248 – CNN Relies On Racism To Attack Kanye West, The Mob Is The Correct Term and The Powerpuff Girls Get On Birth Certificates

Sometimes, even Tony Katz can’t say it as well as a clip from the cable networks can (but he can explain what they mean better than anyone!) Especially when it’s CNN being so far removed from decency and reality. Like what? Like repeatedly claiming that liberals who surround cars of elderly men or who scream and Sen. Ted Cruz in a restaurant are not a mob. (They won’t even call it a mob. Some refer to it as the “M-word.” Really.)

Also like what? Like a panel run by Don Lemon referring to Kanye West as an uneducated “negro.” Yes! Really!

And New York City now allows you to put “X” instead of male or female on your birth certificate. Yes…..really.

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Tony Katz is the host of The Morning News with Tony Katz on 93.1FM WIBC (Indianapolis.) Working his way through current events and pop culture, Tony entertainingly exposes media hypocrisy and makes the complex easy to understand. Different than other talk show hosts, Tony focuses on right vs. wrong, instead of right vs. left. Follow him on Twitter @tonykatz. Listen to Tony Katz Monday - Friday, 5-9am on 93.1FM WIBC and WIBC.com

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