On Vaccines, Masks, and Mandates: The post- Americanism and Fear, Incorporated

I have stated – and I am in no way trying to reshape the words I’ve written, posted on social media or explained via my radio shows – that doctors and data show that the Covid-19 vaccines have been helpful in preventing death amongst vaccinated people. I’m fine with people getting vaccinated. But I do not support force: I support choice. Whether you get vaccinated or not is completely up to you, including whether or not you consult with your doctor.

When I came across this piece at National Review, I thought I could have written it. Michael Brendan Dougherty explains that the fear Americans are being hammered with will only end when we stop looking to so-called experts and failed institutions for their “help:”

This is a question of politics — political culture, the authority of normal life versus the respected authorities in charge of public health. Public-health authorities don’t know how to stop giving you extra-restrictive advice. And they can’t learn how to stop giving it if we don’t learn how to stop asking for it. Or until we start ignoring what they say, and start punishing politicians who translate their guidance into nuisances.

– Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review Online

I generally agree with his overall point, and wanted to further elaborate on my point above. I oppose forced vaccination. I find those who favor employers demanding their employees get vaccinated disgusting. It’s more than just a strong disagreement; the people who advocate for forced vaccination believe in an America that is anything but America.

I support those who have already had Covid deciding that they do not need the vaccine. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY, and a doctor in his own right) has long been discussing the value of natural immunity, meaning those who already have had Covid-19 have natural antibodies – natural immunities – that keep them safe. Forcing those people to get a vaccine seems backwards and irrational. I also support the use of monoclonal antibodies, or other therapeutics that a citizen and their doctor decide to take.

To that end, I support a citizen and their doctor deciding to use hydroxychloroquine. I support a citizen and their doctor deciding to use ivermectin, which I am pretty sure is a phrase that will get you banned from Facebook. Imagine the world we Americans live in now. Stating “I support citizens and their doctors making decisions about their own health, including what treatments to try” is a radical, revolutionary act!

As Joe Rogan stated on his podcast, they (the politicos, the health professionals, the media) are “mini-dictators:”

Joe Rogan talks about those who demand you get vaccinated, and the American ethos of freedom.

There are, for certain, some occupations that may require certain vaccines. But forcing employees to get vaccinated – and not allowing them to avail themselves of all the other options, or to consult with their doctor and chose no option – is twisted. It’s evil. It is the instilling of fear into the citizenry; hammering away at Americans who refuse to comply, who just want to know the information and do what is best for them and their families. It is part of what I call a post-Americanism (which may be better described as a post-Constitutionalism, but I’ll leave that as a debate for another time.)

Post- Americanism is the only way I can logically explain the media, the government and corporate giants demanding Americans give up their right to say “no,” to disagree. It is better explained by President Joe Biden, who worked with the CDC to re-instate the eviction moratorium.

The moratorium is illegal. It’s un-Constitutional. Biden knows it, and has said as much:

That didn’t stop him, nor did it stop Jen “Baghdad Bob” Psaki from lying to reporters about the moratorium, stating it was acceptable because it was, “smaller in scope.” Illegal is illegal, regardless of the size of the crime. In this case, the President of the United States violating his oath of office is a huge crime. And yet, media and government and corporate giants remain silent on this flagrant action, while pushing Covid fear and forced vaccination through financial intimidation and coercion.

This post- Americanism – the move away from the Constitution and a rational society – is based on this fear.

In the 1930’s, there was a group of Italians and Jews in organized crime known as “Murder, Incorporated.” From Albert Anastasia to “Lucky” Luciano, Louis Buchalter to “Bugsy” Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Frank Abbandando and others, “Murder, Incorporated” were the contract killers for the mob bosses. It is thought they are responsible for nearly 1,000 murders in the span of just over a decade. But the purpose of the group wasn’t the killing. It was sending the message to anyone and everyone connected to them or associated with them that no one was immune from retribution, if such retribution was deemed necessary.

It was about fear.

Today, we have “Fear, Incorporated,” made up of President Biden, the Democratic Party, our corporate, cultural and medical institutions and media at large, among others. If you don’t listen to them (if you don’t follow their demands!) then they take your jobs, ruin you on social media and make you a pariah. They aren’t interested in science or data or Americans making the decisions that are best for them. They demand fealty through fear.. And if it is not given, they eliminate your property rights (eviction moratorium) and your financial freedom (vaccinate or lose your job.)

They deem the retribution necessary. And one can assume they will discuss taking your physical freedom soon enough.