Biden Calls Facebook “Killers,” Psaki Supports Censorship. Are Republicans Smart Enough To Ride This To Victory in 2022?

The comments from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki aren’t unbelievable. They are very believable. Too believable, really. They are exactly the kind of totalitarian double-speak we have come to expect from today’s political left leadership. It is obvious that they have taken Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s edict to heart that too many people are interested in being, “factually” correct instead of being “morally right,” even when espousing the most debased morality.

Psaki admitted to the White House press corps that the Biden Administration is working with Facebook (and other social media) to flag “misinformation” on Covid-19. (Misinformation is the new buzzword for information the political left does not want posted. Said another way, it’s information that the political left doesn’t believe you have the right to post. Now certainly, people can/have/do lie on social media, but the question is should the federal government be watching your posts and then censoring them for “public good?”)

Not only did Psaki admit to working with Facebook to flag “misinformation,” she doubled down, saying that someone who has been banned on one platform should be banned on all platforms:

Understand what Psaki has said here. “Social Media companies should collude to ensure that certain people don’t have a voice, and they should do so at the behest of the US government.” Here’s another translation: That’s a nice social media company you’ve got there. It would be a shame if something happened to it! (Cue theme song to The Sopranos.)

Former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against social media and big tech is based on the idea that they aren’t just private companies, but taking advantage of protections (Section 230) that allow them to act as agents for their political allies and against their political rivals. And Trump, again, was told he was being ridiculous and was just angry that he got banned from Twitter (though he may be allowed back on Facebook in January of 2023.)

As was pointed out on Twitter, what Psaki proudly explained was that the White House was trying to prove Trump correct:

Only the most radical ideologues, desperate to emulate China and North Korea and Cuba, openly pushes for this censorship so proudly. And it’s obvious that the whole of the Democratic Party is behind Psaki and Biden in their open quest. The question is, is America?

Psaki openly called for censorship. Speaking for President Biden and the Democratic Party, Psaki Jinping openly called for silencing those the administration disagrees with. They openly called on social media companies to do their bidding, assumingely “or else.” It was only a day later that President Biden claimed that Facebook was “killing people.”

They’ll claim it’s just to fight disinformation on Covid-19. But who amongst the rational would believe that? None, if the issue is discussed openly and clearly with the American people. Unfortunately, Republicans are absolutely terrible at explaining things to the American people. Republicans are miserable at capitalizing on political opportunity, and this proclamation of censorship from Democrats is far more than political opportunity. It’s about America, or not America.

Psaki’s Kim Jung Un impression should create headaches for Democrats in the midterms. No Democrat across the country should be able to attend a fundraising event or conduct an interview without being asked if they favor supporting Big Tech censoring Americans. And when they answer with anything other than “No,” Republicans must be ready to respond:

  • Democrats don’t respect YOUR basic rights!
  • Democrats don’t think YOU have the right to ask questions!
  • Democrats don’t believe that YOU should have a voice!
  • Democrats favor silencing average Americans, like YOU!

But not just this. Republicans must be able to discuss what they favor, and how much more valuable it is than leftist censorship:

  • Republicans believe that a free press, and Internet, is best for everyone. And we will fight for it!
  • Republicans know that everyone has a voice, regardless of their race or religion or political affiliation. And we will defend that voice!
  • Republicans think Americans are more important than corporations. Too bad Democrats don’t feel the same way!

Of course, Republicans should not be afraid to be much tougher than this (Jen Psaki should be referred to as Chairman Jen at all times!,) but so many of them are so bad at it that it’s probably better they take the route I laid out above. But none should miss this moment. The Biden Administration has declared that free speech is up for debate, and that creates an opportunity to win Americans to your side. It’s not just Ocasio-Cortez, the Bigoted Squad and the academia that indoctrinates your kids: It’s the entire Democratic Party.

Democrats are handing Republicans the mid-term elections. It’s only a question of Republicans being smart enough to take the win.