Tony’s PopCorn Moment – Trump Is Negotiable On Illegals

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, during a recent interview said, “everything is negotiable” when referencing the 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. and their eligibility to stay.

He has room for negotiation on illegals in the United States? That might be news to his ardent supporters:

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Hey, Christie! Go Get Your Shinebox! – Tony’s PopCorn Moment

Inexplicably, New Jersey Governor, and former presidential candidate, Chris Christie, endorsed Donald Trump for president. And, as the video shows after Christie announced Trump at a recent event, it seems Chris is learning his place. Which is back on the plane, or back home, or wherever Trump tells him to go.

Either way, it ain’t pretty

Today’s Must Watch, Popcorn Worthy Video

Instead of just one, the Popcorn Moment is a twofer today. First, Rep. Nancy Pelosi admits that Iran will do bad things with the money being released to them due to the Iran Deal negotiated by President Obama. But, she doesn’t seem too concerned:

Pelosi on Iran’s $150 billion in sanctions relief: ‘They may’ do bad things with the money

Nancy’s not too worried.

What can beat that? Only Geraldo Rivera, who sees the world only in black and white:

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A CNBC Debate Recap Requires A Beer

Once I started talking about the GOP Debate on CNBC, I couldn’t stop. So many story lines – the terrible moderators, the terrible questions from the moderators, the terrible attitudes of the moderators.

Then, there were the brilliant responses from Sen. Cruz, and the unflappable strength of Sen. Marco Rubio. Gov. Chris Christie is back in form, and Donald Trump looked, well, focused.

And who would have expected Gov. Jeb Bush to try and start a street fight with Rubio? And who isn’t surprised that Bush looked horrible at the end of that exchange. Oh, and did you know that Gov. John Kasich is from Ohio?

This CNBC debate wrap-up required a beer. Come to think of it, it might take more than one.

Bacon Will Not Kill You

The World Health Organization has listed bacon as a carcinogen, along with beef. Translated, WHO is stating that bacon is as bad as asbestos and arsenic.

Luckily for free thinking people, it’s easy to note that WHO is a subset of the United Nations; The same United Nations that allows Libya and Cuba on their Commission on Human Rights. Should rational people trust such an organization?

WHO is run by Dr. Margaret Chan, who was in charge during the Ebola breakout; A breakout that left WHO without a proper response to Ebola, and left hospitals and other health organizations without leadership.

With that kind of track record, I suggest that all people start eating bacon immediately. Who are you going to trust? WHO, or your salivating taste buds?

The Public Abuse of Ahmed Mohamed by Father and Media

Ahmed Mohamed is famous (infamous?) for making a clock, bringing it to school and being handcuffed for it. At least, that’s what many in the main stream media will say as they scream loudly about Islamophobia, and other pretend concepts.

Ahmed never made anything; there was no “invention.” He took apart a clock, and put it back together in a pencil case. It looked like a bomb. He then took it to multiple teachers, even when told not to, in hopes of getting the negative attention he was (clearly) seeking.

Ahmed Mohamed and The Butcher of Darfur

Ahmed Mohamed and The Butcher of Darfur

Bring on the press, and a fame-loving father. Soon after, it was appearances on tv stations across America, a paid trip to Mecca and a meeting with the President of Sudan – known to you and me as the Butcher of Darfur. Then came the meeting with President Obama, at Obama’s invitation.

And now, Ahmed and his family have decided to move to Qatar to further his studies.

But this story was never about Ahmed. It was always about the complicit press, and Ahmed’s fame-loving whore father.

14 year-old kids decide to meet with terrorist leaders? They decide to move to Qatar? Even the clock itself; From the beginning, the story seemed off. Odd. Forced. Then you learned that the father had a long history of promoting Islamophobia in the United States.

Ahmed is not the decider of his fate. Rather, he is a pawn in it. I don’t know what the future of Ahmed holds (he may turn out fine or may turn out awful,) but, clearly, his fame-whore father is guilty of child abuse. He has used his son as a human shield, as propaganda, as a prop.

And far too many in the complicit main stream media have cheered the abuse, every step along the way.

Video Not Found

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New York Post Contributor Michael Walsh Talks Trump With Tony Katz

Michael Walsh’s latest piece in the New York Post on Donald Trump, the use of plants by Jeb Bush and the possible “plot” against him, has gone viral.

Walsh, the author of The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West, joined me to talk about how frightened the GOP is of Trump and the possibility of him getting the nomination.

We also discussed whether Trump was smart in going after former President George W. Bush, basically blaming him for September 11th.

How Hillary Clinton Proved She Doesn’t Know Anything About Capitalism, And Is Very Proud Of It

Hillary doesn’t know what capitalism is. She doesn’t understand how it works. And, if you asked her how she would reign in the “excesses” of capitalism, any answer she would give would be untrue.

Why? Because there are no excesses of capitalism.

From my original post:

Capitalism is good. Capitalism saves lives, builds wealth and makes lives better. This is clear. History has proven it. The science is settled. There are no such things as excesses of capitalism. It’s not real.

If there is an excess of capitalism, it means somebody out there has to determine what’s the right amount to make and, then, what’s the excess. And Hillary Clinton thinks she’s the person with the moral compass to determine what’s enough, and what’s excess.


The GOP Search for Perfection Would Leave Out Jesus

The GOP, and to an extent Conservatives, are looking for perfection in their candidates heading into the 2016 Presidential election. They want, it would seem, a flawless candidate.The problem is that flawless candidates don’t exist. If Jesus was the candidate, even he would have a hard time convincing Republicans that he was good enough.

The chase for a candidate who has everything will leave the GOP with nothing. Baby steps, if started now, can lead to a long and prosperous future for Republicans, and America.

From the show:

The answer is, yes, it (the vacation) has something to do with the backlash. With those who were disgusted by her debate performance. But I have heard now that Megyn Kelly has gotten death threats over her debate performance.

If a Trump supporter sends Megyn Kelly a death threat over her debate performance, that’s fanaticism. And the biggest problem the party is facing right now is fanatacism. Absolutism. Litmus tests over the acceptable amounts of Conservatism one has.

Take a look at Planned Parenthood. Look at those people who are pro-life. They are going to miss this very important moment of defunding Planned Parenthood. You’ve got to say to yourself, “…if you can’t get everything, you’ve got to at least get something!” The Absolutists are going to jump over defunding Planned Parenthood to get rid of abortion. What the party has to start doing – Conservatives and Republicans -is that they have to start recognizing what they can get. “What can we win today?,” they should ask. And then, win it.

The Progressive Left wants single-payer healthcare. But, they got Obamacare. Ok, now they’ll keep moving toward single-payer. Piece by piece. Bit by bit. It’s called Incrementalism. They don’t stop moving towards their goals, they are just willing to accept the small victories that happen along the way. And, for them, it’s working.

In one swing, Republicans and Conservatives are not going to outlaw abortion in the United States. But they can, at this step, defund Planned Parenthood because they sell baby body parts. And America, in the main, doesn’t accept the selling of baby body parts. It disgusts them. 

Isn’t that a good first step? Or are you such an Absolutist that you can’t understand how to move something down the line? The country isn’t prepared to outlaw abortion, but they could very well be prepared to defund Planned Parenthood. If that’s not a first step, isn’t it at least a good step? Why would you deny that opportunity? Because you have to do it all? You have to outlaw it? You can’t! Not in one swing.

This type of attitude is exactly what’s happening in the 2016 GOP field.  Absolutism. A candidate has one issue, and they’re out. So we’re clear, Jesus ain’t running in this election. And if he was, Republicans and Conservatives wouldn’t vote for him. Why? Too Jewish. They will find a flaw with everyone.

Those people who want to move a non-progressive into the Oval Office have to get off the perfection idea, and have to get on to the Incrementalism idea. You elect someone today, and you elect someone better tomorrow.

The Tilt of America, as I call it, started in 1913, with direct election of Senators, with the creation of the Fed and with the creation of the income tax. Progressivism has continued its Incrementalism from there. It is 102 years later; it’s going to take time to get back.

Republicans and Conservatives want to right the country in one swing. That won’t work, because that’s not the way it works. To win, you need a long term plan, you need to work the plan, you need to accept small victories while working towards larger victories and you need to get started.

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