Your Morning TK Top 3 – Tuesday, February 1st

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1 – Whoopi Goldberg says the Holocaust was not about race, from Daily Wire

Tony Says –

This isn’t just wrong. It’s absurdly wrong. And I do not want Whoopi cancelled for it. Rather, let’s make sure America understands what’s happening here. First, the Nazis were trying to create a master race and though of/referred to Jews as an inferior race. Of course it was about race, not, as Whoopi called it, “man’s inhumanity to man.”

Second, look how far Whoopi will go to only allow racism in America be the only kind of racism we can discuss. She’s willing to pervert history to keep her narrative afloat. She has apologized, but the conversation is far bigger.

2 – Gov. Gavin Newsom is a fraud, from Fox News

Tony Says –

Newsom, Mayor Breed, Speaker Pelosi – is there something about California elitists that make them think they can get away with anything? I guess….because they’re still getting away with it! They don’t wear masks in public, but force you – and our kids!- to wear masks all over the place.

End this madness. Take the masks off your kids, today!

3 – The NFL Playoffs turn into who can raise the most for charity, from News Nation

Tony Says –

This started a few years back with the Bills Mafia and the Baltimore Ravens; a kind gesture after a hard fought game where donations were made to one of Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s favorite charities. Now, it’s becoming an amazing competition between cities. After the Bills lost that OT heartbreaker to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chiefs fans donated to a fund named after Bills QB Josh Allen’s mother, raising over $300K! Now, Cincinnati fans are donating to a food pantry in Kansas City after defeating the Chiefs to go to the Super Bowl.

It’s all very, very cool.

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