Everything Russia Does Is A Lie — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:
We address some listener feedback: Why aren’t we discussing the burner phone?
Rep. Matt Gaetz submitted the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop into congressional record.
Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo on “equity” in business.
Bernie Sanders on the wealthy can only be described as jealousy. He has created nothing, he is a taker. He does not believe in innovation or growth.
A discussion with Dr Matt Will about the state of the US Economy, the job market and the quits rate. We are seeing what happens when the government pays people to work.
The California Reparations Task Force voted to limit reparation payments to descendants of black Americans in the 19th century.
The Biden White House does not believe in your Parental Rights. We discuss DEI, a Florida Teacher and a Disney President.

The Big Story:
Putin declaring a reduction in attacks on Kyiv does not mean a reduction in attacks on Ukraine. Meanwhile, we are seeing attacks in Kyiv picking up, not slowing down. Because everything Russia does is a lie.