Month: October 2021

Gay Bars and Lap Dances: Here’s What’s Going on In Schools

A kindergarten class was taken on a field trip to a gay bar. A high school homecoming event turned into students stripping off their clothes and giving teachers lap dances. Confused? Tony Katz is tool. Let’s walk through this and try and figure out just what the hell is going on in our schools.

KATZ: Alec Baldwin Is Culpable For “Rust” Movie Set Shooting

After the tragic shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie, “Rust”, we waited to see what an investigation would tell us. The original story reported that Alec Baldwin firing a gun was simply an accident. Now that more has come out, Tony Katz explains what steps should have been taken and who is responsible for the death of Halyna Hutchins.

Katz: Don’t Work For Someone Who Is a Jerk

Growing up, Tony Katz had many jobs, but refused to work for someone who put their employees in a subservient position. As a restaurant employee, Tony was berated by his boss and swiftly quit. That experience taught Katz a lot about how to view yourself as an employee.

Tony discusses his experiences working with others and how he learned to view himself as an asset, instead of an employee. This conversation goes through how employees and employers interact and the best way to leverage your own talent

Parents Won’t Stand For Mandatory Child Vaccinations

The state of California is issuing a vaccine mandate for all schools. While we’ve seen businesses mandate that their employees get the shot, there hasn’t been a massive push for mandatory vaccines for children, until now. Parents will fight tooth and nail for their kids and the medical decisions of their own children. How parents respond in California will have a ripple effect across the country. Tony Katz discusses what parents will be willing to do to protect their kids.

Is The NFL Facing Bigger Problems After Gruden Emails Leak?

Las Vegas Raiders head coach, Jon Gruden was forced to resign after sexist, racist and homophobic emails he had sent were leaked out. Now the NFL players association is asking for all the emails to be released to survey what else was said. Could there be anything that the NFL doesn’t want getting out? Tony Katz and Producer Ari go over the potential conspiracy.

Was Getting Rid of Mean Tweets Worth It?

The Biden Presidency is now almost 10 months old. We’ve seen what Joe Biden has to offer throughout his first year and people don’t seem too thrilled. Tony Katz has a question for all the suburban soccer moms who just couldn’t stand for anymore of Donald Trump,

“How are you feeling about that choice today?”

With the 2022 mid terms approaching, it is the suburban soccer mom who can determine what happens and what kind of people we elect.

Chef Andrew Gruel: Bad Policy and Fear-Mongering Media Badly Hurt Restaurants

Chef Andrew Gruel has been a must watch on social media. Through his Twitter account, Chef Gruel has spoken openly and clearly about Covid-19 policy in America, and how it has often made no sense. Further, he has objected to how media outlets blame bars and restaurants for Covid-19 spread, when the science shows that your favorite restaurant is not the cause at all.

Chef Gruel spoke with Tony Katz about the future of the restaurant industry, what it takes to survive in this market and his charitable outfit helping the service industry,