Month: December 2021

The 2021 Dummy Awards

It’s the 4th annual Dummy Awards! Each year, Tony Katz and Producer Ari go over the dumbest, most ridiculous, nonsensical comments that politicos have made. This year, the list of nominees is quite impressive. Tony and Ari recap the nominees and what exactly they did to deserve a Dummy nomination. Who wins? Listen to find out

The Proper Way to Send Hate Mail

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in awhile Tony Katz will get pieces of hate mail sent to the studio. If there is one thing that Tony appreciates is engaging in conversation, so criticisms and opposing comments aren’t tossed away, but instead discussed. The president of the station Tony broadcasts on was sent a piece of hate mail directed towards Tony Katz. There is a right way and a wrong way to engage in debate or discussion and Tony describes how it should work.

Anyone Can Vote- No Citizenship Required!

The city of New York is allowing anyone to vote in elections. You don’t even need to be a citizen. The only requirement is having lived within the city limits for 30 days. Tony Katz says this new law not only makes voter fraud more likely, it openly encourages it. How long before New York allows people from other states or countries to vote in their elections?

New York Wants to Live in a Dystopian Nightmare

Mayor Bill de Blasio is determined to run New York into the ground before he leaves office. The Mayor announced that everyone ages 12-and-up will be required to be fully vaccinated in New York. Tony Katz is a native New Yorker and he is fully prepared to never return.

Let’s Go Bourbon! The New Book From Tony Katz

I’m thrilled that my new book, Let’s Go Bourbon! is now available for sale at Amazon.

Many of you know that in addition to my daily radio shows, I host Eat! Drink! Smoke!, a lifestyle show that talks about food and reviews cigars and bourbon. The two hour weekly show – done with my co-host, Fingers Malloy – is heard on stations across the country.

We’ve been working writing a book for a while, but we knew that going deep into the history of bourbon wasn’t what we were looking for. We wanted something interesting, engaging, enjoyable, useful and not too expensive.

So, we started the Let’s Go! series. And Let’s Go Bourbon! is the first in that series. It has bourbon history, recipes you need to know by heart, quotes from the famous and infamous about bourbon and drinking, an explanation of the laws that govern bourbon, definitions of commonly used terms so you know what people are talking about and some questionable life advice.

BUY YOUR COPY TODAY! It’s the perfect Christmas gift for the bourbon or whiskey enjoyer in your family.

Rep. Banks: There Is NOT a Vaccine Database Bill

Rep. Jim Banks raised some eyebrows when he was one of several members of the GOP who voted for what some were calling a “vaccine database.” Tony Katz spoke to Rep. Banks about the Bill and how the reports of this “vaccine database” are not, in fact, reality. Tony also spoke to Rep. Banks about the jobs report