Month: August 2022

The Natalie Portman Mini Series Did Not Get Threatened – The Show with Tony Katz

The story goes that a group demanded $50,000 from a production in Baltimore starring Natalie Portman, or else it would kill someone.

Later reporting shows it was a disgruntled street vendor who threatened a driver, and not some type of organization making a threat.

The real horror is that the story, when first reported, was totally believable. Just look at the threats from President Biden, and the recent vandalism of a GOP HQ in Florida.

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Tony Katz: CNN Needs a Return to Their Roots

Katz calls on CNN to return to its roots as a news outlet after the network canceled “Reliable Sources.”

Absolutely NOTHING Is Normal – The Show with Tony Katz

Gas prices are still hovering near $4 a gallon. The New York Post says its cheaper to eat in a restaurant than to cook at home. The housing market feels it is in a recession. 3,100 flights got cancelled in one day in August.

The Biden Administration wants to tout victories going into the midterms, and media is using recent polling to try and bolster their case.

America, right now, ain’t buying.

Gen X Is The Calm In the Storm – The Show with Tony Katz

Inflation is affecting everything and everyone. But it’s Gen X that isn’t freaking out. Gen X isn’t raising the retirement account, they are padding it. They aren’t spending, they’re cutting back.

Boomers and Millennials? Aren’t they the worst?

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What Really Matters: CNN and the Loss of Rep. Walorski

Rep. Jackie Walorski was killed in a car accident today, along with two of her staffers – Zachery Potts, 27, and Emma Thomson, 28 – along with the driver of the other car. It’s a horrible scene and a horrible story. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emma, and Rep. Walorski was a frequent guest on my radio show.

CNN is in a ratings freefall. And one clip will show you why.

But why both of these stories? One is about what really matters, and one is about what people tell you matters….but we know better.

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