Month: October 2022

The Midterms: GOP Sharing Their Vision Better Than Dems to America – The Show with Tony Katz

It really is incredible to watch. The Republicans in state after state are doing a better job of sharing their vision of America – a non-woke America that has low inflation and takes crime seriously – better than the Democrats.

And the Left can’t believe it.

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“Weakness Invites Aggression” – An Interview with Rep Jim Banks

Representative Jim Banks (IN-3) joined us to discuss Biden’s comments on Russia and Armageddon. We discuss foreign policy, the conflict in Ukraine, and what happens when America projects weakness across the world.

Rep Banks is demanding the Air Force explain how Jennifer Ruth Green’s military records were stolen. 

Also, what does the Congressman predict for 2022 midterm elections?

Biden’s Inflation Is Undeniable. So he Blames Republicans — The Show with Tony Katz

We’ve now entered the comical when it comes to the US economy. Inflation is up, and has no signs of slowing. Rates will continue to go up well into 2023. Food and Energy prices are at all time highs, with numbers at their highest in 40 years.

And President Biden wants you to know – it’s all fine. But if you vote for Republicans, it will get much worse.

It would be comical, if it wasn’t all so insane.

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Latinos Are Voting for Republicans. Progressives Are Shocked! – The Show with Tony Katz

It is amazing, think Progressives, that Latinos, or any other “oppressed” group could vote for Republicans and not Democrats. But that’s just the problem. They see people as groups and not people, who have their own thoughts and ideas.

Now, polling backs up what many of us have been seeing for years. Being a part of the Progressive group has only hurt America. And many people, regardless of their “group,” are making better decisions for their future.

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