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Socialism? Really?

Van Jones, the disgraced and discredited former Green Jobs Czar under President Obama, decided to ask rhetorically – in response to a question being asked to him about Marxism and the economy – “How’s that Capitalism working for you?”  He asked this question under the delusional belief that Capitalism is somehow the problem regarding the state of the economy.

Yesterday, reported that Venezuela, under their massively inept leader President Hugo Chavez, will begin rationing electricity this year.  From the article:

The new regulations came into effect January 1, with businesses required to comply with reduced consumption limits and authorities warning of forced power cuts and rate hikes if the measures are not followed.

So, let me ask the question now.  How’s that Socialism working for you?

(You can answer me when the power comes back on in your neighborhood.  I’ll wait.)

The Wise Guys Radio Show – Needs Your Help!

Below is a letter that has gone out across the country, letting everyone know of our new radio program – The Wise Guys Radio Show.  I hope we have your help in making this show great.  Spread the word as far as you can.



Victoria Jackson, Al Sonja Schmidt and Tony Katz are pleased to announce the creation of The Wise Guys Radio Show, and need your help to make it great!

The Wise Guys Radio Show is a two-hour look into politics and pop culture with an “inside” and unique, take on the subjects of the day. Victoria has done 20 appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, six seasons on Saturday Night Live, numerous film and television shows and is currently a blogger for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. Al Sonja is a former writer for In Living Color, and has written shows for NBC, FOX and Disney. Her children’s book, “Deb and Seby’s Real Deal on Global Warming” has been praised by many, including Dennis Miller and Walter Williams. Al Sonja is also commentator for PJTV. Tony has hosted many radio programs around Tampa Bay, provides new media strategy to congressional candidates, and has organized, and emceed, Tea Parties throughout the greater Los Angeles Area.

The Wise Guys are doing two test shows to prove that this is the show everyone will want to listen to. To make this show a daily reality, the Wise Guys need your help! Here’s how:

LISTEN TO THE SHOW!! Be a part of the audience on Thursday, December 17th and Friday, December 18th from 10am to 12noon PST. If in Santa Clarita/North San Fernando Valley, listen in at AM 1220 – KHTS. If online, visit and listen online. If you have any listening issues, then go to the radio station website,

Call in! They say that only 1% of a listening audience actually calls radio programs. We want to blow that statistic out of the water! You can call us at (661) 298-KHTS (5487). Give us your thoughts, and opinions. Talk about our subject, or ask a question of your own. Flood those phone lines, and be a part of the show.

Find us on Twitter and Facebook. You can send us questions, and comment about the show, on Twitter at . When commenting about the show, don’t forget to use the hashtag #WGRS. On Facebook, become a fan of The Wise Guys Radio Show, and leave your comments on our fan page. Both Twitter and Facebook will be in use throughout the show.

Tell your friends. If you know others who want to laugh, learn and be thoroughly entertained by like minded people, then you need to share this email with them.

Call the station, and let them know how great it was.
Call them at 661-298-1220
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Don’t know what to say? Try this:
Hi, my name is ___________ and I just wanted to say that I love the Wise Guys Radio Show. Thanks for putting them on the air. Will they be on five days a week? I’ll definitely be listening!
(If you want to be more effusive about how good the show is, go right ahead. If you live in Santa Clarita, be sure to let them know!!)

With your help, the show will be incredible, and unstoppable!!

See you Thursday and Friday!!!

The Wise Guys Radio Show
Tony, Vic and Al

The Bowing Insanity

When President Obama bowed to the Saudi King, I thought it abhorrent, ignorant and simply dumb.  However, it was nothing compared to the “explanation” that it wasn’t a bow, put forth by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and others throughout the administration, and the Obama camp.

When President Obama bowed to the Japanese Emperor, I thought it was just crazy.  I said, out loud, Is there not one person on Obama’s staff who is willing to look him in the eye and say ‘Mr. President, you do not bow to other world leaders.  Stop it!'”

When President Obama bowed to the Chinese President, I lost my mind, and sent out this tweet, which simple stated, “STOP BOWING YOU FOOL!”

Seems that there is a cartoonist named Glenn McCoy who is willing to do what President Obama’s staff is simply too scared, or too dumb, to do.


Sometimes, nothing is funnier – or scarier – than the truth.

Rally Time!

I have the pleasure of speaking at a rally in Los Angeles this weekend.

On Saturday, November 21st at 12noon, I will be at the Doctor and Patient Healthcare Rally at the Federal Building on Wilshire.  More than a Tea Party, this is being put on by doctors who wanted to share their views on Obamacare.  Listen to doctors on stage, and throughout the crowd, tell you what will happen if healthcare is government-run in the United States.  The event is being emceed by Hugh Hewitt, and I will be introducing him, as well as speaking on the subject of Americans and Healthcare.  The event is also being done in conjunction with Docs 4 Patient Care, which is sponsoring rallies around the country that day, and has all of the information on their website.  You can also see the Facebook page.

I hope to see you all there.  Please make sure to introduce yourself.

The same old Leftist playbook – Pin It On Palin!

A very obvious theme has developed fro the Statists last night.  The days of “Blame It On Bush” are over. We now live in the age of “Pin It On Palin!”

From The Huffington Post:
(Don’t forget to check out the “story” from Shannyn Moore.)

Huffington Post Screen Shot on Doug Hoffman and Sarah Palin

From The Daily Kos:

Screen Shot on Daily Kos about Hoffman and Palin

From Twitter:

@raquenel Well done Palin!  NY went to a Democrat.  Brilliant!
@sethmeyers21 NY-23 Palin-0
@akorengold (responding to someone else)…At least the Democrat won in NY-23.  #Sarah Palin’s powers are not as great as they might be.

Same old Leftist playbook.  Same old leftist play.

My Newest Sponsor

Everyone, meet Cheap Humidors.  I met them via Twitter, as they responded to a tweet I put out about cigars.  I told them about what I was doing, and they decided to jump on board.



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It’s Just The Beginning

Below is a letter I wrote to the members of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition.  While I am not a big believer in official tea party organizations, I wanted to relay some thoughts I had on what the next 365 days mean to all of us.

Feel free to share it as you see fit.

Hello all,

Just a reminder that, regardless of what happens today, it is only the beginning.  A first step, in what will need to be millions of steps, in order to bring about the kind of country that once again celebrates The Four Basics – Constitution, Capitalism, Fiscal Responsibility and Smaller Government.

For all of us, regardless of individual differences on policy, promotion or even personalities, and regardless of who the victors are tonight, we have 365 days to make the difference.  The “national” level will never mean as much as we do in our local communities.  We must keep our eyes on that local and statewide prize.  Empower fellow Americans to realize they can turn the country from this Statist slide, enable fellow Americans to start Tea Parties and discussion groups where they live, and provide information that allows fellow Americans to debate the issues with confidence, and contact their representatives with conviction.

This is only the beginning.  I wish us all well as the real journey begins today.  And I pray for our success.


Principle. Not Party.

Who would have ever thought that high noon would take place in Oswego, NY?  Who would have ever thought that in a place known as the New York 23rd Congressional District – which borders Vermont, Canada and Lake Ontario, that includes such big cities as Potsdam, Watertown, and Plattsburgh – the true story of tea parties would be told,  Americans would realize their undeniable power and politics as we know it in America would be knocked on its ear.

The backstory is simple.  The NY-23rd is a Republican stronghold, and has been for a number of years.  The previous US congressman, John McHugh, resigned in September to be come the new Secretary of the Army, and a special election is scheduled for November 3rd.  Two weeks before the election, in this highly Republican district, the Democrat, Bill Owens, has 33 percent of the vote.  Why is it that a Democrat is leading the way?  Well, that is a question for the GOP in the NY-23rd.  Their candidate, Dede Scozzafava, has 29 percent of the vote.

Enter Doug Hoffman.  He’s an accountant.  He’s running on the Conservative ticket.  Two weeks out, he has 23 percent of the vote.  And over the past week, he’s been endorsed by former Congressman Dick Armey, Steve Forbes, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman (R-MN), former Senator and presidental candidate Fred Thompson (R-TN), Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) and former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK).

Republicans not endorsing the Republican candidate?  Strange?  Odd?  A total collapse of GOP politics in the US?  No.  It’s very simple:

Principle.  Not Party.

The concept of “Principle.  Not Party.,” has been a central tenet of the Tea Party movement.  It requires us to view all candidates for elected office based on their words, their plans and their values.  No longer are Americans going to be dependent on an (R) or a (D) in front of the candidates name, nor will we feel any pangs of guilt or anguish for voting “third party.”  The Tea Party movement has emboldened, and enabled, every American to take serious stock of their candidates, and to vote for those who best represent their ideals.

The concept has confused as many as it has enamored.  Those who live with their head in the sand, in a politics as usual world, are shell-shocked – like the GOP in the NY-23rd.  They believed, through a veil of ignorance, and navel-gazing ego, that they could nominate anyone, and the vote was assured.  It didn’t matter that, like in the case of Scozzafava, the candidate has ties with ACORN through a group called the Working Families Party (she sought their endorsement in 2004 as Assemblywoman,) and is rumored to have discussed switching parties for this special election.

What mattered to the GOP is that they nominated a Republican, and that everyone will fall in line to vote for her.  Ignorantly, they paraded like The Queen in “Snow White”, claiming their candidate to be the fairest of them all.  None of them, however, dare look into the mirror.  They are victims of an ego driven past, worrying not about the voter, but rather their ill-timed sense of “getting along.”  So, they nominate a terrible candidate, and then sit back, believing that their base will once again do what they are told.  After all, what are you going to do – vote for the Democrat?

Principle.  Not Party.

However, those who have been aware, and awake, are not surprised at all.  They recognized that the GOP in the NY-23rd was playing in the realm of politics as usual, and reminded them that these are not politics as usual times.  The surging that  followed by the Conservative candidate Hoffman is not something of a miracle.  It is something of sheer will, total common sense and an undeniable reality, inspired by the power of the Tea Party Movement.  So undeniable, that it will forever shape the landscape of the GOP – and politics for all parties in the United States.  The American people are done with politics as usual, and the Tea Parties are the sole catalyst for this change.  A change that started in February of 2009, continued to April 15th, 2009, through the Town Hall Summer of 2009 and has continued since the march on DC on 9/12, the West Coast rally of 912West and the hundreds of Tea Parties throughout America since that first one in February.

This change is quantifiable, as opposed to simply a catchy slogan.  The Tea Parties demand an observance of (what I refer to as) The Four Basics:  The Constitution, Capitalism, Fiscal Responsibility and Smaller Government.  When a voter within the Tea Party movement looks at a candidate, they first look to those four basic principles.  If the candidate follows The Four Basics, then they are acceptable (but, by no means is a vote assured!)  From there, we look at other factors, and other candidates who also follow The Four Basics.  Candidates, elected officials and current “party” leaders who fail to recognize, and accept this as the new reality, will be tomorrow’s footnote.

One week out from the vote in the NY-23rd, the Conservative Hoffman is in the lead with 34% of the vote.  The Democrat Owens has 29% of the vote.  The Republican Scozzafava has 14% of the vote.  The reality is deafening, as the American voter is screaming.

Principle.  Not Party.

Antelope Valley Tea Party

The Antelope Valley Tea Party was a huge success.  Not for having a crowd like the big tea party in DC, or the event in LA on September 12th, but for actually putting it together.  For taking it upon themselves to reach out to their community, and bring people together to talk, learn, listen and recognize that they are not alone, they are not defenseless, they are not helpless.

Click here to listen (QuickTime)

Click here to listen (Windows)

This is audio of my speech at the Tea Party.  It is a conversation about the power of Tea Parties, Capitalism and the responsibility we all have to ourselves.  Much thanks to Beverly Huffman, for organizing the event, and to Jimmy Z. for getting a great audio recording of the speeches.

I’m Hosting…and going country!

I’m honored to have been asked, and thrilled to be hosting the first annual Republican Roundup in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 10th.  It is a great chance to meet elected officials, and those running for office, throughout Los Angeles County.  Show up, ask questions and get answers!  Let your elected officials, and those who want your vote, know the issues you find important.  This is a great opportunity to let your voice be heard.

You’ll also have the chance to meet up with people from all over the LA area.  I hope to see you there.  You can click on the poster below to get more information, and buy your tickets.

Republican Round-Up Flyer_Katz