Month: March 2022

Does The Disney Customer Want Wokeness? — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:
Susan Collins is a ‘yes’ vote, which means Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be confirmed to the Supreme Court.
The lies and deceit of Putin. You cannot trust Russia.
The hosts of The View are worried that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is dragging the Democrat party too far to the left.
Dana Perino had the best take of the Biden White House walk backs we have heard. How did the White House walk back Biden’s statements before asking Biden about his statement?
Chris Rock has done his first show since the Oscars Slap. Plus, reports of how the Academy handled the slap incident are
Another edition of ’Say It Ain’t So, Joe!’ – The Kamala Harris Special!

The Big Story:
My appearance on NewsNation discussing Disney’s reaction to the Florida parental rights bill was must-see TV. We discuss why people insist on calling the Florida legislation the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Who is Disney making decisions for? Does the Disney Customer want this? We speak to Kira Davis about how wokeness leads to brokeness.

The Most Valuable Biden Commentary Heard So Far — Tony Katz Today

President Biden made a series of gaffes on his tour of Europe, including calling for a regime change in Russia. The White House claims you didn’t hear what you heard, but you know better. Dana Perino, Fox Host and former White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, explains the bigger problem with the White House walk backs.

Dana Perino has offered a look at the walk backs that we have not heard yet. The Administration walked back the President’s statement without the knowledge or approval of the President. Who is in charge?

Disney Wokeness Is Bad Business — An Interview with Kira Davis

Kira Davis, Editor-at-large at and host of the Just Listen To Yourself podcast, joins Tony to discuss the woke decision from Disney and how it IS NOT a business decision.

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Political Foundations are a Grift — Tony Katz Today

The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children raked in $3.9 million in 2020, but the organization put only $544,961 in 2020 toward its stated purpose of protecting children from abuse, according to tax filings.
Where did the money go, you ask?

Get more on this story from The New York Post:

Everything Russia Does Is A Lie — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:
We address some listener feedback: Why aren’t we discussing the burner phone?
Rep. Matt Gaetz submitted the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop into congressional record.
Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo on “equity” in business.
Bernie Sanders on the wealthy can only be described as jealousy. He has created nothing, he is a taker. He does not believe in innovation or growth.
A discussion with Dr Matt Will about the state of the US Economy, the job market and the quits rate. We are seeing what happens when the government pays people to work.
The California Reparations Task Force voted to limit reparation payments to descendants of black Americans in the 19th century.
The Biden White House does not believe in your Parental Rights. We discuss DEI, a Florida Teacher and a Disney President.

The Big Story:
Putin declaring a reduction in attacks on Kyiv does not mean a reduction in attacks on Ukraine. Meanwhile, we are seeing attacks in Kyiv picking up, not slowing down. Because everything Russia does is a lie.

We Don’t Need Teachers Telling Students About Their Personal Lives — Tony Katz Today

The Parental Rights Law in Florida protects young children from learning adult topics, such as sexual orientation and gender identity, in school without the parent’s consent. Unfortunately the White House does not believe that parental rights matter. A Florida teacher is very upset about the legislation because he wants to be able to talk “about his home life” to his students.

Why would an adult want to tell a child about their personal sex life? Why would a teacher want to teach a second grader about gender identity? Also, why do you think the White House so focused on Ron DeSantis?

Hollywood Loves Slapping People, The White House is SCARED of DeSantis — The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

This economy is not going well. Why does the White House continue to say otherwise?

Speaking of the White House, how scared are they of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis? The answer: Very.

And we are not done with Will Smith/Chris Rock slap fallout, as Stephen Colbert proves that Hollywood’s call for decency is just bogus.

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Joe Biden is Spinning For His Life — Tony Katz Today Podcast

On This Episode:

The fuel shortage at Austin Airport due to increased travel. Supply chain issues are real, and getting more dangerous all the time.

Rumors are circling about Democrats removing Biden from office with the 25th Amendment. So we can have President Harris?

A group called Child Advocates in Indianapolis is suggesting Critical Race Theory readings to “help” children. Teaching children bigotry, division, and hate is not helpful.

A Florida mom is suing her school district for social transitioning her 13 year-old daughter without parental knowledge. We have to protect our kids.

The Big Story:

The unbelievable spin job from the Biden White House and the Media about the $6T budget, the economy, and his latest disastrous series of gaffes. He is getting aggressive with reporters who ask him about the numerous mixed messages we’ve seen from Biden.

Biden is trying to walk-back what he said by denying he said what he said. This is worse than walking-back, this is incompetence.

Biden and Will Smith Are Spinning….Down The Drain! — The Morning Rumble with Tony Katz

The Biden Administration is in full spin mode, trying to undo the damage done from President Biden’s four day trip to Europe. Biden can’t believe that you would actually believe what he says!

Will Smith has apologized for slapping Chris Rock. But the damage is already done….right?

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Will Smith vs Chris Rock — Tony Katz Today

What happened at the Oscars between Will Smith and Chris Rock? Who was in the wrong? Was it staged or not? What is the big story here? We break it all down for you right here on Tony Katz Today.