Month: June 2022

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Is Upset That SCOTUS is Making Her DO HER JOB – The Show with Tony Katz

Her tweet says it all: SCOTUS rules that the EPA is going outside of its authority, and she is infuriated by the ruling. She wants the EPA (and all agencies?) to make arbitrary rules based on ideology and force Americans to live the way she wants.

But the agencies are usurping the elected representatives of the people. And she likes that! So, I have some advice for her: Quit. Let someone else do your job.

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Wanda Sykes To The Midwest: You Don’t Count, so Shut Up and Grow Our Food!

Comic Wanda Sykes thinks the problem with America is the “stuff” in the Midwest. Stuff, of course, means the Americans who don’t live in New York or California. Why, she asks with all the smugness of a typical elitist, do “those people” get a say in anything?

This is a great example of the hate so many Progressives have for America. And exactly why the Electoral College and free speech need to be protected.

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Roe V Wade Will Not Be The Big Story For The Midterm Elections – And Here’s The Proof

Many have theorized that the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe V Wade will have a huge impact on the midterm elections in November.

I don’t think that’s true, and here is why: Follow. The. Money.

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Roe Is Overturned. Here Is Why

The Supreme Court ruling 6-3 to overturn Roe Vs. Wade. Why? Not because the Court is taking a position on abortion, but because the Constitution does not protect abortion as a right. The Court is about the Constitution, not culture. And the Left hates that.

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Is This The Most Ignorant Defense Of Biden’s Gas Prices?

We all know that Twitter is a cesspool. It’s nothing but anger and vitriol and pseudo-experts on every subject. And, in my day, I’ve received a lot of ridiculous tweets.

But this one, defending Biden and explaining away high gas prices? This might be the most ignorant, laughable and frightening tweet I have ever received!

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Biden Again Gets Angry Because YOU Won’t Love Him – The Show with Tony Katz

The economy is in bad shape, and is only getting worse. Yet, President Biden gets angry when you notice. And his “economic team” keeps trying to sell America on the idea that everything is going great.

Biden’s temper is a problem. The Administration’s disconnect with the American people is ridiculous.

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Nothing Distracts Americans From The Economy, but They Still Push Jan. 6 – The Show with Tony Katz

The Fed has increased interest rates by 3/4 point. It’s the most since 1994, and they are not done yet.

The markets like the move, because brining down inflation helps it grow. But the rest of us suffer with insane prices and limited access to capital while it happens.

And Progressives? They want you to think that Jan 6 is still the most important subject. They are purposefully ignoring reality to sell us all on their revenge fantasy. Are Americans buying it?

The Kids Are Not Alright – Tony Katz Today LIVE

Twitter and others are trying desperately to cancel the account of Libs of Tik Tok. Those who beleive in letting kids “decide” their gender hate anyone who exposes them….even when using their own words!

The kids are not alright, and America has to decide whether or not they are going to help.

Why Does Biden Keep Lying About The Economy?

At this point, every American understands that President Biden is just lying about the state of the economy. From inflation to the cause of rising gas prices to supply chain issues, President Biden keeps trying to sell us on the idea that everything is going well.

We aren’t watching incompetence. We are watching an administration that proudly thinks its ideology is more important than the American people.

The January 6th Primetime Propaganda Madness – LIVE!

The Democrats have taken their January 6th Committee to prime time. And Tony is watching it…and talking about it…as it happens.

Is there anyone in America who will really be moved by the spectacle of this event? Is it about the nation, or is it all just a witch hunt meant to destroy former President Trump