Month: July 2022

The Biden Administration Lies on Recession Are Fooling No One.

You gotta give it to the Biden Administration. They tried hard to get Americans to believe that we are not in a recession. They tried hard to change the definition of what a recession is.

But Americans aren’t buying. Hell, even the MSM isn’t buying. Why? Because they know that Biden is a losing proposition, and they can’t risk political capital on someone who won’t be the nominee in 2024

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Redefining Recession – an interview with Dr. Matt Will

GDP fell once again, marking the second straight quarterly decline- a recession. Why are we supposed to pretend otherwise? Economist at the University of Indianapolis, Dr. Matt Will joins us to discuss.

How do you say politely that someone is lying?

Sue Joy Behar of The View, and Don’t Stop Until She Stops

What Joy Behar said about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Turning Point USA is disgusting. The “apology” from The View? Nonsense.

Turning Point was right to send a cease and desist letter. But we may be at the moment where defamation lawsuits are very necessary. This was more than political disagreement; this was character assassination, lying and defamation.

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Biden’s New Plan: Change The Definition of Recession

Everyone knows the economy is in a bad spot. It’s good to see gas prices going down, but inflation is still sky high and not going anywhere. Suplly chain issues are nowhere near being resolved. Even Democrat experts are discussing stagflation.

So what is the Biden team doing? Quietly – and not so quietly – changing the definition of recession so they can keep pretending that everything is fine. And everything is not fine.

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Kurt Schlichter on The Fall and Rise of America – Tony Katz Today

Get Kurt’s latest book, We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America:

The Latest Jan 6th Hearing STILL Doesn’t Tell Us Anything New – The Show with Tony Katz

These hearings are ugly. They claim to be the factual record, but without rebuttal or cross examination, what they look like are Russia-style, banana republic nonsense.

Nothing new has been learned. Many believe former President Trump didn’t move fast enough to stop the riot, and we know that many in Trump’s inner circle wanted him to speak sooner and louder to end events at the Capitol.

Two things can be true at the same time. Trump didn’t act fast enough. And these hearings are just ugly and unAmerican.

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Tony Katz Nominated for a Marconi!

I’ve been nominated for a Marconi for Personality of The Year and WIBC is nominated for Station of The Year!

Thank you all for your support!

The Biggest Indicator That the Recession Is Here – The Show with Tony Katz

There’s an expression in Indiana, and in other places as well: So Goes The RV Business, So Goes The Economy.

OK, I might be paraphrasing a bit, but the sentiment is very real. When the RV business is good, the economy is usually solid. When the RV business is bad, it’s bad for everyone.

In Goshen, IN, one RV manufacturer just announced it is laying off 300 people. That is the biggest indicator yet that a recession is around the corner…if not already here.

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How Pawn Shops Are The Best Indicator That Biden Has Failed The Economy

The Biden Administration keeps pushing the easy-to-debunk lie that the economy is strong. THey have even said we should be thankful for all the work Biden has done to keep gas prices low!

But take a look at the pawn shops, and those business that are buying gold and jewelry. They will tell you – and show you – how the American people are struggling to make ends meet in this massive inflation.

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