Month: May 2022

Officers Didn’t Enter The Building. This is Unacceptable. – Tony Katz Today

Police did not enter Robb Elementary School while there was an active shooter present. They kept parents out. What happened here?

The Texas Shooting, Indiana Trans Veto, and Taiwan – An Interview with Rep. Jim Banks

There has been a tremendous activity this week- Robb Elementary Shooting in Texas, Primary elections, Indiana’s Trans sports veto and more. We discuss all of these topics and more with Indiana Representative Jim Banks.

The Purpose Driven Life – An Interview With Noah Rothman

What happens when you remove purpose, vision, and personal responsibility from someone’s life? What happens when you isolate people?

We speak with Noah Rothman, Editor at Commentary and contributor for MSNBC, about his latest piece for Commentary, ‘Leave Lincoln Out of This’ which examines the Robb Elementary shooting and media reactions.

Plus we discuss nihilism, purpose and responsibility in society and culture.

Read Noah’s latest at Commentary Magazine – Leave Lincoln Out of This:

Get Noah Rothman’s book ’The Rise of The New Puritans’ at Amazon:

Political Response to TX Shooting – An Interview with Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms

We speak with Cam Edwards of about the shooting in Texas at Robb Elementary and the knee-jerk political responses from representatives and candidates.

Beto INTERRUPTS Gov. Abbott Press Conference on Uvalde Shooting

Gov Greg Abbott was giving updates on the shooting that left 19 children dead, when Democrat perennial candidate Beto O’Rourke took the opportunity to grab the spotlight and blame Abbott for what happened.

The ugliness of politics has never been so apparent. Nor has the unwillingness to engage.

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New NATO Membership Requests and Nation Building in Ukraine – an interview with Representative Spartz

Sweden and Finland are looking to join NATO, saying that Russia isn’t the threat they thought it once was. On Ukraine, another $40 Billion has just gone out the door. Are we getting into nation rebuilding in Ukraine? We speak with Representative Victoria Spartz about the Ukraine conflict, NATO, and the latest relief spending package.

Cawthorn Is Out, and Other Primary Surprises

Rep. Madison Cawthorn loses his primary in North Carolina, and its a crazy tight race in Pennsylvania. What do we learn from these elections? And what does it mean for November?

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Pennsylvania Primaries and Magic Formula Relief!

And just like that – The Biden Administration will allow Abbott Labs to reopen their production facility, getting baby formula to parents who need it.

Why did it take this long? Perhaps it’s because government (in this case, the FDA) is the problem.

And the Pennsylvania primaries happen today, and the Republicans have a mess on their hands.

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The Inflation/Baby Formula Blame Game Continues! – The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

Over the weekend, the Biden Administration sent Sec. Buttigieg on to the Sunday shows to explain why inflation is Jeff Bezos’ fault and the baby formula shortage is the fault of capitalism.

Wait? Really?

Watch and see for yourself!

The Morning Rumble is Presented by Americans For Prosperity

The Baby Formula Shortage Explained – an interview with Matt Stoller of American Economic Liberties Project

The nation is struggling with a baby formula shortage. We have heard the White House advise calling your doctor and blame the shortages on hoarding, but there is more to this story. We speak with Matt Stoller of American Economic Liberties Project about the baby formula monopoly, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of Agriculture.