of us aren’t going to have daydreams about pretty flowers, or a shirtless President Obama until we forget that the Speaker is quite possibly initiating a cover-up.  She needs to explain herself, and show viable proof that the CIA misled Congress, as well as viable proof that she was not briefed.  If she can’t provide these basics (basics any normal person would have when accusing the CIA of lying to you), then she must resign.

It ain’t over til it’s over, Speaker Pelosi.  The nightmare you started is still here.

My Speech in Van Nuys

Video of part of my speech at the Van Nuys Tea Party on April, 15th, 2009.  Much thanks to Jeff Varga for posting this clip.

Carthago Delenda Est!

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Speaking on May 17th

Westwood Tea PartySee you all at 3pm on Sunday, May 17th.  I will be speaking, along with some very smart and funny people (like Evan Sayet), at the Westwood Tea Party, to take on Propositions 1A-1F.  These Propositions are voted on in California on Tuesday, May 19th.

My talk, however, will focus on how far we have come, how far we can go, and laying out the case for Principle over Party.  Hope to see you there.  Be sure to say hello.

Cleaning Up

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My library of posts will be back up in the next few days, and new content will be coming soon.

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